How To Plan Moving Seniors With Care And Guidance

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If you need to create a plan for moving seniors, it’s essential to understand the dynamics of their emotional and physical health.  Whether it’s family or friends, it’s necessary to know how moving impacts seniors. Then, with a few organized steps, you can create a solid plan for moving seniors effectively.

Primarily, moving creates enough stress for any age and especially for seniors. More so, moving continues to rank as the most stressful event in our lives. The stress of moving even outranks divorce or experiencing a break-up.

Moving Seniors

Why Moving Seniors With Care And Guidance Is Essential

This past year, our senior neighbor in her eighties experienced pressure to move from home. She dearly loved her home and didn’t want to move into a senior care living center. We were dismayed how her entire family handled the move without care or concern for her.

Moreover, it didn’t end well for her, causing many complications, heartache, and tears. As her neighbor, I offered assistance, and unfortunately, they rejected our aid. After watching the entire debacle, I swore that would never happen to us. Nevertheless, we learned valuable lessons from her unfortunate experience.

Additionally, the physical act of moving seniors is incredibly stressful for the whole family. Not only do they require assistance packing boxes, but they need care and guidance throughout the entire process. In fact, you provide caretaking for seniors and still manage your own life.

Furthermore, seniors typically have a deep emotional investment in their homes. Think about all the years of making memories, attachment to their possessions, and living conditions they developed. Losing control over their abilities and decision-making can be quite traumatic.

Moving seniors requires a lot of oversight, care, and guidance when the responsibility falls on you. However, seniors, like anyone else, need to know they still maintain a level of control. Everyone deserves respect and consideration regardless of their mental acuity, especially when moving.  

This article will discuss several important factors when moving seniors and how to do it with the utmost care and concern.

Moving Seniors

1 – Enlist A Reliable Moving Team

Of course, the first thing you should schedule is a reliable moving team to efficiently plan the event. You will want the movers to structure a moving plan that works for you and your senior.

More importantly, you can hire a moving team specially created to help with senior moves that will plan everything correctly. These moving teams also have several options to choose from, allowing elders to have their needs met.

For example, a moving team can do it for you if you don’t want to pack up their belongings. The team can take care of all bulk items by loading and unloading worry-free. Hiring a team like this will surely make the moving experience easier, and in turn, everyone benefits. So if you want to help a senior move, hiring a moving team makes perfect sense.

2 – Communication Clearly And Often

As with our neighbor, the channels of communication were nonexistent. We saw the detriment and damage it caused as well. The only communication we saw was yelling, fighting, and frustration.

In short, communication with your senior should take top priority from the get-go. After that, it’s up to you to provide patience and understanding regardless of the challenges. With each step of the moving process, you should communicate clearly. It’s also a good idea to write the moving steps down for your seniors so they can have a reference if they seem confused.

More importantly, make sure you bring them to the retirement home beforehand. Take them on a tour of the facilities so they know what to expect. If they can’t leave home, take them on a virtual tour instead. Either way, your senior needs to know what to expect and help quell anxiety.

If you struggle with communicating with the senior, find someone in your family or circle of friends that can do it effectively. It’s always a good idea to envision yourself in their place and have empathy and consideration for them.

Moving Seniors

3 – Enlist Relatives To Help With Moving Seniors

If you don’t have the budget to hire a moving team to help, you can get the next best thing, relatives. With seniors, they often have a big family full of grandkids and sons and daughters willing to help.

Also, make sure you gather as many people as you can to help as soon as the decision to move your senior arises. Make sure you have someone willing to take charge of the moving process. This way, they can delegate and assign roles and chores for the move.

While hiring professional movers certainly is more effective, you can arrange the move effectively with family and friends. If your senior doesn’t have a network to assist, reach out to your local church or senior center for advice.

4 – Finding The Perfect Home For Your Senior

If it’s your responsibility to find the perfect home for your senior to relocate to, it takes a lot of research beforehand. First, you will need to determine the physical limitations of your senior. Make sure you take note of what they can and cannot do physically.

For instance, you don’t want a place with stairs or any property that requires a lot of walking to enter. As soon as you know, your senior must move, start looking for a proper place immediately. Get the assistance of a reliable real estate person if you need to as well. A real estate agent can help you narrow down and quickly lock the perfect home in place.

Furthermore, if your senior plans to move to a senior facility like one at Lutheran senior services assisted living communities, make sure you take a tour before you show them. This way, you can determine if it’s the right place for them to live. Once you made the determination, bring them and any family and friends on a tour.

Obviously, an excellent senior facility provides around-the-clock care and assists with all senior needs. However, deciding where your senior will move well in advance is essential. And what type of care they will need, both physically and mentally.

Moving Seniors

Final Thoughts

Clearly, it takes a lot of careful planning when moving seniors into new living quarters. Always make sure you research every step and keep communication open. We all want our seniors to be happy and secure in their new surroundings.

At first, the challenge might seem overwhelming for you and your family. But remember, once they move into a new home, they will have the security and respect they deserve.

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