Maximizing Space: Design Tips to Make Your Small Area Appear Larger

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If you live in a smaller home or apartment, you can discover how maximizing space in your home instantly transforms it into a more organized and open area. Who said that only big houses can look luxurious and beautiful? You can make a small home feel larger and cozy by utilizing the best design and home decor tips.

Maximizing Space

Make Your Smaller Home Look Larger By Maximizing Space Correctly

Maximizing the perceived space in a smaller home involves strategic design choices, organization. It also means creating visual illusions that make the area feel larger than it is. In fact, decorating a small room can be more fun and exciting because it exercises your creativity and artistic abilities to make a space that is initially small but feels open and sometimes luxurious.

Ideally, you can use these maximizing space tips to declutter and simplify your home but implementing tips design experts rely on consistently. With things like mirrors, furniture placement, multi-functional furniture, and more, you can easily make your space look and feel larger.

Below are some best design tips to make your tiny home look bigger, practical, and stunning.

Maximizing Space:

1 – Hang Curtains High

Hanging curtains near the ceiling guides the eyes upwards and give an illusion of a significant and luxurious room. Many of us still hang curtains directly over the window, making our room look smaller.

Secondly, curtain designs can make all the difference. Choose light fabrics and neutral hues to make the room airy and open. Carefully selected colors will make the curtains part of the room decor.

Furthermore, you can pick curtains with sleek and straight lines that give a minimalistic vibe and make the small room look more open. Opt for light fabrics that give the room an airy vibe. Doing this will allow you to maximizing space easily in any room.

2 – Verticle Designs Will Draw the Eyes Up

Use vertical designs and place stylistic home decor that stands tall or hangs with the ceiling. For example, try vertically installing the cabinets and floating shelves, or pick a bed with a tall headboard. Play around with some unique wall decor as well.

Ideally, you can choose vertical panels or stripes for the wall to give the illusion of a high ceiling. Everything you place in your room guides the eyes where to look. So the idea is to pick furniture that feels upstanding. Plus, it will make the room look more open and uncluttered.

3 – Clever Placement of Furniture – Maximizing Space That Works

Let’s start with the appropriate furniture size for a tiny space. When maximizing space in your home, this advice goes a long way.

If you consider placing the small furniture because the room is small – Nah, bad idea! It does not work like that. Here is what the British Blogger and interior journalist Kate Watson-Smyth, who runs Mad About the House – an award-winning blog, has to say: “If you have a small space and a small sofa, tiny table, and a bitty chair, it’ll look like a dollhouse.”

There are several options you can choose from. Try incorporating low-profile sofas and chairs because they make the room feel larger and open. It does not obstruct the view, giving much visual breathing space in the tiny home.

Moreover, you can place the mattress directly on the floor in the small bedroom or choose the center table made of glass or has a transparent look for your lounge. Doing this will help the view and make the furniture seamlessly blend with the decor.

4 – Use Cohesive, Light, or Neutral Colour Schemes

Choosing a suitable color scheme for a small room can be tricky. When maximizing space in your home, using neutral colors is critical!

First and foremost, you need to decide what appearance you want to give to your room. Do you want to make it feel open? Or do you like a more dramatic and deep vibe? Depending on the look and size of your space, you will pick the colors. Here are some tips for doing so.

  1. Go for light, neutral, warm shades like whites and beiges to make the small room look light and relaxing.
  2. If you want to pick darker shades, consider painting all four walls with the same color. It helps the eyes float, and the room looks continuous.
  3. If you have a rectangular room, you can paint the opposite wall the same color. Pick darker shades for the longer side to enhance its length and lighter shades on the shorter walls.
  4. Next is to choose the furniture wisely. It should complement the color of the room and should be in one tone, giving a sense of cohesiveness.

5 – Add Mirrors

You have probably heard it a million times until now, but it is so true. Evidence? Have you seen those small bedrooms with mirrors installed on wall-length wardrobes to give an illusion of a double room? Or the trial rooms in most shopping malls have wall-length mirrors for the same reason.

Additionally, according to many experts, making a small room look bigger is all about the “illusion” of making it big. Since you are not extending the walls or elevating the ceiling to increase its size, you need to design it to trick the mind into feeling it is more spacious than it is. Moreover, this is key when maximizing space in your home.

Furthermore, adding mirrors to open spaces works like magic. Placing them on the wall opposite the window makes the light bounce and reflect the entire space. You can install them in living rooms to make them look larger. When maximizing space in your home, add mirrors to open space and instantly make it appear larger.

6 – And Finally, Declutter and Keep Everything Simple

By stuffing every decor piece you find online, you cannot make a home a happy, cozy space. When you already have a small space, you must keep what matters most. When maximizing space in your home, decluttering and organizing are key!

Pro Tip: Ask yourself hard questions about everything you are hoarding. If it is not adding value to your life (not even emotionally), time to throw it out.

Decluttering is the quickest and most effective way to make space in a small house. You cannot make a home look brighter and more relaxing without cleaning out extra stuff and organizing. Almost half of the work is done once you throw the trash out and declutter your home. Then, you can look for things you want to add to your home (furniture, statement decor pieces, curtains, or anything for that matter).

Your home is your intimate personal space. You should think thoroughly before buying any decor item. The art is not in stuffing your home with stuff. It is in the well-sought-after placement of stuff and buying new things.

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Conclusion – Maximizing Space That Works

Decorating a small room is not challenging. It is just about understanding the concept behind why some designs suit small spaces and some don’t. Once you get the thought and purpose behind the interiors of a tiny home, you can incorporate them into your own style to stand out from the rest.

Ideally, you can use these tips when maximizing space in your home, and you are well on your way to an organized and larger-looking space.

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