How To Decorate An Oddly Shaped Room And Love It

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Surprisingly, oddly shaped rooms are much more common than you think. And depending on the room layout, difficult to decorate as well. At times, we can’t help but fall in love with a home with challenging shaped rooms.

In fact, you might have one of these oddly shaped rooms in your home. Yes, those rooms with odd angles, narrow bedrooms, or pitched attic ceilings that throw the entire room off.

In this article, we will take a look at some workable options when it comes to finding inspiration to decorate one! You can make the most of these types of spaces and decorate without spending a fortune as well.

Oddly Shaped Room

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When we first purchased our townhome, I fell in love with it at first glance. I didn’t take the time to investigate any oddly shaped room challenges. Every room looked typical and I assumed decorating it without challenges. Upon moving in, and closer inspection, I discovered some challenging areas!

As a result, it took some creative and out of the box thinking to decorate my home. From time to time, I do tweak some of my home decor, but I always end up loving every room. If you have an oddly shaped room in your home too, have hope!

To start, let’s identify some of the oddly shaped room layouts and what some of the challenges we face look like. Remember, not every home will have perfectly symmetrical room sizes. We can’t help falling in love with a home with off-kilter spaces, right?

Types Of Oddly Shaped Room Layouts

Types of Oddly Shaped Rooms

  1. L-Shaped Rooms
  2. Sloping Eaves
  3. Narrow Rooms
  4. Uniquely Shaped Alcoves
  5. Off-Centered Corners
  6. Trapezoid or Triangular Shaped Rooms
  7. Oddly Shaped Hallways
  8. Pitched or Odd Angled Ceilings

1 – Mastering L Shaped Rooms

A common fixture of older homes, L-shaped rooms don’t require the challenges you think. We suggest you picture the angled section of the room as its own entity. It’s a good idea to keep a constant color theme even though the entire space is not visible. It’s all about flow and functional spaces.

Above all, these types of rooms seem to lack closet space as well. In fact, you can fill the space with a sliding wardrobe that has lots of depth, leaving plenty of space for a more conventional bedroom. Besides, if it’s a downstairs room, maybe an L-Shaped Sectional Sofa would do the trick nicely.

More so, it’s a good idea to keep furniture away from the walls. Try and center larger pieces and use rounded corners to create soft edges. Also, you can use your end and coffee table as the centerpiece of the room. This way, you can place your sofa and end chairs to accent around them.

Oddly Shaped Room

2 – Sloping Eaves In Lofts & Attics

Typically, you find sloping eaves in attics and loft spaces. This can present as an oddly shaped room and at times, difficult to decorate. Mostly, these eaves present a challenge for storage as well.

A good tip to overcome this is to build some storage above your bed area. Shelving and cabinets can work perfectly in your bedroom! Plus, it’s perfect for a kid’s room too. Using chic storage units you can mount to the wall. Also, bookshelves are another way to compensate for lack of space. If all else fails, you can try some built-in cabinets as well.

Additionally, the use of curtains creates a perfect solution for oddly shaped areas. Delicate Curtain Panel Sheers presents a natural ebb and flow to any room. Plus, the use of natural tones works well with tying a color scheme together. Don’t forget to add an element of light as well. A hanging Chandelier Pendant Lighting used as a centerpiece pulls the entire room together perfectly!

3 – Narrow Rooms

Even newer homes face the challenge of homes designed with narrow rooms. Generally speaking, smaller furniture works best so be sure and measure every piece before purchasing. You can also play with interesting shapes and sizes as well. These various shapes should help trick the eye and present a larger space.

Likewise, you can use Decorative Wall Art to add various visual components to a narrow room as well. Rugs and runners on the floors are a great way to add texture and depth to a room. Also, try adding a vertical fixture to a narrow room. This will help by pulling the visual component to the center of the room.

Don’t worry about adding pops of color to your room, either. Plus, wallpaper is another great way to make a narrow room look larger and have more depth. Try horizontal lines or even geometric patterns.

 4 – Uniquely Shaped Alcoves

To begin, let’s define what an alcove is. Typically, it means a recess in the wall of a room. Many folks see them as a challenge, but I think they add a unique element to a room. There’s so much you can do with alcoves. Let’s talk about a few of them.

