6 Easy Kitchen Interior Tips You Need To Know & Our Kitchen Updates

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If you want to perfect the look and feel of your kitchen, it is important that you follow a few key tips. These kitchen interior tips can help you create a space where you and your family will enjoy spending time in the kitchen each day. Since you probably prepare and cook food daily in this room, you will want it to be something special.

Kitchen Interior

Update Your Appliances

When we first bought our sassy little townhouse, we watched it built, and everything was new. Unfortunately, that meant all the kitchen appliances were new too. If your home is older and the appliances are old and dated, you might want to think about starting by replacing them with some new Kleenmaid appliances. I know it can be expensive, but you can find great deals if you do your research first. 

My son and DIY recently purchased their first home, and the first thing they did was replace the kitchen appliances. It’s the first step in redesigning your kitchen interior.

Kitchen Interior

When you are redesigning your kitchen at home, you should really think about getting new appliances or having your current ones repaired. An official AEG repair partner will be able to do the necessary work to get your small and large appliances back up and running properly.

It is extremely important that you make sure that all of your appliances are functioning to use this space as efficiently as possible. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make with their kitchens is to put off getting repairs done. If you do this, the problem only gets worse over time.

Twelve years later, after buying our home, we ended up having to replace our fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and the over is next on the list. 

Kitchen Cabinet Pulls & Hardware

When we replaced our kitchen cabinet pulls & hardware, it literally transformed it and gave it an entirely new look. Installing new pulls and knobs is an inexpensive and easy way to take your kitchen interior to another level. 

There are so many stunning designs to choose from too. And, in a few years, you can easily replace them and hardly break a sweat installing them. The before and after speaks for themselves. I love how easy it was to install and the results! 

Kitchen Interior

Updating the Kitchen Island

There’s another easy and yet dramatic way to take your kitchen to the next level. If you have a kitchen island, you can easily update it by adding decorative tiles. Not only are decorative facade tiles (these are the tiles we used) easy to maintain and clean, but they also add a decorative element to your entire kitchen.

When it comes to your kitchen island, there are so many options in terms of the design elements you can choose from to enjoy. Ceramic tiles are also another attractive option and last for years and years. 

Kitchen Interior

We recently added Fasade Panels to our kitchen foyer walls. There’s no better way to add beauty to your kitchen than perking up your walls, backsplash or ceiling. Fasade Panels are truly a chic and sophisticated way to get there and easily too! 

Kitchen Interior

Focus on the Lighting

The way you light your kitchen will be something else to think about and enjoy for your home. There are many different types of lights that you can purchase for this area of your home, but you do not want to choose just any of them. Keep in mind that ambient lighting will create a sort of warmth that will soften the shadows in your kitchen and make your guests feel a lot more welcome. 

We added new decorative lighting to our kitchen a few years ago and it made a huge difference in the overall look and design. 

Kitchen Interior

Accent lighting is always an option, and it will give this area of your home a whole new dimension that nobody has ever seen before. If you have fine China in your kitchen, you might want to think about using lighting to highlight it.

These days, a lot of people are mounting spotlights to the ceiling of their kitchen simply because it is adjustable. Furthermore, this means that you will be able to get the light wherever you need it when preparing food for your family.

Kitchen Interior

It’s All About Storage

You will need to make sure that everything has a place in your kitchen, and that whatever you need at any given time is within reach. There are many ways to improve the storage in your kitchen, including using clear and specific labels for the things that you throw into jars.

By doing this, you will be able to find what you need much easier. These kitchen interior tips are some of my favorites! 

Below, you can see how transforming an unused portion of your cabinet into a spice rack is a brilliant idea! 

Kitchen Interior

Some new shelves on the walls of your kitchen or inside your pantry could go a long way towards giving you the additional space you need. The better your storage is, the easier it will be to function in this area of your home.

Using things like wicker baskets to store produce and items you reach for daily is a great way to up your kitchen’s overall look and functionality. I love these pull-out baskets. They are so decorative and useful too! 

Kitchen Interior

You can also have custom cabinets installed that are designed specifically for organizing. The design below is a great space-saving option as well. 

Kitchen Interior

Get New Countertops

The worktops in your kitchen are where you prepare meals for your family every day, so they are extremely important. If your worktops are outdated, you want to get new ones; it is important to look into some of your options.

Granite is a beautiful and durable material, but it can be quite pricey. The more time and effort you put into doing this research, the easier it will be to create the perfect look for your kitchen as a whole.

Quartz countertops are making their début in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere and they are doing so with class and style. Since natural quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth, it makes sense it would make the perfect material for countertops.

Quartz is known for its superior durability and performance, while granite is only about 40% to 60% quartz and other softer minerals and impurities. 

Kitchen Interior

While trends are always changing, I love the look and durability of quartz countertops and will be sure to do some heavy research before installing them in my kitchen or bathroom. Updating countertops are one of my favorite kitchen interior tips! 

Kitchen Interior

There are lots of different ways to make your kitchen picture perfect, and with these kitchen interior tips, you can make it happen!

provided you are willing to take enough time to consider a few key things. Don’t rush into any decisions that you will just regret later. Your kitchen is very important for several reasons, so you will need to do it justice.

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6 Easy Kitchen Interior Tips You Need To Know & Our Kitchen Updates - Sassy Townhouse Living

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