Duolab Skincare System – Break Out Of Your Skincare Routine

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You are more than your skincare routine. Discovering the Duolab Skincare System does just that. It’s an entire delivery system for all of your skincare needs.

However, with this system, you can create tailored skin solutions at home and whenever you need it. It’s time to break out of your skincare routine for something more! Your life is no routine. Why would your skincare be?

The Duolab Skincare System Explained

When I first saw the Duolab Skincare System, I knew it was revolutionary. However, I wanted it to be easy and provide me with the skincare products developed perfectly for my skin type.

After watching their detailed video tutorial, I knew just how this easy to use revolutionary system would change everything! More so, I knew my skin would finally break the habits of my old skincare routine.

Above all, with support from the L’Occitane group, their sponsor, they have turned traditional face care upside down!

More importantly, as I love and use L’Occitane Skincare products, I know I’m getting the best skincare available for my skin type.

Additionally, this pioneering customized, preservative-free skincare, utilizes patented technologies and powerful plant-based signature blends.

This system uses heat to create the perfect environment for your skincare application. The Duolab Skincare System keeps pure and delivered warm skincare for the most effective absorption.

In particular, it also uses AI technology to adapt to the skin’s changing needs. And produces tailored, natural, preservative-free face care formulas, freshly blended and on-demand.

With 23 patents and powered by proprietary technology, Duolab ensures maximum efficiency and cleanliness. No mess, no fuss.

Because your skin is constantly changing, a one-size-fits-all skincare solution just won’t do. Nor the same routine day in day out.

The Duolab Skincare System is the first preservative-free solution that listens and adapts to your skin’s evolving needs.

Be sure and watch the Duolab Skincare System tutorial below and see just how easy it is to use.

Feather-light Emulsification & A Flawless Skincare Delivery System

The Duolab Skincare System blends your tailored supercharged active and moisturizing base into an ultra-thin cream that offers beautifully soft textures for an enhanced affinity with your skin.

For example, their unique contactless technology ensures Duolab is quick and easy to use. The cream never comes in contact with your device the product purity stays preserved right up until application.

Plus, it also means there’s no need to clean your device after use. It’s easy to use and my skin feels incredible after use. Plus, my makeup applies effortlessly and looks flawless too!

Thus, you get to choose the skincare products specifically designed for your skin type. It’s all so easy and I appreciate the wide range of products I need depending on things like the weather, how my skin feels, and what products I need that day.

Duolab Skincare System Skincare Routine

Additionally, you receive a FREE Discovery Pack when you purchase your Duolab device. And get to enjoy 7 days of skincare and try all their supercharged duos.

Plus, be sure to add the discount code DISCOVERYKIT during checkout.

  • 7 moisturizing bases
  • 7 targeted concentrates

You can also choose the color of your system: Duolab Blush, Duolab Mimosa, and Duolab Sand.

Why The Duolab Skincare System Is So Different

First of all, the Duolab Skincare System empowers you to listen and adapt to your skin’s evolving needs. It does this by creating your own face and choosing the right active ingredients and textures from a collection of 8 powerful capsules.

More importantly, it uses heat to ensure the super-concentrated active ingredients penetrate your skin more efficiently. At Duolab, they reconcile efficacy with clean, natural ingredients.

Therefore, drawing on L’Occitane’s expertise in naturality, they make sure your face cream doesn’t contain anything that might jeopardize your safety or the environment:

In fact, their formulas stand free from ingredients like silicones, mineral oil derivatives, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic dyes.

The natural ingredients representing between 93% and 98% of the total formula and 0% preservatives whether official or unofficial, added or hidden.

More so, the products stay fully preserved for 3 years despite the total absence of preservatives. And biome-friendly and respectful of your skin’s natural ecosystem.

The result? A freshly blended cream that is efficient, tailored, and preservative-free.

Easy To Use And Feels Amazing On My Skin

Most importantly, I rely on my skincare to be an easy enjoyable experience and with the Duolab Skincare System, that’s exactly what I get.

For instance, once you load the prescribed combination into the device, a patented emulsification process delivers a freshly blended monodose in 90 seconds. 

At that point, the thermo-cosmetic technology warms the cream to the skin’s natural temperature, for more effective absorption of the active ingredients.

Moreover, while I’m applying the skincare, the gentle warmth assures the products do their job and penetrate deeply into my skin.

Below, you can see the system working. It lets you know your skincare is ready for applying 90 seconds.

Duolab Skincare System Duolab Skincare System - Break Out Of Your

What’s more, your skin will also benefit from:

  • High concentrations of active ingredients
  • Freshly blended creams applied immediately
  • A powerful combination of short and long-term actives
  • Thorough testing of every possible duo
  • Clinical and satisfaction tests for every formula
  • A range tested by more than 1,300 women

I appreciate how they formulate them with active botanicals, free from preservatives, and microbiome friendly. They preserve them in sterile airtight capsules that remain safe for at least three years.

To ensure that used capsules are disposed of properly, Duolab created a dedicated collection and recycling scheme in partnership with TerraCycle.

For example, in exchange for a reward of loyalty points, you can simply send their empties back to Duolab, You receive prepaid envelopes provided with every purchase, or drop them off at any L’Occitane boutique in the UK.

I love how much they care about the environment and offer a recycling program for used capsules.

My Skincare Routine Transformed!

Above all, my entire skincare routine transformed using the Duolab Skincare System. This system is a game-changer and it’s all I’ll ever need!

Now, I am excited every morning and evening to apply my skincare and see the dramatic changes in the overall quality of my skin. Plus, let’s now forget how amazing the warm serums and creams feel when applied.

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