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This Skin Care Tip Will Change How You Apply Moisturizer

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How you apply moisturizer really makes a difference especially when it comes to hygiene. This one skin care tip will change all that! Did you know moisturizers can harbor dangerous germs and bacteria? Futhermore, once you learn how to apply moisturizer correctly and without contaminating your skin care products, there’s no turning back!

Skin Care Tip Apply Moisturizer

Don’t Do This When You Apply Moisturizer  

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Whether you thought about it or not, there’s one thing you shouldn’t do when you apply moisturizer to your face. Never stick your fingers into a jar of cream! It’s a pet peeve of mine and rightfully so.

Years ago, you betcha! I unwittingly stuck my germ-laden fingers into my skincare jars and containers. