5 Popular Decorating Hacks You Need To Consider This Year

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We all love decorating hacks as they inspire us to create a more comfortable and fabulous environment. But are they practical enough to consider?

Let’s face it.  You can find many easy decorating hacks on the internet, but that doesn’t mean they suit your needs. After all, we all want our interiors to not only look fantastic but feel comfortable too.

Decorating Hacks

Decorating Hacks Worth Considering This Year

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Furthermore, this year gave us plenty of time to start thinking about redecorating our homes. And many of us did exactly that. We working on our lawns perked up our backyards and repainted our interiors. Now, we’re thinking about some practical decorating hacks to keep the flow moving.

With an abundance of decorating hacks on the internet, it’s time to start thinking about the more practical ones. We want our efforts to endure and also look and feel worth the effort.

It’s The Little Things…

Sometimes, it is not the significant changes that make the most difference, but the most practical solutions instead. While some possess the natural eye for interior design, others may struggle, searching for inspiration and guidance.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune to perk up your decor even if you are not handy. If you want to spruce up your home with the least amount of effort, decorating hacks always help.

In this article, we’ll inspire you with some ideas and some quick ways to take your decor to the next level.

Decorating Hacks

1 – Create A Beautiful Wall Feature

We all know our walls tend to stand out the most and call for some much-needed attention. Honestly, bare boring walls stand out like a sore thumb. We can all become weary of looking at the same plain and lifeless walls. Then, we know it’s time to create a beautiful wall feature.

There are many benefits of making your feature wall with these statement pieces. In fact, one trendy decorating hack on the rise lately is a tapestry. With many shapes and sizes to choose from and easy installation, you might want to consider one.

For example, a tapestry adds pops of vibrant colors in your living room, bedroom, or entryway of your home. By adding a tapestry with various designs and prints, you can perk up any room in your home perfectly. Plus, you can save on repainting costs too. A large customized tapestry will help cover any large empty wall space beautifully.

Image tapestrygalaxy.com

Wall Photo Galleries

Additionally, you can create a beautiful wall photo gallery to perk up any wall in your home as well. You can either choose personal photos or use wall art to create one. Either way, a beautiful picture or wall art gallery will also help transform any bare, boring wall in your home. When it comes to decorating hacks, these two examples won’t break the bank either.

Decorating Hacks

2 – Upscale Your Lighting To Transform Every Room

For example, depending on the mood you want, you can add decorative fairy lights to your bedroom for a cozy warm look. Fairy lights became very popular in the past few years, especially in bedrooms and patios.

More so, adding ambient lighting doesn’t cost a fortune, either. Instead, fairy lights create a cozy warm and comfortable atmosphere for any room in your home.

No More Gloomy Corners

If you have a gloomy corner in the living room, add a large floor lamp to brighten things up. Tripod floor lamps became very popular a few years ago and continue their cult status in the decorative world.

Plus, adding a Tripod Floor Lamp helps create a focal point for any room as well. Floor lamps never go out of style, and you can quickly move them around to switch things up when you need a change.

Adding a tripod floor lamp fits most any decor style. For instance, you can add one to modern architecture, vintage, retro, mid-century, or traditional decor. The rounded linen lamp shade looks gorgeous and trendy in almost any room in your home or office.

Plus, it makes a stylish addition to your bedroom with an accent light for ambiance. Or place this tall standing lamp behind/beside the living room couch for reading. Transforming your lighting will always remain popular decorating hacks and rightfully so!

Decorating Hacks
Image Amazon: LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

3 – Include Decorative Shelving – Decorating Hacks Made Simple!

Regardless of the size of your home, extra shelving is always a welcomed addition. Not only do they look stunning, but they add a practical way to house or organize our stuff! If you love collecting, shelving is an absolute must-have.

More so, open shelving concepts remain trending upwards, especially in the kitchen. If you want to transform your kitchen completely, you can remove the cabinet doors and replace them with open shelving.

More so, open shelving concepts remain trending upwards, especially in the kitchen. If you want to transform your kitchen completely, you can remove the cabinet doors and replace them with open shelving.

Or, if you are not afraid of a big DIY project, you can remove the top cabinets altogether! Likewise, consider painting the interior of your kitchen cabinets to make the shelving pop! You can try a bold color or even add a textured wallpaper as well.

When it comes to the shelves in your living room and bedroom, you can put up your favorite collectibles, photos, or even candles to beautify the space. Try not to limit yourself when it comes to adding decorative shelving to your home. We see this type of decorating hacks growing in popularity every year.

4 – Add Vibrant Pops Of Color To Your Home

Another way to upgrade your home is by trying out new and exciting color palettes. You don’t need to worry about adding color to your home, especially when you use decorative pops of color in your decor elements.

For the most part, color helps set your home’s mood and tone and adds life and luster. Color can reenergize a dull space into one full of energy and life. While some folks prefer an all-white decor space, others love vibrant pops of color to every room.

However, adding colors in your home doesn’t necessarily refer to painting your walls. There are other ways of livening up your interiors. For example, you can add colored furnishings or a bold piece of furniture. You can add a beautiful turquoise decorative throw to create a cozier and welcoming atmosphere.

Lastly, you can hang colorful artwork, posters or photographs, or layer more accessories. Using these ideas can make any room more appealing to you and your guests.

5 – Restore Your Furniture Back To New

One of the coolest decorating hacks you can use it to rethink what you already have at home. Furniture restoration hacks made its debut on the internet years ago and is still going strong.

Everyone has at least one piece of furniture that may not fit with the rest of the décor. But with just a few simple tricks, you can redo any item which later may even become your favorite piece in your home.

For example, if you don’t like the appearance of your sofa in the living room, you can have it reupholstered. There are many types of fabrics you can use and give your sofa a whole new life.

If you have an old rattan bench in your basement with nowhere to put, you can do a complete makeover by painting it and adding pillows and a throw on it. You can put it in any room you want as an extra sitting space or just a statement piece.

Get The Full Tutorial Here to discover how to transform any furniture piece in your home from frightful to delightful!

Final Decorating Hacks Thoughts

When you decorate your home, you don’t have to transform it thoroughly to make it unique and suited according to your style. You can make small changes to the interior of your home and still provide beautiful and long-lasting results.

Refreshing your home can be an inspiring project which you can engage in to show your creative side. Searching for different ways and tricks to freshen up your home may not come easy for you. However, using these hacks can upgrade it without breaking a sweat and even save your budget at times.

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