6 Teas We Love That Help To Reduce Food Cravings

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Aside from tasting delicious, drinking tea has many health benefits. When it comes to food cravings, tea can also help reduce them as well. Drinking tea provides much more than a relaxing warm, and cozy moment. And more than a soothing cup of relief to soothe a sore throat.

Food Cravings

Why You Should Consider Teas To Reduce Food Cravings

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For years, people searched tea formulas mainly for medicinal purposes. There are many substances in tea like polyphenols, catechins, and epicatechins that promote health. Studies show these molecules have a wide array of benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory to antioxidant properties.

Furthermore, you can use various teas to curb your appetite, helping you shed some pounds or maintain your weight. However, it seems that certain types of teas are better than others. Let’s not forget teas provide an all-natural way to go about reducing food cravings.

Of course, always check with your medical provider to ensure you don’t have allergies or other health concerns. But if you need to reduce your food cravings, you might consider drinking tea! Below, you’ll find six teas we love mainly for reducing our food cravings.

Food Cravings tea

1 – Earl Grey Tea And Food Cravings

Earl Gray tea features a delightfully classic blend made from fine black tea leaves, flavored with authentic Italian organic bergamot oil. The bergamot oil complements the black tea’s spicier tones with its freshness but without becoming too fruity or sweet.

The variety is usually a blend of teas from different parts of Asia, such as China, Sri Lanka, India, and Kenya in Africa. And features benefits to reduce food cravings and improves energy.

Additionally, this may come as a surprise to some of you, but one of the best Earl Grey tea characteristics is that it facilitates weight loss. And this is mainly because of the tea’s citrus, which many believe encourages and accelerates weight loss while cleansing the body of toxins.

The natural combination of ingredients in the tea increases the body’s energy and improves metabolic activity to help you lose weight more quickly. After all,  Captain Picard loves Earl Grey tea, and so do we!  

2 – Classic Green Tea

Green tea, one of the most widely used teas for weight loss, has a delicate flavor most people enjoy. It works in a few different ways to help people lose or balance their weight. One of them is by suppressing appetite.

This tea contains EGCG, a very well-known phytochemical that boosts the production of the hormone CCK. This hormone helps the body feel full for a more extended period. And this is the reason why green tea is on our list of anti-hunger teas.

It is also rich in antioxidants such as catechins and isoflavones. These substances help the body counteract premature cellular aging. They also initiate circulation and metabolism, which helps to prevent the thickening of the artery walls. Thanks to its potassium and magnesium content, green tea also removes excess fluids from the body.

Green tea comes in various forms, and they are all beneficial to our health. You can drink it either hot or cold, as it is, or mixed with other ingredients. Green tea is also available as a powder, which you can mix in different dishes or drinks, like smoothies.

More so, you can use green tea extract with EGCG as a supplement. Today, millions of people incorporate green tea into their healthy lifestyles. Green tea extract features healthy weight support benefits and immune system support too.

We love Bigelow Green Tea Bags as they provide essential antioxidants making this tea exceptionally delicious and healthy! Plus, it’s smooth and very delicate – easy to drink hot or iced. We love drinking green tea, especially for reducing food cravings.

Food Cravings teas

3 – Fresh Peppermint Tea

Besides fresh breath, peppermint has lots of benefits. It can improve energy, act as a sleep aid, clogged sinuses, headaches, and digestive system benefits. Peppermint has a somewhat strong aroma as well, but many people find it pleasing.

Above all, peppermint can reduce your appetite and suppress food cravings. If you have a sweet tooth, go for a cup of peppermint tea to reduce weight and give yourself a healthier alternative.

Peppermint tea contains traces of caffeine and catechins. These chemicals increase the temperature and, in turn, speed up the body’s metabolism. And this allows peppermint tea enthusiasts to stay in shape and stay healthier.

Peppermint tea makes the body feel fuller after meals, which allows you to eat less and burn more calories. It is also good for fluid retention and thereby helps the body to reduce water weight.

