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How To Protect Your Dental Health During The Summer Months

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If you care about your teeth, you will do whatever you can to keep your pearly whites in good condition. And with June being Oral Health Month, there’s no better time to put all of your focus on your dental health.

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Along with June being Oral Health Month, it’s also the month when the most ice cream is produced. Even though everyone loves to indulge in the sweet treats during the summer, they can actually seriously damage your teeth.

Ice cream is full of dairy which is a good source of calcium. But with that great dairy comes a lot of sugar. And as we all know, sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay in children and adults alike. Ice cream isn’t the only delicious treat that puts you at risk for serious tooth problems, either.

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The acids in sugary drinks like soda erode your tooth enamel, and can actually start eating away at it 20 minutes after your first drink. Many dentists suggest switching a sugary drink out for water to keep you cool on the warmer days.

Along with putting you at risk for tooth decay, eating ice cream can also cause stains on your teeth. According to Quinn Dental Offices, the bacteria that grows on your teeth after eating the desert will leave stains that can be very hard to remove.

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When shopping for a delicious treat for your family this summer, choose one that is either sugar-free or contains a low amount of sugar. If you or your child refuse to eat ice cream that lacks sugar, there are a few ways to minimize the damaging effects.

As a rule of thumb, you should always brush your teeth immediately after consumption. Or you can rinse your mouth out with mouthwash or water. Avoiding any ice creams that have extra syrup or caramel can also help prevent damage.

Mouth Healthy says if you have kids who are struggling to keep up with their oral health, you need to lead by example. Sit your child down with you as you’re brushing your own teeth and have them follow suit. Show them the proper way to take care of their teeth and talk to them about all the bad things that could happen if they don’t.

For every five children in the United States, one of them goes without proper dental care. While they may not love it, get them to the dentist’s office over the summer for their regular checkup.

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By reducing sugar intake and keeping up with your oral health practices, you and your family can enjoy a life with healthy teeth. We cut sugar out of our diets entirely this summer. It’s been two months now and, I have to say, it’s been the best decision for us all. Not only are we losing weight, but we are now leading healthier lifestyles too.

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We take longs walks, cut back on our carb intake, and are making a concerted effort to eat clean without processed foods. I hope you were able to glean some good dental health tips for you and your family. You can have fun this summer and take care of your dental health too!

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