JORD Watches Are Chic & Stylish For The Fashionista In You! And Giveaway!

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JORD Watches Are Chic & Stylish For The Fashionista In You! And Giveaway! 

If you love collecting watches as much as I do, you are going to flip over these JORD Watches. They will appeal to the fashionista in you! One of the reasons I love them is because of their unique wooden wrist strap design. I’ve never seen anything like them before, and they are so chic & stylish which makes them perfect for any outfit too! 

We are also hosting a giveaway where one winner will receive $100 off any watch – so be sure to enter below! 

JORD Watches Fashionista

I love wearing watches with my outfits – they always add that extra punch of panache to anything you pair them with. When I saw these JORD Watches, my heart skipped a beat! The unique eye-catching design is like no other and the quality and craftsmanship is simply outstanding. Whether I’m traveling around from city to city or just going out for a night on the town, wearing a chic watch always completes my look. 

JORD Watches Fashionista

JORD is run by artists, designers, marketers, and minders and they are focused on creating timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. They are truly hand-crafted wood timepieces that stand out in today’s repetitive market. 

JORD Watches Fashionista

They also resize the watches for you so you have a perfect fit! The team at JORD can size your watch for you prior to shipment. Simply visit the page of the watch you are interested in buying and click on the “Custom Sizing” link located beneath the “Series Options” section.

JORD Watches Fashionista

My JORD Watch fits perfectly, and I love the purple color of this style. It’s called FRANKIE and the purpleheart & plum color is exactly what I was looking for. I love purple and have many outfits that match it perfectly! Isn’t the purple wood color divine? 

JORD Watches Fashionista

JORD Watches Fashionista

Most watch backplates can be engraved! All cedar humidor presentation boxes are engravable, as well! They also have additional options for customization — mixing and matching faces and woods! Every watch comes with a one year warranty and options for return & exchange and free worldwide standard shipping too. They always make the perfect gift too whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday present

JORD Watches Fashionista

JORD Watches Fashionista

You can purchase them on the JORD Watches website and you can get them on Amazon too.

Now, let’s get to the $100 gift card giveaway!

JORD Watches Fashionista


The winner will receive a $100 gift code toward the purchase of any watch in their collection! All other entrants will also be emailed a consolation 10% off gift code.

JORD Watches Fashionista

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JORD Watches Are Chic & Stylish For The Fashionista In You - Sassy Townhouse Living

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