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Why Microbiome Testing Is Important For Your Gut Health

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Why Microbiome Testing Is Important For Your Gut Health

After years of worrying about our gut health, I decided to do some research about Microbiome Testing and what it can do to improve our overall health. We both started taking probiotics a few years ago, and now, it’s more important than ever to learn about microbiome testing too.

 Microbiome Testing Gut Health

The world is waking up to the fact that gut health is key to overall wellness. More and more research shows that the gut influences everything from our brain to our skin to our immune system. That is why so many companies are jumping on the probiotics bandwagon.

Probiotics are supplements of beneficial bacteria, and sales for them are at an all-time high. Yet, research shows the majority of commercial probiotics don’t have much of an effect on those who take it. Enter Thryve Microbiome Testing to change the game.

Microbiome Testing Gut Health

What is Microbiome Testing?

When my husband and I first started experiencing gut health issues, I knew it was time to do some research and find out more information about microbiome testing. 

Our body is equipped with trillions of tiny organisms known as microbes. They are a variety of cells, yeasts, and bacteria that help our bodies do everything from breaking down food to absorbing nutrients to fighting off harmful bacteria. This communal area is known as the microbiome.

There are thousands of species of microbes out there, and some of them happen to live inside of us. So, the reason that most probiotic supplements are ineffective is that they’re filled with strains that a lot of people might not need. It’s like pouring more water in an already full glass.

Microbiome Testing Gut Health

Everyone has individuals dietary choices. We live in many unique environments and are exposed to different toxins and molds on a daily basis. Diseases, medications, and exercise levels all vary by person. Therefore, not one human has the same microbiome.

While there is no denying the need for gut health supplements, generic probiotics aren’t doing it. That’s why Thryve developed a microbiome testing kit. That way, you can receive probiotics you actually need.

How Thryve Microbiome Testing Works  

When you sign up for Thryve, they will send you an at-home gut health test kit. This package contains two sterile and sealed swabs and a vial with preservative liquid. It’s super simple and not as awkward as you’d imagine.

With the swab, collect a small sample from your toilet paper and then swirl the swab in the vial. Seal the vial and place it in the self-addressed and stamped package they provide.

Once you mail your sample, activate your kit online. On the site, they get to know your dietary preferences with a quick survey.

After they analyze your test kit, they will determine which bacteria live in your system–the good and the bad. That way, they can formulate a personalized probiotic with beneficial bacteria that will help kick the bad guys out.

Thryve Probiotics and Prebiotics

What sets Thryve apart from other microbiome companies, is that they’re a full-fledged gut health program. They take into consideration the health of everyone involved, yourself and your microbes.

You see, probiotics are living cultures. They need to be alive in your supplement (which is why Thryve ships on ice in the summer). From there, they need to stay alive when they colonize your gut and colon.

Microbiome Testing Gut Health

To keep probiotics alive, you need to feed them prebiotics. These are dietary fibers that our system can’t break down. Foods like apple skin, sweet potatoes, and whole grains are all forms of prebiotics that help probiotics thrive.

However, like us, probiotics have specified tastes. So, not all foods will help your particular probiotics flourish.

Thryve knows which bacteria strains are in your system and in your supplement. Also, they know your dietary preferences thanks to your registration survey. Therefore, Thryve will help you craft the ultimate meal plan to keep your gut happy and healthy.

Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Probiotics

Poor gut health doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a result of a lifetime of poor dietary decisions, exposure to toxins, and side effects of medications. So, taking one probiotic supplement isn’t going to be the miracle your stomach issues were hoping for.

You need to commit to taking the supplement and follow the dietary recommendations. Health is an ongoing process. That’s why research suggests that supplementing with probiotics is a good way to keep your gut heath consistent.

Not only is health ongoing, but so is the evolution of our microbiome. Factors like moving to a new environment, binge-drinking, or a round of antibiotics can alter the microbes in our system.

To stay ahead of the curve, it’s good to get your microbiome tested every year or two. That way, if you need to make changes to your personalized probiotic, Thryve can alter your plan to meet your wellness goals.

Lastly, no supplement in the world will make up for poor diet and lack of exercise. These are the two most influential factors on our overall health, gut included. Try to cut out as many refined, processed, and artificial foods as possible. Stick to whole foods, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Make Sure Your Exercise

Also, get off the couch. Go for a walk, join a gym, or do some yoga. There are so many ways to get up and moving. We were so inspired about exercising we recently joined a gym too! Your daily fitness activities are essential to your gut health too! 

When you exercise, it causes the microbes in your gut to have chemical reactions. In turn, exercise increases your microbial diversity. That will go a long way in improving your gut health. 

Microbiome Testing Gut Health

If you are in need of rehabbing your gut, give Thryve Microbiome Testing a try. They will send you everything you need to discreetly test your gut health in the privacy of your home.

From there, they will deliver probiotics made just for your gut to your door every month. Lastly, they will work with you on devising a healthy gut diet plan that will help your probiotic bacteria Thryve Inside.

I hope you get a chance to give Thryve a try today and hopefully, it will improve your gut health too! 

 Why Microbiome Testing Is Important For Your Gut Health

Why Microbiome Testing Is Important For Your Gut Health - Sassy Townhouse Living

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