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6 Best Christmas Gift Ideas To Make Shopping Easier

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With the holidays closing in, we have six of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for your holiday shopping list! Let’s help make shopping easy this season! This year, you don’t have to struggle over what presents to give. With the help of our shopping guides, we can help you along the way!

Christmas Gift Ideas

6 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

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With so many people shopping online from home this year, it can all feel overwhelming. More so, it’s often tricky knowing just what we are buying online. That’s why we love sharing our Best Christmas Gift Ideas with you!

Below, you’ll discover some fantastic gift ideas and make your holiday shopping experience much more manageable.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

1 – SelfSafe

Above all, it’s essential to keep important your medical, financial, travel, and personal information with you at all times. Recently, I discovered a product that easily allows you to do this. SelfSafe keeps everything you need right around your wrist and safe and secure.

Furthermore, SelfSafe does it using encrypted data and password protected. Plus, you don’t need an internet connection either! SelfSafe features a stylish and sporty USB emergency identification bracelet you can wear 24/7. And it’s super easy to set up and use. Even a newbie can set it up quickly. The tutorials make the setup process quick and fast too.

Anyone of your friends and family will love receiving one this holiday or birthday present too. And you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you have protection at home, on the road, or abroad.


Don’t Wait For A Crisis

Additionally, the device’s encrypted and password-protected 8GB drive holds all your essential information. For instance, it safely stores your medical, financial, insurance information, and more. It uses drag-and-drop technology that makes it super easy to use and update. Even if you lose your SelfSafe, no one can access your information.

Moreover, it takes a crisis to allow us to realize just how important it is to have our personal information on hand. Moving into this new year, make sure you have all the data you need right on your wrist with SelfSafe. This year, give the gift of personal protection and add SelfSafe to your best Christmas gift ideas list!

2 – KUMA Multi-Purpose Chef Knife

If you enjoy cooking, you need the right tools to get the job done quickly and effectively. We all know the importance of having a sharp knife in our kitchen to prep our delicious recipes. And with the KUMA Multi-Purpose Chef Knife, it’s all you need!

More so, with over 1,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon, you know the KUMA is the right choice. Now, prepping our meals has never been easier. The HUMA features 3Cr13 steel that makes this the best knife for all of your needs. Plus, it’s so affordable, too, and makes the perfect gift to add to your best Christmas gift ideas list.

We love having the KUMA in our kitchen. Now, we can quickly prep our meals and get it done quickly too. It’s our favorite knife and will be for years to come. The handle makes it easy to hold, and the blade is super sharp for tacking the hardest veggies.

Slice, Chop, And Carve With The KUMA – One Of Our Best Christmas Gift Ideas!

Now, you can delicately slice and chop vegetables, carve meat and cut through juicy and tender roast for the ultimate versatile cooking experience. We enjoy the comfortability of the KUMA Multi-Purpose Chef Knife, and it’s worth every penny too.

Besides, everyone on your Christmas list will love receiving the KUMA this year. At an affordable price, it’s the perfect present for you and your loved ones. When you get it home, make sure you hand wash with soap and water to keep your KUMA in top shape for years to come.

3 – ON AIR Beauty – Add The Best Christmas Gift Ideas To Your List This Year!

When it comes to keeping you safe this year, your hands and masks take top priority. More so, you’ll want products you can trust and know will stay sanitized and safe during these challenging times.

Recently, I discovered products from ON AIR Beauty I know will help me stay safe, sanitized, and organized too. They also make the perfect best Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones!

First, I got their Hand Wash Sprays to help keep my hands and mask sanitized. Their So Fresh So Clean Hand Wash Spray helps my hands stay sanitized and smelling clean and cozy. It features vitamins and moisturizers to keep my hands soft, safe, and shielded from germs. The crisp, clean scent smells like your favorite t-shit right out of the dryer. Comfort in a bottle for sure!

Next, I got their Spa Day (Sanitize + Relax) Mask Wash Spray as well as their Citrus Cleansicle (Sanitize + Energize) Mask Wash Spray. As you know, cloth masks are a magnet for germs, makeup, and oil. And a breeding ground for germs too. When you can’t wash your mask, spray it with mask wash spray, and keep your mask fresh anytime.

For instance, this spray features natural germ-fighters, baking soda, and witch hazel to absorb dirt and odors. Finally, essential oils give you a side of aromatherapy with your clean mask.