First, you can use them for wonderful open shelving at multiple levels in the area. Typically, alcoves make for perfect bookshelves areas. You can also measure and use them for end tables, decorative dressers, or just decorate them with stunning wallpaper too. Some folks use decorative lighting like sconces for alcove spaces. If your oddly shaped room has alcoves, flaunt it!

More so, you can use these spaces for colorful artwork or even a desk nook. As mentioned, there’s so much you can do with alcoves. These no limit to where your imagination will take you! Don’t be afraid to test the waters with some bright paint colors too. Or, you can hire a carpenter for some luxurious built-in cabinets too! With that said, don’t look at it as an oddly shaped room but more as a unique area in your home with loads of potential!

Oddly Shaped Room

5 – Off-Centered Corners In An Oddly Shaped Room

Personally, I adore off-centered corners. These little nook areas do have awkward angles but there’s a solution for everything, right? A beautiful placed Lighted Curio Cabinet presents the perfect answer! Plus, it’s a great space to show off your cherished decor pieces and collectibles as well. A stunning floor lamp works perfectly there as well too!

In addition, you can use these corners to display elongated sculptures or even some high-end shelving. If you have an off-centered corner in your oddly shaped room, measure the area first from top to bottom and from side to side. Then you can choose the right decorative element to display there.

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6 – Trapezoid or Triangular Shaped Rooms

Luckily, we don’t often see trapezoid or triangular shaped rooms. These rooms often have the harshest angles and the most difficult to decorate. It’s a good idea to avoid hanging mirrors in an oddly shaped room such as these. All a mirror will do is reflect the shape of the room and cause the lines to look harsh.

If you find a home you love has trapezoid or triangular shaped rooms, measure every inch of it first before decorating. Then, stray away from furniture with harsh lines and bold edges. Rather, go for soft circular pieces and try to avoid dark wooden textures. Instead, try soft pastels or neutral tones including the walls and any artwork. There’s a way to decorate this oddly shaped room if you preplan and avoid big bold statement pieces.

Oddly Shaped Room

7 – Oddly Shaped Hallways

Quite possibly, your hallway seems a little too narrow or oddly shaped. Try and think of this space as the focal point of your home. Usually, the hallway is the first area in your home folks will see. You can decorate this space for both beauty and functionality.

If you want your hallway area to provide a functional space, you can try purchasing a decorative coat rack for storage. Let’s face it, hallways can seem like a dumping ground for coats and shoes so why not pretty them up!

Moreover, you’ll want to choose the right flooring as well. Lots of folks choose ceramic flooring to hallways. Mainly as they seem easy to clean and come in an array of shapes, colors, and styles. You can also go with a wood flooring or laminate. Your flooring should remain neutral in tone and easy to maintain as well.

Also, any oddly shaped room should feature an inspired illumination element. Generally, hallways don’t require a lot of decorating as they tend to have small or narrow halls. This is where lighting enters – you can create a dramatic element and keep it high enough above the ground as well. Decorative Mirrors also work perfectly in oddly shaped hallways.

Plus, you don’t have to break the bank decorating with them as well. As you know, mirrors create open spaces and reflect light which is exactly what your hallways needs!

Oddly Shaped Room

8 – Pitched or Odd Angled Ceilings

Typically, every oddly shaped room features a pitched or odd angled ceiling. These types of rooms can present a challenge. Remember, you can work with this type of room and create a beautiful space. Slanted ceilings have an ambiance of their own but you can introduce various decor elements to them as well.

It’s always good practice to use light and airy colors and stick to neutrals as well. It’s also a good idea to stay away from two-tones color pallets because they can present harsh angles and lines. You can aim for a themed room using elements like exposed steel or wooden beams. Rustic elements also work well with pitches or angled ceilings.

More so, avoid cramming the room with too many cabinets or shelving. Also, avoid furniture pieces too high up as well. Try and keep the ceilings as the focal point of the room. If the room presents on the smaller side, avoid oversized pieces, and aim for furniture with soft edges and angles. You can use contrast and play with various textures too.

In Closing

Of course, there is no one correct answer here because every awkward room is unique. That’s probably what makes it so awkward in the first place! It’s all about being creative, experimenting with your ideas, and seeing how far you can push yourself.

We really hope you enjoyed learning about oddly shaped rooms and how to decorate them. Which room challenges you the most in your home? How did you overcome it? We must admit, decorating is much fun but without researching, it can also present us with a headache.

How To Decorate An Oddly Shaped Room And Love It - Sassy Townhouse Living

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