How To Decorate A Marble Coffee Table

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If you never thought about decorating your home with a marble coffee table, you might want to reconsider. Marble is a versatile material and remains widely popular even more so today. With its striking patterns and durability, marble remains a classic decor element in many homes.

Nevertheless, marble and its mystique and history continue to adorn homes all across the globe. A new marble coffee table in your will most certainly create a whole new vibe too!

Marble Coffee Table

Should You Consider Decorating With A Marble Coffee Table?

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We’ve established the beauty and elegance of how a marble coffee table can transform your home. Now, it’s time to ask if they make the right choice for your home as well.

Regardless of your home’s decor, the beautiful patterns and colors of marble blend perfectly with any style or room. Marble exudes the essence of luxury and at affordable prices too. Gone are the days of expensive marble coffee tables but, instead, are available to everyone.

More so, there’s no need to over decorate a marble coffee table because the surface speaks for itself. The swirling patterns of marble require little decor elements or ornate decorative objects. Instead, it’s all about striking the perfect balance between the elements.

When replacing your old coffee table, the reasons below might help you change your mind!

Marble Coffee Table

1 – Worry & Practically Maintenance Free

Above all, marble coffee tables are perfect for entertaining guests. If you entertain a lot, you will appreciate their many benefits. They’re reliable, give weight to the center, and are visibly sturdy. Remember those glass-top coffee tables? Talk about high-maintenance! We are all glad that style came and went quickly.

Quite the contrary, a marble coffee table is perfect in that it can take whatever you place on top of it. Because of this, you don’t need to fill the table with coasters. Marble tops don’t show watermarks or stains either. You clean it, polish it, and wait for another few weeks to do it again. With a marble coffee table, the days of high maintenance worry are over.  

Marble Coffee Table

2 – Simple Decor Elements

At times, we tend to over decorate our homes. We all love our home decor elements, especially in our living rooms. Thankfully, that’s not the case with marble. You don’t need to over-decorate it, but instead, let its beauty shine!

When decorating your marble coffee table, plants and flowers work beautifully. They represent simplistic beauty and let the marble take center stage. Try decorating with three smaller plants and place them in the center or on any side grouped together.

More so, you can try decorating with 3 Small Artificial Plants too. This type of decor works perfectly and requires no maintenance as well. Remember, you want the marble to take center stage when you decorate.

In addition, you can also decorate with some large decorative books and a grouping of three black vases at the corner end. Plants and flowers contrast the marble wonderfully! Also, don’t overload the table with too many books, either. One or two on each end should do the trick.

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3 – Always Go With A Real Marble Coffee Table And Not Faux

If you decided on marble, you would want to make sure you go with the real thing. While faux marble is less expensive, it’s not always the best choice. When you go with real marble, not two patterns are the same. Manufacturers typically replicate them for mass production, and they lose their originality.

Plus, you will want to invest in a quality piece of furniture that you’ll own for years to come as well. If you opt for faux, yes, it’s less expensive, but you might have the headache of replacing it reasonably soon.

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Final Thoughts

If you decide you want your coffee table as your living room’s focus, marble is the perfect choice. It’s essential to understand the dynamics of how to choose the right coffee table for your home as well. Once you decide on the style, remember marble makes a bold statement and lasts for literally ever!

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