17 Luxury Home Exterior Improvements You Will See By 2020

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Learning about new home exterior improvements coming down the pike is always exciting. These design elements are constantly evolving, and these improvements aren’t just for luxury homes either. 

Home Exterior Improvements

Luxury Home Exterior Improvements

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Buying a newly built luxury home can be an exciting process for a home buyer. High-end properties usually have the latest and most excellent high-end features.

Older homes can be terrific nostalgia pieces and fixer-uppers that can be renovated and sold for profit. However, nothing compares to these luxury homes when it comes to sheer comfort and aesthetic appeal out-of-the-box.

The very definition of luxury is being partially redefined away from the conventional perception of fancy furniture & exotic decor. 

Likewise, eco-friendliness is another important factor that modern architects consider when designing the future luxury homes.

Home Exterior Improvements

We always find it exciting to discover the latest home exterior improvements and if you do, too, keep reading! 

Below, you’ll find 17 exterior features of the most luxurious homes for 2020 and beyond. 

1. Solar Panels

California mandated that all newly built homes have solar panels installed from 2020 onward. Other states are looking to follow suit. The global shift towards solar power is in full effect.

You can see a prime example of this movement by looking at the booming number of solar installations in San Diego. Due to the new state requirement, San Diego ranked as the #1 fastest-growing solar city in America. Semper Solaris, one of the best solar companies in San Diego, has been at the forefront of the national movement.

They can confirm from first-hand experience that most new luxury homes will use solar panel systems shortly.

Home Exterior Improvements

2. Pools, Ponds, and Waterfalls

For those of you with swimming pools in our backyard, we can all attest to their growing popularity. This is one of many home exterior improvements well worth the investment. 

As summers get hotter, more homeowners will insist on having bodies of water on their properties. This will lead to pools, miniature ponds, waterfalls, and fountains becoming more commonplace than ever before.

The rise of aquaponics and other forms of permaculture means that there will be more green luxury homes popping up as well. It’s no secret that the in-ground pool industry is growing right alongside the population.

In fact, according to AQUA Magazine, experts estimate that roughly 25 million homes are already positioned to have a pool installed in the near future.

Home Exterior Improvements

3. Native Plants or Artificial Turf

Irrigating residential lawns uses an immeasurable amount of water every year. And for no other purpose than aesthetic reasons to beautify their properties.  Also, consider the amount of fuel used by lawnmowers and lawn care products dumped into the ground. 

Modern landscapers and homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate native plants and artificial turf into landscaping designs. This is to prevent the continuance of the wasteful lawn care industry.

As a result, it’s likely that the “no-mow movement” will continue to pick up steam. This will last until most high-end homes have some form of eco-friendly landscaping.

artificial turf

4. Interesting Shapes

With building technologies and materials advancing, it’s becoming more accessible than ever for architects and builders to opt for more unique and inspirational structural shapes. Rounded archways and walls will become more common as the popularity of alternative building styles continues to rise.

Contractors are always looking for ways to capitalize on new design trends. Since consumers continually lean towards the “in with the new and out with the old” mindset – the shift towards less rigid and predictable house plans still takes hold in the luxury housing market.

 Home Exterior Improvements

5. Exotic Colors

The days of neutral and common color schemes are slowly fading away as the most impressive luxury homes continue to raise the bar in terms of color diversity. From the 1950s to the 2010s, we saw a wave of residential development that mass-produced cookie-cutter homes in order to meet an indiscriminate demand for housing.

Now that there are more homes on the market than ever before and more options for building a custom luxury home. Homeowners are pickier about the small things like exterior paint and landscaping.

As a result, it’s likely that the 2020s will see a dramatic rise in the popularity of houses with contrasting or unique colors. Using exotic colors for home exterior improvements grows rapidly ever year. 

6. Bigger Driveways

Housing data indicates that newly built luxury homes now trend towards much bigger driveways.  This is because properties with large driveways and garages tend to sell faster than those with small driveways or carports.

Of course, the goal of every developer is to construct a home that someone will want to buy. So throwing in an oversized driveway is a sensible move considering it’s just adding more pavement.

The owners of luxury homes often own numerous vehicles, and the average number of cars per American household is increasing. The luxury homes of the future will have huge driveways.

Home Exterior Improvements

7. Built-in Surveillance Systems

Most homeowners have their surveillance systems installed after buying the home. There will also be an increasing number of luxury homes with integrated surveillance and security systems pre-installed.

High-end exterior cameras are viewed and controlled remotely via a central smart home app. Likewise, most luxury homes will have doorbell cams, driveway cams, and yard cams already installed for the buyer’s convenience.

For homes that don’t include integrated security systems, the majority of them will end up retrofitted with a surveillance and alarm system by the new owner.

When we purchased our home, one of our very first improvements was to install a good home security system. If you are looking at home exterior improvements, this is one you’ll want to consider!

Home Exterior Improvements

8. Walkways

Most nice homes already have walkways in the yard to keep inhabitants and guests from walking on the lawn and potentially messing up the landscaping.

