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Gift Each Moment

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It’s so important to take each moment we have and realize they are gifted to us. It took my husband’s illness to appreciate this concept and why we need to gift each moment. Well, it’s not.

We hear those words from friends, books, and folks like Wayne Dyer – sadly he has now passed – what a great loss indeed.

gift each moment

We stop and think about them from time to time and ponder the meaning within the context of our lives, but do we really understand what it means to enjoy and live fully within each moment of each day?

I fully understand how it’s impossible to be aware and appreciative of every moment of every day, but it’s moments like the one we experienced recently, that makes you stop and understand the concept in its entirety.

OK, so if you read the about me page, you’ll get to see my family story and see my darling and devoted hubby. We met when I was just nineteen and have spent a lifetime loving and living for each other and the wonderful family we made.

Yesterday, we all went out to one of our favorite restaurants. By all of us, that is me, hubby, son, and daughter. So what’s the big deal you ask? Millions of families go out to eat together all the time, well, yes, no big deal except at times for busy families it is indeed. Everyone has a timeline with an extremely tight schedule.


At one point, my hubby said, I’m so happy right now, all of my family is together. That’s all that matters to me. It really touched my heart to hear him say those words. A simple statement for most, but for us, for him, well, much more than that.

He was diagnosed with Follicular lymphoma a few months ago. Since then, everything, every day, is looked upon as a gift. The good news is he can live with this for many years and is undergoing treatment which is supposed to shrink the tumors and possibly put this into remission.

Since his diagnosis, many emotions, fears, worries, anxieties, have transpired, but at this point, at this moment, we all look at the moment we are in, as a gift each day, each moment, each memory, as a gift. Gift your moment too.

Update! My husband’s Lymphoma is in remission! We are so blessed and I wanted to be sure and update this article. There’s hope for everyone!


Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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