6 Best Practices When Selling A Home In New Hampshire

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Selling a home can create a lot of anxiety, but it doesn’t need to. With a few best practices, you’ll find it’s not as painful as you thought. New Hampshire is a beautiful state, but maybe it’s time to move on. Whether you decide to leave there or move to another town, selling your home can provide some challenges.

Selling A Home

Selling A Home With Or Without A Realtor

First, you need to ask yourself which method you prefer when it comes to selling your home. For example, do you want the assistance of professional selling services, or will you sell your home yourself? Online services like Ocean City Development NH work with you to sell your house stress-free. Plus, they offer no Commissions, no fees, and sell as-is!

More so, these types of services promise to get you an offer within 24 hours as well. Plus, you don’t need to make costly repairs, and you can close on your preferred schedule. That’s why it makes sense to ask yourself how you will sell and which method you like. With that said, let’s look at six best practices when selling a home in New Hampshire.

Selling A Home

1 – When Selling A Home, Think About The Buyer

Typically, when selling a home, we tend to think of strategies to sell it quickly and for our asking price. But it’s always a good best practice to think about the buyer as well. Putting yourself in their shoes is always a good way to look at your home objectively.

For example, walk around your home’s interior and property and note any improvements you need to make that stand out. Remember, if you see anything glaring that needs repairs, they will too. Also, check other New Hampshire recently sold homes for competitive pricing. You know prospective buyers will do the same.

2 – List Reasons Why Someone Would Buy Your Home Or Move To NH

Of course, you’ll want to point out the reasons why someone wants to buy your home. You can create a list of why someone would like to move to New Hampshire as well. Be sure and hand the list to your realtor so she can go over the key pointers about your home. After all, your realtor doesn’t know your home as well as you do.

You can create two lists. The first one will point out why moving to New Hampshire is a great idea. And another one detailing the highlights of your home. Make sure you point out that NH doesn’t have any income and sales taxes. And how NH ranks top three safest states in the country. NH also has some of the best mountain views and beautiful beaches as well. More so, always have school data available, as well as many buyers have children.

Additionally, take the time and walk your house room by room. Make a list of the features and benefits, including all upgrades. Keep the list tight and use bullet points. This way, when you print it out, it’s easy to read and quickly understood. Remember, moving to a new town, in general, creates stress and tension, and making it easier will help when selling a home.

Selling A Home

3 – Staging Your Home Properly

When it’s time for folks to visit your open house, you’ll want to home to look appealing. More so, this means straightening up clutter, painting or touching up your walls, perking up your landscape, patching up wall holes, and more. There’s a lot you can do to stage your home to improve its appeal.

Below, you’ll find additional ways to create a more inviting appearance when selling a home.

  1. Change your light bulbs to increase indoor appeal. Go room by room and brighten where you can.
  2. Make sure every room smells clean and fresh. But don’t overdo it when it comes to lighting candles or adding aromatherapy. Remember, some folks can experience allergies from strong scents.
  3. If you can’t clean the home yourself, hire a cleaning service for a good overhaul.
  4. Research beautiful home décor ideas and perk up your home without spending the money.
  5. Patch wall holes and remove pictures if possible. You want your home to look as roomy as possible.
  6. In addition, remove any large pieces of furniture to make your rooms look larger too. Make sure your closets look neat and organized.
  7. Fix any leaky faucets and make sure your bathroom and kitchen cabinets work and look appealing.
  8. Clean away clutter and messes from all countertops and discard magazines and paper clutter.
  9. If you own a fireplace, make sure it’s clean and visual appealing.
  10. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in every room in your home.

Of course, these are some things you can do when selling a home to make it appealing and stage it properly. Depending on the state of your home and condition, you will need to access the amount of work it needs and the time it will take to complete it.

4 – Should You Remodel Or Redecorate When Selling A Home?

When selling a home, it’s often challenging to decide if you should remodel or redecorate. After all, we never know what potential buyers have in mind when they enter a home looking to purchase it. So, for example, many sellers repaint their homes using white or neutral colors to appeal to buyers.

Often, it pays to invest in remodeling, especially if your home needs a lot of work. For instance, you might want to consider replacing rugs, adding new appliances and new bathroom fixtures. But, more importantly, it depends on your budget and how much you are willing to invest in selling your home quickly.

5 – Understanding The State Of The New Hampshire Real Estate Market

When selling a home in NH, it’s important to research to empower your sale. Make sure you know the median home value, medial listing price, listing price per square feet, and percentage of homes with price reductions in your area.

Also, make sure you include appealing data about school districts, including graduation rates, parent reviews, and state accolades and funding. Finally, when it comes to updates and improvements you made to your home, be sure you point them out to the realtor and potential buyers.

When it comes to your listing description, make sure you know the style of your home and any architectural features that set your home apart. Know who built your home and any historical value it has to offer the neighborhood.

Selling A Home

6 – The Internet Is A Powerful Tool

When it comes to selling a home, the internet makes a very powerful tool for you to use. Did you know at least 50% of home sales come from internet leads? Real estate sales tally in at 28%, yard signs and open houses at 7%, direct home builder sales at 5%, and print newspaper sales at 1%. Now, you can see why the internet is a very powerful tool in your hands.

When it comes to selling your home in New Hampshire, remember it’s a wonderful place to live. But, more so, it has mass appeal for many reasons. And it’s essential to know what they are and empower yourself with the data you need to sell your home effectively.

How To Present Your Home For Sale – What You Need To Know

When you are trying to sell your house, you are likely to have people come to view it to see what you have to offer. It can be hard to keep your house clean all the time to ensure that it is ready for any potential viewings but there are some things that you can do to make it look better in the long-term.

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