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How To Make Your Winter Soup Classics 3 Different Ways

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During this time of year, winter soup classics are the best. I love getting inspired by recipes on Pinterest and other search engines to get inspired by some delicious winter soup classics recipe ideas.

It’s always good to discover various ways to make them too. There are times when stovetop seems like the best option and other times when it’s a slow cooker all the way.

winter soup classics

According to a 2016 survey, Americans consume more fresh foods — including fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses — than they did three years earlier. This means that we’re quickly incorporating more of these foods into our diets, perfecting our favorite recipes and maximizing both nutritional value and flavor profile.

But since many areas are still in the throes of winter, versatile comfort foods like winter soups and stews are the key to incorporating healthy veggies while keeping you warm and full. Here are just a few soup recipe ideas for your stove, slow cooker, or induction cooktop.

Recently, I made a Cabbage, Potato, and Sausage winter soup that was so delicious, we devoured it in two days. And, I made a huge stockpot of it too, but this soup is definitely one of our favorites. It’s great for the summer months too!

winter soup classics

Every winter I make this delicious Homemade Chicken Soup and it’s always a huge hit in my household. It’s a recipe that’s been handed down to me and I think it’s perfect. I know there are loads of recipes for this winter soup classics on the net, but I always stick to it because it’s perfect just the way it is.

winter soup classics

Slow Cooker: Irish Beef Stew

winter soup classics

Ireland is 32,595 square miles and has over 3,000 miles of coastline. While the country is known for its breathtaking sights and landscapes, it’s also recognized for its cuisine, which many consider to be rather minimalist yet savory and sustaining.

Irish stew is just one staple meal of The Emerald Isle that perfectly encompasses this description: it comprises various meats and vegetables that may seem simple, but when prepared with care and a little bit of the luck o’ the Irish, you’ll soon find that this one-of-a-kind dish truly sham-rocks.

St. Patrick’s Day may not be for another few months, but it’s never too early to indulge in some authentic Irish cuisine. Give this recipe from CookSmarts a try next time you’re craving a hearty dish that requires minimal effort.

Induction Cooktop: Vegetable Soup

winter soup classics

Induction cooktops are becoming an increasingly popular kitchen accessory due to their versatility and ease of use, especially for students living in dorms or young professionals residing in high-efficiency apartments that may not be equipped with a full-size stove and oven.

The basic principles of induction heating have been applied to manufacturing since the 1920s, but the technology is useful in the kitchen as well because it heats food evenly without any exposed heating elements.

Though induction cooktops do require special cookware, their conveniences far outweigh the initial investment expenses.

If you’re trying to limit the amount of meat in your diet, or you’ve already transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle, this veggie-packed recipe, provided by Magnetic Cooky, perfectly fits the bill.

It does require a good amount of chopping, but if you use half fresh veggies and half-frozen veggies as recommended, you can expedite the process. Of course, if you have the time and resources, feel free to use 100% fresh vegetables, as this will certainly yield the best results.

Stovetop: Lasagna Soup

Finally, this recipe, provided by Taste of Home, takes everything you love about the authentic Italian classic dish and turns it into a heart and soul-warming soup that will have everybody in your family coming back for seconds.

It just requires a few basic ingredients, including lean ground beef, green peppers, onions, corn, garlic, tomatoes and tomato paste, spiral pasta, parmesan cheese, and some seasonings.

When preparing this recipe, make sure to pay attention to the color of the beef to ensure it’s thoroughly cooked. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, one in six Americans gets sick from consuming contaminated foods or beverages, and undercooked meats are often a major culprit.

Don’t hesitate to use a food thermometer to ensure adequate internal temperature. And of course, as is the case with any of these recipes, don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment by adding or substituting your own unique combination of veggies.

winter soup classics

Ultimately, soups and stews are staples of the winter season. And regardless of the cooking options, you have at your disposal, you can rest assured that there’s a soup recipe out there that will keep you warm all winter long.

winter soup classics
How To Make Your Winter Soup Classics 3 Different Ways - Sassy Townhouse Living

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