We love the taste of Twinings of London Pure Peppermint Tea Bags for its delightfully refreshing and savory flavor. And when those sweet cravings kick in, this tea helps to satisfy them perfectly!

4 – Calming Chamomile Tea

When it comes to reducing food cravings, Chamomile tea helps you manage impulses to overeat. It is also one of the most precious herbs available, especially for use in tea. Primarily, the benefits of Chamomile tea remain unknown.

While the benefits of this tea do assist in reducing anxiety, it can also help prevent anxious eating. Plus, Chamomile works as a natural appetite suppressant and tricks your brain into believing you are not hungry. Actually, this tea increases serotonin levels, which regulates your appetite.

Again, always check with your medical provider before drinking herbals, especially while pregnant or taking blood thinners. Typically, a tea bag contains ½ to 1 gram of Chamomile. Always steep this tea with eight ounces of water.

Additionally, you can increase from one cup to three if tolerated well. Remember, like any tea, this one works as a mild diuretic, which will cause you to run to the bathroom more often.

Many people turn to Chamomile when they suffer from indigestion because it usually relieves the digestive system’s different conditions. Chamomile is very effective in lowering cholesterol levels higher than usual due to removing fats from the blood.

Some people use it to detox, while others prefer to use it to relax. In any case, it is good to know that chamomile tea boosts your levels of serotonin in the body, which makes people feel happier, calmer, and fuller. Plus, it can help reduce food cravings as well.

Why We Love Twinings

Twinings of London Pure Camomile Herbal Tea has a light, clean flavor, and soothing effect. That’s why it’s one of our favorite brands of Chamomile tea. Twinings features one of the most widely used herbs in the world today.

And this relaxing, non-caffeinated herbal tea using only 100% pure camomile blossoms. We like to steep it for about three to five minutes for the perfect cup of camomile tea.

Image Amazon: Twinings of London Pure Camomile Herbal Tea

5 – Adding a Kick with Oolong Tea

Oolong (Wu-lung) features a robust taste and floral fragrance. The Chinese call it “black dragon,” and it comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant’s leaves. And the same plant produces green and black tea.

Similarly, oolong tea combines the benefits of black and green teas. Notably, oxidation levels of oolong can vary from 8% to 80%. And this means the flavor range can taste anywhere from floral to grassy. Always check the percentages before purchasing.

Plus, Oolong tea features catechins, which help promote weight loss by increasing the body’s ability to burn fat. And since it features loads of antioxidants and vitamins, this helps accelerate weight loss and food cravings.

Studies show that consumption of oolong tea for six weeks significantly helped decrease body weight. Oolong tea helps people increase their metabolism and stops them from giving into cravings, especially sweet foods. It also contains an abundant amount of caffeine, and therefore it is best not to drink more than two cups of tea per day.

Of course, we love Twinings China Oolong Tea because we love the light floral and fruity flavor. And it’s a hybrid between black and green tea with a reddish color. If you love tea from your local Chinese restaurant, you’ll be happy to know the taste is just the same.

Food Cravings teas

6 – Hibiscus Tea To Reduce Food Cravings

Finally, Hibiscus tea features weight loss benefits as well as reducing food cravings. Of course, like any herbal teas, you should eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. This tea features dried extracts of the hibiscus plant and has a sweet, slightly tart flavor.

Studies show hibiscus tea can reduce BMI (body mass index) and helps reduce bad cholesterol levels. We enjoy the fruity, refreshing flavor and drink it both hot and cold. It also has vitamin C and can help boost your immune system as well.

Recently, we tried Paromi Tea Organic Hibiscus Berry Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea. This tea features a Bold and flamboyant medley of fruit-forward flavors and vibrant overtones of rich berries like blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blackcurrant. We love the berry flavor and deep aromas.

Also, it’s naturally caffeine-free, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, and it makes a bracing hot brew or refreshing iced drink.

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