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3 Tips For Easy Fall Porch Decorating

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Even those with small front porches love easy learning and tips for Fall porch decorating! Whether a porch looks well decorated or simply abandoned, it makes a big impression on the homeowner’s personality.

From double-stacked fixer-uppers to flowy flowers and plants, well-decorated porches make anyone want to kick off their feet and take in the great view. If you have a small porch or a big one, for instance, you have a great space to revamp and add style.

Easy Fall Porch Decorating

Before placing what you think is great décor on your porch and calling it a day, get a few ideas for your outdoor space. Here are three tips to give your entry great curb appeal.

1. Choose a Theme

Many homeowners spend too much time focusing on the interior décor, especially when choosing the right theme. However, many people do not pay attention to the outside part of their home that passersby see every day.

It is important to choose a welcoming theme for your front porch to convey your personality and create a look that cannot be ignored. A porch gives you a unique design opportunity.

The theme you choose should give your home a distinctive look that can be used to mirror what a visitor will find inside.  Choosing a theme lets you stay focused and select items with the same feel and vibe. For instance, natural decorations such as flowers and pumpkins could be a perfect choice. The right variety should give you nice color variations.

Fall porch decorating can be easy, too. WorthingCourtBlog set the tone with a beautiful Fall Wreath and some gorgeous bright yellow and purple Mums to set the stage for Autumn.  

Once you have the right theme, be sure to decorate your space in layers. Have the season in mind as you choose your decor. For instance, if it’s fall, you need to consider Thanksgiving and Halloween. A savvy shopper can find deals by timing when they purchase big ticket items, like hitting sales after Black Friday for the best deals in November.

One of the best ways to ensure your decorations fit the season is to start with a base layer of simple yet outstanding items. A basket of faux turkey and apples would play the part. I also love these flameless Fall candles for Fall porch decorating! 

 Fall Porch Decorating

2. Make It Light and Airy

Give the front part of your home a feel that spells “clean and fresh” by swapping out dark colors for neutrals that are yet attractive. Make it larger by playing up the surrounding space if you have a narrow path. Do so by giving more focus to the door.

Ensure the door draws eyes through the use of colorful yet dark contrasting cladding. Decorative sconces should be selected alongside coordinating hardware for a polished appearance. You could choose a pair of charcoal rockers to hype the porch. Normally, these chairs should take their color cue from the window casings and be placed right below the frame of the windows.

Next, fill neutral containers with blooms to power up your porch. The front door should be flanked with identical planters to ensure you do not miss that striking, symmetrical look. You only need simple landscaping touches to make the difference. Low-maintenance shrubs could disguise the porch’s drop-off.

Fall Porch Decorating

3. Use Patterns

Adding bold patterns to the exterior of your home should be done in a way that won’t tire you out in a few months. You should not be pushed to redesign the area completely. If you feel you can’t commit to bold colors and patterns, go for neutrals instead. Try accenting your outdoor wall to create a seamless transition from your interior to the exterior.

You could choose a material that can be easily spray painted, given that it will be exposed to UV rays that could damage it. Something like lattice would do. Be sure to color the porch by adding colorful pots and making it lush using climbing vines.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Use at least two contrasting colors to create a striking stripe pattern. Liven up the space by upgrading it in the most budget-friendly way possible, such as throwing in a beautiful decorative fall floor mat, potted plants, and pillows.

I love the patterns and colors used by TaterTotsandJello. Everything is so vibrant and alive with texture and color! 

If you have trees that are enormous, you can be sure that they will overpower your front porch. As such, you must carefully consider your porch using dwarf to mid-sized tree options. In such a case, you need to avoid the climbing vines.

Everything you choose has to be perfect and beautiful for your Fall porch decorating. You could use artwork and then go for soft window treatments for an intimate look while also trying to block the unsightly view.

Even if your porch is the smallest on the block, these ideas should make your front door area look outstanding. Be sure to get rid of outdated, ill-used, or worn-out items.

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