How To Decorate A Backyard Pergola With Style & Flair

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Now, you can discover several ways to decorate a backyard Pergola with style and flair. Pergolas make the perfect addition to any backyard. With a beautifully decorated Pergola, you can escape to your backyard with style and flair.

If you don’t own a Pergola, you might want to reconsider. Pergolas allow you to escape the glaring summer sun and enjoy a backyard sanctuary. Additionally, they are perfect for outdoor entertaining too. And they and add a unique and transformative addition to your outside space.

Backyard Pergola

Why Backyard Pergola Continue To Grow In Popularity

Suddenly, Pergolas seem to be popping up in backyards and for a good reason. If you don’t have one installed, you might want to reconsider. If you do, you can decorate them to add a style and flair of your own.

For example, you can turn your backyard into a one-stop location for most of your fun time outdoors using a Sojag multipurpose pergola. Mainly, pergolas feature wood or a combination of many materials. These patio structures contain various fittings, utilities, furniture, and appliances. And they add sophisticated multifunctional outdoor space as well.

Your Own Private Retreat

Furthermore, you can use pergolas as a private retreat to meditate, seek shelter from the sun, and entertain. You can use them as a standalone structure or as a leaning structure. You can also use them as an addition to your patio or deck.

In addition, you can incorporate a wide variety of functionalities into the space. You can also include heating and cooling systems, a stucco fireplace, grills, storage units. The options seem endless, and you can decorate them with your style and flair too.

Did you know pergolas popularity continues to soar! So much so that the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) listed them as one of 2019’s top trends. Are you already fancying a pergola with a casual combination of seats, a grill, and a media system?  Above all, if you intend to install a backyard pergola, make sure you have a green light from any regulatory bodies beforehand.

You might also need to seek professional help to ensure a smooth-sailing installation and the structure’s long-term safety. Several companies will come out to your home and install the backyard pergola on your behalf. More so, buying a pergola online is easy, and you can have a professional set it up for you!

Below, you will discover some delightful design elements and ideas. With them, you can easily style your backyard pergola with style and flair!

Backyard Pergola

1 – Turn On The Lights

Lighting serves both functional and aesthetic purposes in a pergola. A simple constellation of Edison bulb String Lights hanging down from the pergola can significantly raise the vibes of your backyard.

These lights are trendy and super easy to install, which makes them perfect for your backyard pergola. Plus, they will supply the ideal amount of light for ambiance, especially on a cozy Autumn evening.

String lights of various shapes and sizes can also make for scintillating scenery. For a more dramatic scene, you can suspend a chandelier from its center. The chandelier design is excellent for festivities. But for low-budget festivity lighting, you can’t go wrong with paper lanterns or a stunning Solar LED Lantern.

Many homeowners will have low voltage lights professional installed by an electrician.  This way, you’ll have safe well-hidden wiring. Plus, if you are spending lots of money on your pergola, you will want to ensure the lighting looks top-notch as well.

2 – Hang Up The Curtains On Your Backyard Pergola

Another inexpensive way of raising the charm of your pergola is by simply hanging up curtains. You always want to make sure you use Pergola Outdoor Waterproof Curtains to avoid any weather-related issues.

Curtains can help you create sights of a high-end resort without an enormous budget.  An excellent option for those sports fans is to use team banners to hang from the pergola walls. Doing so can create a sporty look perfect for the big game like Superbowl parties.

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3 – Create A Hybrid Space

Because a pergola features an open-ended design, you can integrate it with other outdoor structures. For example, a trellis or arbor would work perfectly with a backyard pergola.

With a pergola-trellis hybrid, you can enjoy the superficial shade of the pergola while the trellis conceals you from prying eyes around. A pergola-arbor combination enables you to create more hanging space where you can grow vines and flowers on the pergola.

Even better, you can opt for a three-in-one design combining a pergola, trellis, and arbor. Either way, your backyard pergola remains the perfect retreat for special events, self-care, parties, and cozy personal retreats.

4 – Fill Your Pergola With Plants & Flowers

Above all, outdoor plants make the perfect addition to your backyard pergola. Here, you can feature all types of stunning greenery. Be bold and decorate with hanging, potted, and even drape plants over the top!

Try thinking outside the box with these Artificial Silk Wisteria Vines instead. This way, you won’t need to worry about maintenance or the annoyance of critters.

Not only do they add a stunning decorative look, but the pop of color adds vibrancy to your outdoor space. Also, these Floral Grapevine Wisteria Clusters make the perfect addition to your backyard pergola.

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5 – Backyard Pergola – The Perfect Place To BBQ

With your pergola, you can have fantastic BBQ events for friends and family. If your pergola is wide enough, you can use it as an outdoor dining area or a lounging area. More so, if you’re short of space, then you can set up a small BBQ area with prep space where you can dole out sumptuous, crowd-pleasing dishes.

Some homeowners get real fancy and add entire cooking and preparing stations. Basically, your pergola makes the perfect place to host any outdoor event. Adjacent to your pergola, you can add a fire pit, which is always fun to have for family gatherings.

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Any way you look at it, a pergola adds the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Plus, there are so many ways to decorate and enjoy them. Every year, outdoor trends allow us to expand our typical decorative style with more flair and fun. From the looks of things, pergolas are here to stay, and thankfully so!

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