Island Eddie’s – Unique Top Quality Fashion For Men

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When it comes to unique top quality fashion for men, Island Eddie’s menswear offers the best selection and features outstanding artistic design elements.

Of course, I love shopping for my husband and when I see some unique fashion for men, I always surprise him with some styles!

Island Eddie's Fashion For Men

Island Eddie’s – Unique Lifestyle Fashion For Men

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First, I want to tell you about Island Eddie’s Designs and what makes them my first choice when shopping for fashion for men.

Island Eddie’s bases its philosophy from the sights and sounds, attitude, and casual lifestyle based upon its original roots. Island Eddie’s is more than a design; it’s a lifestyle!

Additionally, Island Eddie’s, initially a Hawaii-based subsidiary of Eddie Dean Apparel, LLC, evolved into what you see today.

The company manufactured and wholesaled its own brand of high-end golf wear as well as custom screen printed, and embroidered T-shirts and accessories designed in Hawaii. 

Moreover, founded in 1991 in Seattle, Washington, Eddie Dean Casual, LLC and had over $8 million in annual sales when it sold in 2004. 

In 2005, Island Eddie’s Classic Comfort re-branded as “Island Eddie’s Design, LLC”.  Island Eddie’s is located in Bellevue, Wa.

However, what makes this brand unique from the rest? They are passionate about quality and it shows in the craftsmanship and design elements.

I knew my husband would love and appreciate the unique top quality designs. More so, Island Eddie’s Specialty T-Shirts have various images silkscreened on the front of the T-Shirt.

Below, you’ll see some of the shirts I choose and how wonderfully they fit and look on him. Since Joseph’s frame is large, I went with the XXL sizing and turns out, they all fit perfectly!    

Island Eddie's Fashion For Men

1 – Island Eddie’s Vintage Black Shirt

Now, you can keep cool with an Island Eddie’s Aloha Shirt! The print features black and white with a stunning floral print.

This Aloha Shirt projects island attitude wherever you go, and the fit is comfort and perfection! Of course, made in the USA with design and manufacturing completed in Hawaii.

In addition, Joseph loves the fit and comfort and best of all – no wrinkles! This shirt looks great on him and it’s perfect for dress-up or dress-down with jeans.

You can also purchase this Island Eddie’s by Eddie Dean Vintage Black Hawaiian Print Shirt on Amazon too!

2 – Hawaiian Style Polo Shirt – Navy Blue With Shells

This Hawaiian Style Polo Shirt Navy Blue With Shells features an easy to wear pull-over style Polo and feels like pure comfort!

Furthermore, it’s perfect for those casual days or nights when you want to look sharp but still look stylish. The lose fit means comfort all day and perfect for dress pants or jeans.

The navy blue shell print with shells shouts Hawaiian style all the way and the white contrast print sets a bold stage for the fashionista in anyone.

Additionally, this is one of Joseph’s favorite polos and I know he will get years of wear from it. He already paired it with his favorite hat and jeans for our next night out!

3 – Unique Art On T-Shirts

Next, we got several t-shirts with artwork from the artist, George Kargianis, a unique and exceptional artist and poet, who created Island Eddie’s Designs.

This beautiful t-shirt, called George Kargianis Angel T-Shirt, features a colorful and creative Angel of hope and love. She spreads her wings of gold and silver soon to manifest herself in silver snowflakes and golden sunsets. She brings color and love to the earth to observe the winter solstice.

However, this is not your ordinary typical t-shirt! The quality is outstanding and the fit, superb! As you can see, Joseph is a big man and every shirt fits him comfortably and looks like high-end men’s fashion.

George Kargianis It’s Evening T-Shirt by Island Eddie’s

This stunning George Kargianis It’s Evening T-Shirt really packs a fashion punch and perfect for casual fun time wear.

More so, the color palette is perfect for those lazy fun beach or dinner plan days. Like the other t-shirt, the fit is loose and perfect and guarantees a comfortable and fashionable fit.

4 – Island Eddie’s Attitude Rooster T-Shirt

This Island Eddie’s Attitude Rooster T-Shirt is so much fun and one of Joseph’s favorite t-shirts!

The cotton is pure comfort and the graphics are colorful and pack a fashion punch!

Island Eddie’s Attitude Rooster T-Shirt

The back of this t-shirt is everything! It features a bold and colorful rooster on the beach and on the front, the logo in a colorful vibrant scene.

You can also purchase the Island Eddie’s Attitude Rooster T-Shirt on Amazon too!

Below, you can see some of the other styles available as well. All the patterns, artwork, and colors are outstanding and perfect for some fun men’s fashion.

I also got some Premium Crew-Neck AT-Shirts as well. Like the other t-shirt, the comfort, style, and fit are perfect.

Below, you can see some examples of the vibrant colors and artistic patterns featured on these shirts. Amazing!

In fact, with Father’s Day approaching, these men’s shirt makes the perfect gift for the loved one in your life. Also, great for the perfect birthday gift too!

Likewise, I hope you get to experience this top quality men’s fashion too.

Island Eddie's - Unique Top Quality Fashion For Men - Sassy Townhouse Living

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