This trend will continue to be popular in future luxury homes. This is mainly due to the rise above native plants, and artificial turf will create an ideal environment for walking paths, trails, stepping stones, and sidewalks.

The average acreage of luxury homeland lots increased. The majority of luxury homes built after 2020 will likely have walkways of some sort.

9. Gazebos

With summer’s getting hotter, more homeowners are going to want a shaded area where they can relax in their yard.

Easy-to-install pop-up Gazebos are the most optimal and appealing solution for creating a comfortable spot.  Gazebos can be used for a get-together, meditation and relaxation, cookouts, bird-watching, and other calming activities in nature.

Many gazebos now come outfitted with oscillating fans too. This is to create a fresh breeze on days that aren’t windy.

Because gazebos are so relatively affordable for luxury homeowners and are often easy to assemble, many more homes will have one. 

10. Decks and Patios

The deck and patio industries are also booming in America. And with every homeowner trying to have the same conveniences as their neighbors, it’s unlikely that many luxury homes will be left without these features after 2020.

This is yet another home improvement project that is simple and affordable enough bound to increase in popularity. As we all know, homeowners always look for ways to spice up their yards.

Even homes that don’t include a deck/patio will eventually have one because it’s only a matter of time before the new owner has one built.

Home Exterior Improvements

11. Wet Bars

Wet bars provide a convenient place for pouring drinks, washing dishes, and preparing food without leaving the backyard or pool area.

What luxury homeowner wouldn’t want such a convenience? But, again, this will be a case of people wanting to have the same features as their neighbors. 

And with so many wet bars being installed every day, it’s only a matter of time before this exterior feature becomes practically ubiquitous in so many backyards.

Wouldn’t you love owning a wet bar in your pool area? 

wet bar in pool

12. Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces have traditionally been a less common exterior future simply because they serve no purpose other than aesthetics and provide a bit of warmth from a few feet away.

Of course, you can’t heat the outdoors, so this has never been mandatory. Many affordable outdoor fireplaces aremany cheap outdoor fireplaces that are perfect for enhancing your outside space too. 

However, with the “they have it. Therefore I want it” mentality increasingly prevalent among luxury homeowners, it won’t be surprising to see outdoor fireplaces and fire pit areas become a full-fledged exterior design trend in luxury homes. 

Home Exterior Improvements

13. Gardens

Home gardening is more popular now than ever before.  With baby boomers retiring by the horde, many recognize the health benefits of growing their organic food.

New gardens are popping up at an unprecedented rate. And, as self-sufficiency continues to rise in popularity, so will the demand for luxury homes with productive garden spaces.

This is another feature that is so easy and affordable to add to home exterior improvements. 

The nice thing is the garden will stay there through the next sale and possibly permanently or until someone removes it to use the space for some other purpose.

14. Greenhouses

Many gardeners are taking their plants into greenhouses. Of course, this is due to our ever-growing concerns about air pollution. The advent of the backyard greenhouse is only just beginning.

It makes sense that most luxurious properties will have greenhouses on them. 

Glass greenhouses with self-cleaning glass and lean-tos are already trending. You’ll see them in every other backyard within friendly neighborhoods within another ten years or so.

15. Transplanted Trees

While native plant landscaping is gaining a bit of ground with the eco-friendly crowds, many luxury homeowners will prefer to have exotic trees shipped to their property and transplanted onto their grounds.

The palm tree trend continues to climb, especially around pool areas and will consistently always be a favorite exterior decor element.  

Treeless properties are becoming much less desirable as shade and scenery are growing more critical in the eyes of prospective buyers.

With more online nurseries providing global access to virtually any kind of tree you could ask for, the presence of rare and exotic greenery in the yards of luxury homes will always increase. 

Home Exterior Improvements

16. Outdoor Entertainment Centers

Watching movies and playing video games outside is becoming a common activity with the advent of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games on the rise.

Virtual Reality Headsets are affordable now, adding to their ever-growing popularity. 

Such interactive gaming and viewing experiences will practically beg for wide-open spaces. Many parents are likely to insist that kids play certain games outdoors. This is mainly to keep the living room tidy and prevent mishaps indoors.

Waterproof and outdoor-friendly projectors continue to enjoy increased sales. And it’s likely that outdoor theaters will also become popular exterior features. 

17. Solar Lighting

As we all know, it’s so easy to use solar lighting. All you do is simply use solar lights, which have their own solar panels attached for wireless power. And this energy source renews itself on a daily basis.

These lights are already ubiquitous in luxury and middle-class homes.

Outdoor solar lighting will become more widely used than ever before. This is due to the solar lighting industry’s generous projected capital annual growth rate.

Home Exterior Improvement

Covering All the Bases – Comfort, Convenience, Efficiency, and Aesthetics

Ultimately, the exterior features listed above are only becoming more popular mainly because they meet the continually rising demands for comfort, convenience, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency.

This might seem like an exhaustive collection of home exterior improvements, but in reality, it’s not. 

We need to consider future inventions and design trends that will appear everywhere soon. This is due to technological innovation over the next 5-10 years.

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