5 Easy Tips For Creating Perfect Beach Waves

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We all love beach waves, especially during the summer months. Well, they are easier to achieve than you thought. Today, we have five easy tips to help you get them!

Thankfully, getting those stunning beach waves is easy and looks great on any length hair as well.

Beach Waves

Beach Waves For Every Length Hair

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Regardless of the length of your hair, you too can have stunning beach waves. It’s all in the technique you use to achieve them.

We all love wavy flowing curls and we want them with the least amount of hassle, right? Additionally, we don’t want our hair looking like a massive string mess either. Getting beach waves is easy but you must make sure you get the look right!

How does one make my uncooked spaghetti noodles mimic the perfect texturized curls that only a day at the beach can give? We’ve all attempted beach goddess waves and ended up looking more like prom circa 1998.

More so, how do you make a hairstyle look effortless when it takes so much effort to achieve? With some practice, you can easily get the beach wave look you desire.

Surely, there was a secret trick that she was keeping to herself. Did her shears hold the key to the perfectly tousled hair? Did her curling iron have a particular temperature to perfect those sexy waves?

As a former hairstylist, I knew exactly what to do to achieve this look yet, it did come with some practice and troubleshooting ideas.

Below, you’ll discover some of the tips I use to transform my long hair into those beach waves we all love and desire.

In part, the answer is all in how you curl your hair and what products you’re using. It’s all about the technique and the intensity of beach waves you want to achieve.    

Beach Waves

1 – Let’s Cover The Basics

First and foremost, try not to have freshly cleaned hair. As weird as this may seem, hair curls better when it has some grit and is a little “lived in.” Now, if you are like me, you wash your hair daily and that’s ok too. Always go with what works best for you.

If you can’t handle skipping shampoo for a day, add a little dry shampoo to your freshly washed and dried hair. Dry shampoo does wonders for hair in adding volume and texture.

For example, you can lightly spritz your roots and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, work the dry shampoo throughout your mane with your fingers. I love using a good dry shampoo, especially during the summer months.

To make it truly authentic, finding a great sea salt spray helps in adding a bit more volume and texture to give a fantastic base to start. Plus, sea salt sprays usually smell ah-mazing.


2 – Sectioning Your Hair Properly

First, you’ll want to section your hair off into four equal parts: two parts for the top half and two parts for the bottom half. Sectioning your hair helps to keep your curls piece-y looking, separated, and your sanity intact.

Next, start with a bottom section and start to piece off portions about 2″ thick. Keep in mind that grabbing smaller parts in hair may result in a more structured curl. And that’s not the beach goddess look we’re attempting today!

Moreover, when curling your hair, curl the sections in the front away from your face. Begin alternating directions as you near the back parts of your head.

As you progress, you’ll discover the importance of properly sectioning your hair and get better every time with practice.

For example, there are some great clips that help you section your hair if you need them as well. I always like using tools to make the process easier and faster.

Beach Waves

3 – A Curling Iron Made For Beach Waves

Of course, if you prefer, you can try a Beach Wave Curling Iron to achieve perfect beach waves. Personally, it’s my favorite tool to use and you’ll have the perfect beachy look you desire.

For instance, you can use your barrel of choice keeping in mind that the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl.

Personally, I recommend a 1 ½” – 2″ barrel for medium to long hair. Smaller barrel sizes result in a much more structured and defined curl that, although beautiful, may not achieve the sexy beach waves you want to have.

Similarly, drag the curling iron from the root to midway down a sectioned piece of hair. Curl from the midsection back up towards the root and hold for a few seconds.

This part is where the magic happens. You’ll start to see your beach waves come to life and finally achieve that beach wave you so desire.

Beach Waves

4 – Perfecting The Beach Wave Curl

Another great tool for getting the perfect beach wave is the Automatic Hair Curling Wand. This tool makes getting your waves fast and easy. With this tool, instead of uncurling the section, think of twisting the curl off of the barrel.

For example, you can unravel the curl by holding the curling iron vertically rather than horizontally. This technique should put you back in the middle of the section of hair with a slight twist to it.

Then, just pull down the curling iron leaving the bottom portion untouched and uncurled. This step is crucial for maximum beachiness.

Lastly, with the strand left out, curl back up, as usual, holding the barrel in place for a few more seconds. When ready, unwind the curling iron again and gently pull straight down over the end piece to smooth it out.

5 – Finishing Your Beach Waves Off Perfectly

Now, you get to repeat the process with each section of hair until fully curled. Don’t worry if the curls have a bit more oomph to them than you may prefer.  

You can always pull some of the curls out easily or use a Beach Wave Finishing Spray to get that softer look.

Another key to reaching full beach wave potential is using a Beach Wave Texturing Spray instead of hair spray. Hair spray can be more cumbersome and, in turn, weigh your curls down. For beachy waves, you want something light, airy, and something that allows for movement.

Comb your curls out slightly with your fingers once they cool while spritzing the texturizing spray over them.

The more you play with the curls, the more relaxed they will become. Try not to go overboard with spritzing either. You want to keep the curls volumized and bouncy.

Beach Waves

Year-Round Fabulousness

It may take a few attempts to find the rhythm of this new curling method. Curling your hair this way is easier than you think, and I assure you, you won’t want to do it any other way.

However, these curls have become my go-to hairstyle. Even my Saturday morning chores look spruced up and sexy with these curls. Who would have thought?

Above all, go ahead, girl! Branch out of your routine and seize the day with these sexy beach waves. They’re perfect for any occasion and will always leave you feeling your best.

5 Easy Tips For Creating Perfect Beach Waves - Sassy Townhouse Living

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