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Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies Recipe

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These are an elegant addition to a Christmas cookie plate. For those of us who love baking cookies over the holidays, (and all year round too) you will love these traditional shortbread cookie recipes.

Except, there is nothing traditional about it! Once you dip these little gems into luscious chocolate, it’s a game-changer. 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

I decided to cover the chocolate with chopped walnuts. My hubby is a huge nut lover, and I knew he would flip over them. I dipped 2-3 in sprinkles too because I love the extra crunch of a sugary topping.

The best part is you can decide how you want to top the chocolate! I even left a few with nothing but the chocolate-dipped goodness too! 

Whatever way you decided to decorate these cookies they will be one of the best cookies you’ve made! 

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe


  • 1 cup butter
  • 1⁄2 cup sugar
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 bars of gourmet chocolate melted


Cream butter and sugar, add flour and vanilla.

Pinch of 1/2" balls of dough, roll in sugar and place on cookie sheet.

Use the tines of a fork to flatten cookies.

Bake at 350°F for 12-15 minutes.

Remove from baking sheet, cool 10-15 minutes.

Dip half of each cookie into melted chocolate, nuts, or any other topping you like.

Chill to set chocolate. Chill for at least 15 mins.

Here are some pictures of the process.

 I used my Kitchenaid Mixer to blend all of the ingredients, but you can easily use a hand mixer as well. You’ll want the dough to mix well but not overly mixed. Shortbread dough is always crumbly by nature so don’t worry if it seems to have a mostly dry texture. That’s spot on! 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

I decided to roll the balls in sugar in the raw as opposed to white sugar. I like the consistency and flavor much better. 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

I like using a baking mat to prep the cookies for the oven. After rolling in a ball you’ll want to fork flatten them into your desired shape. 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Now, they are ready for the oven!

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

I love using good chocolate like Ghirardelli. Avoid using those premade baking chocolate drops in a bag – they don’t taste as good or melt as well. 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Use a knife with a serrated edge and chop the chocolate up into small bits. It melts so much nicer that way. I used a double boiler to melt the chocolate. Make sure the water doesn’t touch the bowl as you never want the water to get anywhere near your chocolate. Water will ruin the melting chocolate! 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Be sure to gently stir the chocolate as it starts to melt. 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

You can see how beautifully the chocolate melts when you use a double boiler.

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Make sure you chop the nuts very fine. They stick to the chocolate much nicer that way. 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

All done and ready for the fridge! Be sure to let them sit in the cold for at least 15 minutes to set the chocolate. 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

You can decide how much chocolate you want on each cookie. 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

All done and ready to eat! 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

A delicious close-up! 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

When I serve them to my company, I love to pair them with some fresh fruit too!

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

I promise you – these cookies will be one of the best cookies you ever make! 

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe
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  1. O M G !! These look incredible!! I did a bunch of baking tonight for my work Christmas party this week. I might just need to make another batch of cookies tomorrow and give these a try. I’ve never used sugar in the raw, I’m excited to try it. Thanks so much!

  2. These look great. Just a bit of chocolate and nuts and you are right, they look very special. I am on task to make cookies this week, perfect timing, thanks!

  3. Well, there goes the diet. Those look amazing, and you pretty much had me at the title.

  4. If you say the word “chocolate” I’ll follow you anywhere! These looks incredible, and being on Jenny Craig you can more than easily lead me away to trying these. YUM!

  5. Hi Karen, so glad you enjoyed the post. The cookies were crazy good. Yes, people do love gifts from the kitchen. I plan on making them for some gifting too. Thanks much and have a great week!

  6. Hi Cathy, Oh, I’m like that with chocolate too. These were one of the best cookies I’ve made to date. How’s Jenny Craig working out for you? I’ve often thought of trying it. Thanks much and have a great week!

  7. Does anything bad ever come out of butter, flour, sugar and chocolate???? Now I want an entire batch with a cup of tea! Those look sooo yummy and you’ve made me hungry. Again.
    Kimberly XO

  8. These cookies look so good! I’m participating in my friend’s cookie exchange later this month and I was looking for some new recipes. This looks like a great twist on a classic cookie. Nuts and chocolate are such a great combination.

  9. Hi Elle, good seeing you again! The best shortbread cookies I’ve ever made, that’s for sure. That cookies exchange sounds like fun! I’d love to see pics if you get them posted do let me know. Have fun and I hope you get to make these!

  10. Hi Kimberly, lol I agree. These were the best shortbread cookies I’ve ever made. The chocolate and nuts are the best addition. Yes, a cup of tea is the perfect way to round them off. Thanks much and have a great week!

  11. I printed out and will for sure be making these shortbread cookies Carolann. I am excited to share them this Christmas.

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