5 Tips for Buying Fireworks For Less You Need To Know

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It’s easy to create a big bang for celebrating special upcoming events like birthdays and weddings, especially for the Fourth of July with fireworks! But, of course, when it comes to buying fireworks, it can seem confusing about pricing or where to shop.

If you’re like many people, though, you’ll want to cut costs as much as possible. This way, you can make the most of your fireworks purchase as possible. Fortunately, we have some tips you need to know to make a start.


Always Research Options Before Purchasing Fireworks

As with anything we buy, it’s always good practice to research our options before making a final decision. And when it comes to buying fireworks, it’s no different. But, of course, you’ll find a plethora of merchants and wholesalers available, and it can feel puzzling when we begin researching.

With fierce competition online, you’ll want to ensure you have a large variety to choose from and at the best prices. So if you have never thought about adding fireworks to your exciting celebrations, it’s time to should.


1 – Research Retailers

Start by researching plenty of retailers to find the best options to buy fireworks for your budget. Shopping around will help you see where the good deals are and which places offer the top quality products. While it’s convenient to shop with vendors close to where you live, it pays to look further afield, including online, for broader choice and often better pricing.

Keep in mind, too, that you may be able to price match with local sellers if they’re keen to do this to get your business. Alternatively, if you’re visiting a location on vacation and want to buy some fireworks to use while you’re there, ask locals to find out who they recommend you buy from. Again, permanent residents tend to know the places to visit and the ones best avoided.

2 – Take Advantage of Coupons and Special Deals

Another way to save money when shopping for fireworks is to take advantage of coupons and special deals. Many retailers have offers that pop up here and there, especially in the lead-up to events such as the Fourth of July, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve. Read through local papers for coupons you can clip out and present at stores or check out fireworks stands here and there to see if they have any coupons available for use at the time or later. If you’re planning a big display, this tactic can help you save significant dollars overall.

Plus, it helps to keep an eye on company social media pages and sign up for retailer newsletters so that you can hear about new deals when they become listed. Typically, followers and subscribers get early access or can utilize other value-add opportunities such as free or discounted shipping, gifts with purchase, and more. Being “in the know” can help you substantially lower your fireworks costs.

3 – Investigate Package Bundles

Investigating package bundles many shops put together throughout the year is also worthwhile. Rather than buying each item separately, you can save money by purchasing more at once but getting the whole package at a better price. Before you finalize a transaction, read over the package inclusions carefully to ensure good value for money.

Some retailers fill their packages with their less popular items to try and get rid of older stock or add lots of filler items that make the deal seem better but won’t give you such a grand fireworks display. For instance, smoke balls and sparklers have more of a limited impact but often found in packages. 

4 – Share Costs with Friends and Family Where Possible

If you’re planning on setting off fireworks with a group of people, such as a variety of family members or friends, you might like to invest in the display. Thus each spends a lot less than if you were to pay for fireworks individually.

In addition, by sharing costs, you can enjoy a more impressive display for a fraction of the price. Or, you might like to join forces with others to buy in bulk and then divvy up the products for each purchaser to use when it suits them.

5 – Don’t Spend a Lot of Money on Finale Fireworks

Lastly, note that finale fireworks are some of the most expensive products to buy but don’t always give you the impact you might expect. Although we all enjoy watching the big finales that occur when city councils or other groups put on impressive displays on New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July for hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people to watch, this isn’t something you need to invest in.

Most finale fireworks are 500-gram products with the highest level of fire powder allowed in a resident product. Usually, they sell for $40 and more, but you’ll probably find they don’t deliver the spectacle you’d expect for that spending level. So you’re better off sticking with more affordable 200-gram firework options instead. Moreover, these are tightly packed, so you get a good burst and loud boom for your money.

You may be unable to afford to buy fireworks regularly throughout the year. Still, by following the tips above, you can cut your costs and enjoy these types of shows more often or simply stretch your dollar further so the displays you put on are much more memorable.

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