Stow Away Your Masks Safely Simple – The Best Christmas Gift Ideas

You always want to stow away your PPE equipment safely and keep it in a handy place for easy access. With that said, I got ON AIR Beauty’s #SocialDistancing Case and Quarantini Case to make sure I’m protected in style. Plus, their Essential AF Mask Flair helps to keep my mask ready when I need it. And I also use it to keep my eyeglasses fashionable near as well!

This year, add some of the best Christmas gift ideas to your list with ON AIR Beauty products. You know everyone will love and appreciate receiving gifts they can use every day to protect their health and look and feel their best!

 4 – Elina Organics Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution

Most of all, we all despise blackheads on our faces, but you don’t have to tolerate them anymore! Now, with Elina Organics Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution, you can easily wipe them away.

This incredible skincare product will help to liquefy excessive oil deposits and bubble out the blackheads from pores with the power of oxygen. You can see how quickly it works for yourself. Plus, all you need are some cotton rounds to remove those nasties.

Hence, this is why celebrity esthetician and cosmetic chemist Elina Fedotova created her newest formula – Elina Organics Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution. Of course, it’s 100% organic, cruelty-free, and handmade. This incredible solution will help to liquefy excessive oil deposits and bubble out the blackheads from pores with the power of oxygen.

Once you apply it, you can feel it go to work. It starts to bubble within 30 seconds after use, and that is when the magic of oxygen starts to happen! ⁠You will then see the blackheads popping right out of your face! Just wipe the area, and you will see the blackheads on your cotton round. It is truly magical!

So, no more picking at those blackheads; instead, use Elina Organics Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution and avoid skin damage. It even assists in reducing hyperpigmentation, which can occur from previous breakouts. And Oxygen features an antiseptic to help prevent further breakouts.

Now, my skin, especially around and on my nose, is free from nasty blackheads. This product makes the perfect addition to your Best Christmas Gift Ideas list. Regardless of who you are, no one wants nasty blackheads. You’ll make someone very happy this year!

 5 – Foster’s Lab’s 5-In-One Anti-Tech Serum

If you are like me and sit for endless hours in front of a computer or phone, you’ll want to pay close attention. Did you know blue light from our tech can damage our skin? Well, think about all the endless hours you spend exposed to blue light. No worries, you can do something to prevent the signs of aging and protect your skin. With the help of this 5-In-One Anti-Tech Serum, you can wave blackheads goodbye!

Clinically Proven To Repair Your Skin

More so, 5-In-One Anti-Tech Serum lightweight serum features a clinically proven to repair your skin against multiple signs of aging. And best of all, protect from blue light damage. The Anti-Tech Serum combines the powerful effects of a natural retinol cream, antioxidant-rich vitamin c serum, peptide treatment, anti-inflammatory agent, and a blue light & pollution protectant.

Personally, I love discovering this serum and wear it twice daily. The super lightweight serum absorbs quickly deep into the skin while minimizing excess oiliness and revealing a supple glowy complexion.

Of course, it features a formula 100% free of artificial fragrance, artificial colors, sulfates & parabens. And Vegan and cruelty-free. Make that special person in your life happy with the gift of beautiful skin today.

6 – BIC EZ Reach Lighter

Want the perfect stocking stuffer this year? These BIC EZ Reach Lighters make it super easy to light your favorite candles, grills, fireplaces, stoves, or anything you need lit.

After all, these BIC EZ Reach Lighters make perfect sense for holiday time and super affordable too. They feature a 1.45-inch extended wand that makes lighting anything in hard to reach places super easy. And keep your fingers safely away from the flame. You can order the BIC EZ Reach Lighter, Home Decor, 3-Pack, or the BIC EZ Reach Lighter, Assorted Colors, 6-Pack on Amazon.

Image Amazon: BIC EZ Reach Lighter, Home Decor, 3-Pack
Best Christmas Gift Ideas

I love using BIC EZ Reach Lighters for my candles. I use them to light all sorts of things every day and never worry about burning my fingers. Plus, they provide up to 50% more lights vs. non-refillable pocket wand lighters. Now, you can give the gift that lasts all year long and add them to your best Christmas gift ideas list today!

In closing, I hope you gleaned some exciting wonderful best Christmas gift ideas today. I love every one of these products and think you will as well. Please head on over to check out our other shopping guide product suggestions too! Happy Holidays and have fun shopping!


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6 Best Christmas Gift Ideas To Make Shopping Easier - Sassy Townhouse Living

We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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