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Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door System – Easy Access Made Simple!

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Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door System – Easy access made simple! 

Clicker Universal Wireless Key less Entry Garage Door System -Easy access made simple!

I wanted to do a short post/review on this little gadget called the Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door System. It works great and it’s easy to install. 

Wireless Clicker

Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door System – I was super impressed by how easy it was to use and install. I noticed many of my neighbors had them installed, and then it dawned on me, why don’t we have one? I was sure they couldn’t be that difficult to install – so, off we went to investigate and purchase! 

clicker image 

We found one on Amazon that we were sure would work since it was universal, and several of my neighbors were using that brand. They had it for $39.97 and the Clicker website had it for 52.99 so that decision was a no-brainer. Installation was pretty easy – setting up the wireless code….well…a bit more challenging.


You have to find the type of garage door opener you own, and then carefully follow the instructions. Once you nail that part, all you do is fasten it to the outside of your garage door frame and bam…that’s it. Ours was type 4. Once you have that established, all you do is enter the codes….pretty easy.

A point to note: 



It didn’t come with a screw to install it – I thought that was funny. Other than that, it was a flawless operation and works like a charm. Now, you can open your garage door without the clicker! Life made easier! It uses a 9-volt battery for power so be sure to have one handy. 

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  1. Good to know that this was so easy! I’ve had these before and found them so convenient, but thought maybe a company had to install them, but you make it sound really simple!

  2. Oh yes was a snap to use and install. I can’t tell you how much easier this made getting into the garage esp from my front yard. thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Anna Belle…it’s always a pleasure seeing you!
    Carolann XO

  3. I really need to look into getting one of these. Especially with two kids that always seem to lose their keys! Glad it was simple.

  4. Hi Jennifer! Oh you will love it. It makes life so much easier. It’s not hard to install at all….all you need is a screwdriver! Let me know how yours turns out. thanks much for stopping by and commenting!
    Carolann XO
    PS Love your blog and just subbed!

  5. This is cool, Carolann!! The hubby and I both love gadgets!

  6. Hi Susie! Oh you would love this then. I can’t tell you how easier it’s made things. And it was so easy to install! Let me know if you install one too!
    Carolann XO

  7. Wow, the setup seems easy as can be. Do you have to know the model of your garage door opener or is the brand name enough information? Have a great day.

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