10 Essential Items You Need for Your Utility Drawer

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We all have a utility drawer in our homes and for good reason. These drawers are the central hub for grabbing the most needed items in a hurry.

Typically, they house essentials and items that we know will be the most useful during the course of our day.

In this article, you’ll discover the top ten utility drawer items you need always on hand!

Utility Drawer

It’s Always A Good Idea To Keep These Items In Your Utility Drawer

For the most part, our utility drawers are a mess and not well organized. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

More so, it’s important to keep these items just within reach and always remember to restock them.

Sometimes, as you will find, our utility draw often referred to as the “junk drawer”.

And that name fits perfectly as we often stow away a mixture of equipment and tools every household needs.

However, the utility drawer, typically our kitchen drawer, must always include practical items that will come in handy.

Of course, the exact items you stow away there are up to you but, this list generally covers it.

Utility Drawer

1 – Batteries – Always Keep Them Stowed Away Safely As Well

Of course, batteries are a mainstay of any good utility drawer. It’s always a good idea to keep various sizes on hand.

Also, you must make sure you stow your batteries away safely too. Also, you must make sure you stow your batteries away safely too. You should always follow the list of dos’ and don’ts when storing them.

For example, every household using batteries for a plethora of things like remotes, smoke alarms, hair trimmers, toys, and so much more.

Stowing them away in your utility drawer will ensure they are always on hand and ready to go.

2 – Flashlights – An Essential Item Every Home Needs

As you know, every home should own several different types of flashlights. But you also must have one within reach at all times.

For example, if your town experiences a power outage, you won’t need to panic and search around in the dark for one.

However, it’s a good idea to own a rechargeable flashlight as well. And always make sure you have a second set handy while the first set charges.

The flashlight wizards at Outdoors Magazine explain that a flashlight should reach extremely bright levels. Obviously, because you may need one even during daylight hours as well.

They also advise rechargeable batteries will give you the peace of mind you need so you’ll have them on hand.  It’s also good to know that crank-powered flashlights are a good alternative as well.

3 – Band-Aids – A Must Have For Your Utility Drawer

So, you are in the kitchen slicing a few vegetables to fix yourself a masterpiece salad. The only problem is that you accidentally cut yourself midway.

Keeping Band-Aids in your utility drawer will have you fix the problem and allow you to get back to your salad in no time.

More so, if you have kids at home, band-aids are a must-have!

Utility Drawer

4 – Tape Measure & Sewing Kit

A utility drawer isn’t complete until you have both a tape measure and a sewing kit! These are must-haves, especially if you are a sewing household.

For instance, they will come in handy when you want to take measurements, looking to tighten a dress or alter children’s clothing.  

You’d be surprised at just how handy it is stowing these times away where you can easily find them.

5 – Safety Pins – They Have So Many Uses!

Some sewing kits don’t come equipped with safety pins, that’s why it’s a good idea to have some on hand.

However, they also have many uses, which will come in very handy one day.

One of these uses includes recovering a wardrobe malfunction, especially during instances where you are running late for work. Just pop one of these on, and voila!

Additionally, safety pins have a multitude of uses as well. Did you know you can decorate a cake with them too? And you can also use them to decorate clothing for the crafty folks out there.

Keeping a bunch of safety pins in your utility drawer will come in very handy one day and come in all shapes and sizes too.

 Utility Drawer

6 – Mini-Hammer

We all have large hammers in our homes but how about a mini hammer too?

For example, they are perfect for getting into tight or smaller spaces where a larger hammer just won’t do.

Stowing away a smaller hammer in your utility drawer will come in handy one day that’s for sure. You never know when you need one!

7 – Pliers – A Utility Drawer Necessity!

Even though you probably have a toolbox lying around somewhere, with all the toolbox essentials, having pliers around in your utility drawer is definitely essential.

Moreover, plies will help you out with a multitude of projects around your home. If you don’t own a pair, you need to get them and soon.

Utility Drawer

8 – Duct Tape – We Hold The Universe Together With It!

Who does not have some duct tape lying around in their utility drawer in 2020? I will tell you who, no one – well hardly anyone.

If you don’t have some on hand, you really need to get some and soon!

Above all, stowing away some duct tape in your utility drawer always comes in super handy. And it comes in different sizes too.  

For example, did you know you can use it as a splinter remover, emergency band-aid replacement among so many other things as well?

9 – Playing Cards – Some Fun For Your Utility Drawer

A deck of cards is by far one of the most useful items in a utility drawer. And perfect for a fun night with family and friends.

This works especially well for the entertainers, where you might be hosting a little gathering, or it is your turn to host a poker night.

Also, if a game of cards is not the main event, it sure can be the second or third act, which will always keep you and your friends occupied.

Utility Drawer

10 – Eyeglass Repair Kit

Even if you don’t wear glasses, a friend or family member probably does.

Therefore, it’s perfectly a good idea to keep a repair kit in your utility drawer, just in case!

Plus, the little tools inside these kits also make a fine addition to the other chores around your home too.

Think of how pleased your friends will seem when they see you come to their rescue with one of the kits someday!

Utility Drawer

Now, your utility drawer is always fully stocked and ready for any emergency or quick repair your home needs.

Essential Items You Need for Your Utility Drawer - Sassy Townhouse Living

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