10 Cleaning Tips That Actually Work You Need To Know

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When it comes to cleaning tips, we want them to actually work. These tips not only work but you can do them with things already in your home.

Of course, we all want a clean home and we want it fast and easy. With these tips, you’ll discover they actually work and easy too! Plus, these all-natural tips are healthier for you and your family too!

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips From The Pros

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More so, many people spend time looking for tips and tricks to make cleaning more efficient. We also want the best cleaning tips from the pros.

Today, we are excited to share some tips from Simply Maid. Since they are pro in the industry, you know they actually work.

While we love our favorite cleaning products, we also enjoy all-natural products as well. It’s nice to have a blend of products available for all of your different cleaning needs around the house.

Additionally, before sharing them I tested them out to make sure they work and with many of the products you already have in your home.

Cleaning Tips

1 – Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to Clean Shower Heads and Faucets

We all know about the cleaning power of vinegar and baking soda and how easy and effective when combines. And, this is one of my personal favorite cleaning tips too.

But, have you actually tried using them? If not, you are in for a wonderful surprise. When combined, they make a powerful all-natural cleaning agent and perfect for your bathroom.

Have you looked at your showerhead lately? Does it look like the one in the image below?

If so, you might see a caked up mess of build-up. No problem! The fix, easy and this cleaning tip, spot on!

For example, all you do is get a zip lock bag, add about a cup vinegar and a few tablespoons of baking soda and mix well.

Next, get a Ziplock or Hefty Slider bag and fill it with the mixture. You’ll want to fill the bag at least half-way to ensure good coverage.

At that point, remove the bag and rinse with warm water. Now, you’ll see your old grimy showerhead sparkling clean and it works better too!

Since this mixture removes build-up, you’ll experience a heavier stream of water and your old showerhead like new!

Yes, we all heard about these cleaning tips before but once you actually try it, it’s the only method you’ll use.


2 – Use a Mixture of Water, Alcohol, and Vinegar to Clean Shiny Surfaces

During these trying times, making sure our homes stay sanitized and shiny too keeps our minds at peace and looking great.

First, it’s important to know never to mix alcohol under these conditions.

  • Never mix it with bleach
  • Make sure you ventilate the area well before use
  • Always remember to never use alcohol near flames or smoking
  • Only clean finished surfaces and certain fabrics with it
  • Of course, never ingest alcohol
  • And only use it on certain wounds or skin issues and check with your medical provider beforehand

For example, you can mix equal parts of water, alcohol, and vinegar to use to keep your home sparkling and clean. Perfect for your glasses and other polished surfaces and great for cleaning the bathroom too.

Also, did you know you can purchase cleaning vinegar as well? Yep, and It servers as a multipurpose non-toxic cleaning spray formulated to tackle a variety of household surfaces. I like using it for the kitchen, bathroom and more!

Cleaning Tips

3 – Use Hairsprays to Clean Ink Marks – All-Natural Cleaning Tips That Work!

Many of us already read about using hairspray to whisk away ink marks, but have you ever tried it? It works great!

Moreover, those with little ones running about with markers know just how difficult ink can be to remove. With little one, these cleaning tips are much appreciated!

First, locate an inexpensive hairspray you have in your home, spray an ample amount on those ink marks and bam. You should wait at least 30 seconds for the hairspray to set on the stain first.

The ink will dissolve, and you can wipe the stain with a paper towel. while this does work great, the best results are on non-porous surfaces.

Cleaning Tips

4 – Potatoes, Vegetable Oil, and Salt for Grill Racks – Natural Cleaning Tips that Work!

We all know how difficult it is to clean grill racks. It is even more challenging to get them squeaky clean.

However, you can achieve the ‘new’ look with this simple trick. First, brush the vegetable oil over the rack and then sprinkle the salt on it. Next, cut the potatoes into half and use it to scrub the rack.

Additionally, you can also decide to dip the cut potatoes into the salt and use it for the scrubbing. Remember to use the freshly cut part of the potatoes.

As far as all-natural cleaning tips that work, this one tops the list!

 5 – Use Mayonnaise to Clean Stains on Wood

I didn’t believe this worked until I actually tried it! At some point, we all end up with stains on our wooden surfaces. And boy, do they look nasty and hard to remove too.

But, with cleaning tips like this one, I was ready to try it and glad I did. I had some stains on an end table and tried everything but nothing worked. With a little mayo, bam, gone!

First, fold a paper towel into two. Apply mayonnaise to one side of the towel and fold it back. Press the towel over the spot and use the dryer over the area for a minute. Now wipe clean. This works great and it’s all-natural too!

