Is your Asthma Under Control? What You Need To Know

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Do you live with asthma? Chances are, either you do or know someone who does. More importantly, no one should have to struggle to breathe.

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Below, you’ll find essential information as well as an assessment to help understand if your condition is under control.

asthma under control

Know Firsthand About Severe Asthma

I developed asthma in my early teens. At first, it was mild and then quickly developed into severe asthma. Then, along with it came the allergies which clearly made my asthma worse.

Needless to say, it was devastating and debilitating. Back then, the medications available to treat it weren’t as good as they are today. The good news, you can empower yourself with essential facts about managing your asthma.

Furthermore, those living with this condition, as I do, know all too well no one should have to struggle to breathe. The good news, there’s plenty of treatment options and information to help you along the way.

Thankfully, there are treatments that can allow you to live a full and productive life but, there are some facts and an assessment you should know about.  

asthma under control

Key Facts You Need To Know

Did you know more than 25 million Americans are living with asthma and the majority of these Americans live active and healthy lives?

But for some, they experience daily, severe symptoms despite using high dose medicines and avoiding triggers. If this is happening to you, it could be severe asthma that affects approximately 5-10 percent of people with it.

Likewise, severe asthma is dangerous; increasing the risk of death, illness, depression and limiting the ability to work or go to school. More so, it is responsible for 50 percent of all asthma healthcare costs. Control is the key and is attainable even if you do have severe asthma.

Today, my asthma is pretty much under control, but I still live with symptoms that cause much discomfort and concern. And when I get a chest cold, it can result in hospitalization if I don’t receive early medical care.

Living Your Best Life With Asthma

Personally, I feel I can live a full and productive life with this condition but that doesn’t mean I don’t take it very seriously. I always schedule a few visits a year with my healthcare provider and ensure my medications are working effectively.

When I first developed asthma, I had feelings of anger, depression, and much anxiety. Shortly after, I discovered feeling this way aggravated my condition and made sure I learned the essential facts about living with this condition.

More importantly, this helped immensely and thankfully, I learned about my triggers and this empowered me to take better control.

Additionally, The American Lung Association is looking to encourage the 25 million Americans with asthma to understand if their asthma is under control.

More so, if you feel it’s not it’s important to seek more support from your healthcare provider. And, it’s good to prepare a list of important questions to ask your doctor as well so you can have essential questions answered about your asthma and have a productive conversation.

Empower Yourself With An Asthma Assessment 

All in all, it’s important to know if your asthma is under control. Head on over to the My Asthma Control Assessment where you check to make sure and determine your overall asthma control.

However, The Lung Association wants you to feel empowered about your asthma and provides excellent information to help you along with your wellness plan.

In summary, it’s so important to understand your condition and how to best manage it so you can live a full and productive life.

In part, this means developing a good relationship with your doctor, asking the right questions, and empowering yourself with information can and does make a huge difference.

As someone who lives with asthma, I will always continue to research my best options for treating my condition, so I can continue to live a full and productive life! I hope you do too! 

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