6 Important Maid Of Honor Duties You Need To Know

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When asked to be someone’s maid of honor, it comes with some responsibilities, and it’s essential to know what they are. It’s not always easy to understand your expectation, but you can easily prioritize. Now, things have changed, and you should know what to expect. And how to have a great time as a maid of honor.

Maid Of Honor

Your Key Role As Maid Of Honor

Recently, your best friend asked you to be her maid of honor, and you could not be any more excited. You enthusiastically agreed and are now looking forward to your BFF’s wedding day more than ever. Planning any wedding takes a lot of work from both family and friends. And with a good plan, things always come together perfectly.

While excited and thrilled to be a maid of honor, you may not be exactly sure what this important role entails. Years ago, the rules were different, but there are some core responsibilities you need to know. While it can seem like a lot of work, the results are well worth it.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the important functions of maid of honor. And how to juggle your tasks with enjoyment too.

Maid Of Honor Duties

1 – Be The Support When Wedding Dress Shopping

The maid of honor will traditionally accompany the bride when she goes shopping for wedding dresses. More so, this includes going to dress fittings and offering your honest opinion on the various gowns. You can also help your friend get into the dresses she is trying on and zip her up.

If you live in different cities and cannot attend in person for the dress shopping, you can still be a part of it via Zoom or FaceTime. Dress shopping always creates stress for the bride. That’s why you need to show strength and be there for them in every way you can.

When you help the bride shop for her dress, zip her up and make them feel special. Always express your honest feelings about the dress choice as well. Help them decide their budget and what style they want, but only if they ask. At times, they need you to be there for them for moral support and nothing more. Use their verbal queues to decide what they need.

2 – Plan the Bridal Shower And Or Bachelorette Party

As the maid of honor, you’ll also get to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Get ready to reach out to friends and family members to let them know these fun events are on the horizon.

Of course, you can help with decorating, planning games, and whatever other touches only a super close friend of the bride can provide. For instance, your BFF tells you she would love a lingerie shower versus a traditional bridal shower. Ensure you listen to the bride’s conversations and pick up hints about the type of celebration early on.

Now, you can help to make this dream a reality. Let guests know the shower theme and encourage them to buy some sexy bridal lingerie, like a lacy teddy or chemise set. Doing so can help make their dream shower or party come true. You can create any theme for a bridal shower they will love and appreciate.

For example, you can plan a kitchen, new house, or honeymoon shower or party. In any event, it’s up to the maid of honor to help lighten a load of these wedding plans off the bride.

For the event, you can delegate yourself as the point of contact for any questions or concerns. Try not to involve the bride in any drama or issues unless you need specific answers she alone can give. Keeping the drama away from the bride is essential and much appreciated.

3 – The Maid Of Honor Keeps Track Of Gifts  

Another task for the maid of honor is keeping track of all gifts. This responsibility takes a huge burden off the bride and helps out immensely. As maid of honor, you will do this for all received gifts. To make things easy, use your smartphone to tally up the gifts. This way, you can easily send them to the bride whenever she needs them.

Of course, you can use programs like excel to document everything. Using a spreadsheet can come in very handy. You can keep detailed records of who gifted them and notes for thank you cards as well. Be as specific as you can in your descriptions. This way, when the bride and groom are sending thank you notes.

Maid Of Honor

4 – Be Ready To Go On The Big Day

On the wedding day itself, prepare to be your best friend’s rock. You can be there to help her get ready and be in communication with other attendants to ensure they’re also on time.

Additionally, bring an emergency kit to the venue or be ready and willing to run to the store for last-minute supplies. Moreover, this can be anything from Tums to help settle down a nervous stomach, bobby pins, Tylenol, bottled water, and other things the bride and everyone in the party may need.

5 – Hold And Care For The Bride’s Bouquet

While it might not seem like a big task, it is. You’ll need to make sure the bride’s bouquet is always safe and in a secure location. Always be ready to use visual queues to know when the bride needs your help with their bouquet.

Speaking of bouquets, you can help them choose the perfect bouquet too! I’m sure the stress of planning the entire event is certainly enough for them. You can help them coordinate colors, styles, and types of flowers too. And don’t forget to help them plan for matching bridal party corsages or hand corsages as well.

6 – Send Emails

As maid of honor, it’s a good idea to send emails to the entire bridal party. This way, you can, if you don’t know them, introduce yourself as well. Plus, it’s a great way to tackle any pre-wedding concerns and questions.

You can also direct the bridesmaids to come to you with any questions, ideas, or concerns. Of course, you’ll take these concerns to the bride at the appropriate time. And lighter the load of what they need to worry about as well.

Of course, make sure you have everything you need before emailing the bridal party before you do. Even though it feels overwhelming at times, you should always act professionally through your communications.

Enjoy Your Special Maid Of Honor Role

You and your best friend or sister have been there for each other for as long as you can remember, so having you play such a large role in her wedding is incredibly meaningful for both of you. With your knowledge about the many jobs of a maid of honor, you can now feel confident and ready. And you can help ensure your BFF’s big day is beautiful and special!

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