If all else fails, and the mayo doesn’t work, you can always use a WaterMark Remover Cloth to solve the problem. Let’s face it, all stains are not equal and sometimes they require a bigger solution.

 Cleaning Tips
Image: Amazon – Guardsman Water Mark Remover Cloth

6 – Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide for Your White Sneakers

This year, fashionable white sneakers came back in style and everyone is wearing them! I love them too, and of course, I bought my favorite pair as well.

This year, fashionable white sneakers came back in style and everyone is wearing them! I love them too, and I bought a pair of Adidas white sneakers as well. But, let’s face it, white anything is difficult to clean especially when it comes to sneakers.

However, once I searched for cleaning tips about white sneakers, I discovered this easy way and now, love it!

You can get your white sneakers to their original color by using a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water.

First, make a paste of these ingredients and apply it to the shoes. Then, use it to scrub the sneakers and then leave it in the sun to dry. Next, brush off the paste from the shoes, and you are good to go. This tip works like a charm!

7 – Use Lint Rollers To Clean So Many Things Around Your Home

My home is never without a good lint roller. I use them for so many things around my house. First, I clean my lampshades with them. Lint rollers clean your lampshades and help prevent them from gathering dust easily.

For example, I keep my linens fresh in between changing with lint rollers too. I also use them on my comforter and decorative pillows too! As far as excellent cleaning tips go, this one tops my list as well.

8 – Use Mouthwash in Your Washing Machine

While it may seem like a wacky idea, using mouthwash in your washer is a great idea. It will freshen your machine and clean it of any mold, mildew, or funky odors too.

All you do, add one cup to an empty machine. It’s really a great way to keep your machine clean and hygienic too. I did read you can use mouthwash in your laundry load as well. Folks say it makes your clothes fresh and clean too!

While I do use my favorite washing machine cleaning tablets, I still like using the mouthwash too.

Cleaning Tips

9 – Use Baking Soda in Your Laundry

Speaking of washing machines and laundry, another one of my favorite cleaning tips, adding baking soda to my laundry load.

If you never tried it, I highly recommend it. It keeps my laundry fresh and clean and acts as a deodorizing agent too.

More so, it’s pretty gentle on clothes so no worries there. All you do, add one cup of your favorite baking soda to your laundry and wash as you typically do.

Plus, baking soda has loads of other uses in your home too. I’m sure you have a box you can put to good use right now!

Image: Amazon – Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

10 – Make Your Own Scouring Powder

Even though scouring powder is not that expensive, it still pays to make your own all-natural cleaning products.

For instance, all-natural scouring powders clean tubs, showers, kitchen sinks and counters too. I think they are far superior to store-bought, and I know they are all-natural as well.

First, start with 2 parts baking soda, 1 part salt, and 1 part borax. You’ll find it will cut through even the toughest scum and crud in your home.

Cleaning Tips

Bonus: Speedy Cleaning Hacks

The cleaning process at home usually takes a lot of time. But there are ways to clean faster, maximizing and saving your time. Take a look at these fast cleaning hacks: 

  • Make Your Bed Before Getting Up: This practice makes your bedroom look neater. Also, it’s one way to set your mood before getting ready for work and giving relaxation once you arrive home from a stressful day.  
  • Cleaning Oven Spills As Soon as Possible: Learning how to clean your kitchen quickly involves tackling spills promptly, such as oven spills. Placing a bowl of water (make sure it’s oven-proof) in the still-hot oven makes clean up a lot easier. After that, set the oven temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for about 20 minutes. As the water boils, the steam loosens any grease or food. Once the oven is cold, wipe down the oven using paper towels or a sponge. 
  • Declutter Every Room: When you have more stuff, the longer time you clean a room. So, it pays off taking a few minutes every week to declutter every room, getting rid of all things you no longer use. You can box all clutter up if you can’t let them go. Avoid dust around them by moving them out of your home living space. 
  • Wiping Down Shower Walls: Shower stalls, including shower doors, tend to accumulate soap scum over time, which is harder to remove. Soap scum accumulation is lighter and slower if the shower or bathtub is given a quick wipe-down using a squeegee or paper towel. It beats tedious scrubbing later. Your shower curtain dries more quickly when you keep them closed. 
  • Put Your Cleaning Appliances to Work: Using the dishwasher to clean bath toys, knick-knacks, and sports equipment is a good idea by just placing them on the top rack. Also, investing in a robotic vacuum makes house cleaning a lot easier. 

Cleaning Tips That Actually Work Conclusion

I hope you try these cleaning tips too. Since I use them and tried them all, I can tell you I do enjoy using them in addition to my favorite cleaning products as well. It’s nice to have a mixture of both!

10 Cleaning Tips That Actually Work You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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