How To Get A Clean Face The Right Way

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As you know, a clean face means healthy beautiful skin. More so, that means along with the right steps, using the right products as well.

In this article, we will review the proper steps to get a clean face. As well as how I keep my face clean on the daily!

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Why A Clean Face Is A Healthy Face

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Obviously, cleaning your face should be the first thing you do in the morning and at night before bed too

It’s hard to believe not everyone cleans their skin properly but it’s true. Many folks don’t clean their faces until problems develop. By then, they develop skin conditions and spend months trying to fix them.

Additionally, makeup products, if not removed properly, can clog pores and create serious skin conditions. Even if you don’t wear makeup, environmental factors alone can create skin problems too. That’s why a clean face equates to healthy beautiful skin.

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Steps To A Clean Face You Need To Know

First, in order to have a clean face, it’s good practice to follow these steps daily. Strapped for time? No worries, you can tweak the steps below as well to fit your needs.

Below, you’ll discover my skin cleansing routine.

Morning Skin Cleansing Routine

  1. Wash Your Face: Using lukewarm water, gently cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser. Ensure you have clean hands first! If you clean your face in the shower, it’s a good idea to clean your face after you shampoo and condition your hair. After all, you don’t want hair care product residue on your face!
  2. Toner: With cotton pads, use your favorite toner and gently wipe your face to ensure the removal of embedded oils, grime, dirt, and debris from environmental factors.
  3. Next, use a serum with your favorite moisturizer. You can apply the serum first, let it sink in, and then apply your moisturizer. Always ensure it contains an SPF of at least 15 for optimum sunscreen protection.

Evening Skin Cleansing Routine:

  1. Remove all signs of makeup by cleaning your eye makeup first and then your face makeup.
  2. Next, on clean skin, follow steps 1-3 for clean skin.
  3. At this point, you can at least 2-3 times a week, exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin and keep your clean skin renewed and fresh.
  4. Also, once or twice a week, you can apply a skin mask as well. Masks help calm skin and prevent breakouts. They also help with pore-clogging and have deep moisturizing benefits as well.
  5. Now, you finally have that clean face you deserve!

Moreover, practicing good skin cleansing ensures your skin feels perfectly prepped and clean for your makeup application too! 

Bioré® Rose Quartz Skincare Products – The Perfect Way To A Clean Face

Since the launch of the Bioré® Rose Quartz Skincare line, my skin never felt so clean. These are my go-to skincare cleansing products and I’d love to share them with you!

We all know Bioré® products and trust them. I rely on Bioré Nose+Face, Deep Cleansing Pore Strips and have for years. I use them to unclog the pores on my nose and face and are simply the best!

First, I start with the Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Daily Purifying Cleanser. It’s a new deep cleaning cleanser that helps radiate self-love for seriously clean and loved pores!

In addition, this daily cleanser dives deep into pores to trap 2x more dirt, oil, and impurities. At the same time, adding some self-care to your skincare routine.

Plus, infused with Rose Quartz, (the love crystal), radiates self-love and care for a clean face!

You can also use the Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Gentle Marshmallow Foam Cleanser. Personally, I enjoy rotating between the two and the fluffy foam feels wonderful and I get that clean face I want!

More so, this light & fluffy marshmallow foam deep cleans pores without over-drying. Plus, gentle on your skin so it won’t strip or deplete skin`s natural moisture.

Plus, of course, it features Oil-Free, Dermatologist Tested, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Friendly, Paraben Free ingredients.

Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Gentle Pore Refining Scrub

Of course, a good scrub cleans your face and removes all those nasty dead skin cells too.

Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Gentle Pore Refining Scrub features micro-crystals that leaves your pores perfectly clean!

In addition, this innovative polisher deep cleans by drawing out oil and washing away dirt leaving pores smooth, visibly smaller and oh-so loved.  

You can use this scrub 2-3 times a week as well. Your skin will love you for it! I love using it in the shower too. My skin never felt cleaner before!  

Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Stress Relief Clay Mask

Of course, a good skink mask rounds off your clean face perfectly! I love using this Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Stress Relief Clay Mask 2-3 times a week. It feels wonderful on my skin and the afterglow – amazing!

For instance, this deeply detoxing formula rinses away stress, eliminates impurities and energizes your skin. Plus, this creamy clay mask penetrates pores for seriously purified, skin and seriously good energy.

Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar

If you love using a traditional soap bar for cleansing your skin, you’ll adore this Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar.

Again, I love alternating between the above cleansers and this cleansing bar. This pink cleansing bar deep cleans to draw out dirt and oil, while infusing self-love to energize you and your skin.

Plus, the soft, invigorating fragrance helps elevate mood and leaves skin smelling fresh and oh-so clean. Your skin will feel so clean, so fresh, and so alive!

Along with the skincare cleansing tips, I hope you get to experience these Bioré® Rose Quartz skincare products too. I think you’ll love them as much as I do, and your skin will too!

How To Get A Clean Face The Right Way - Sassy Townhouse Living

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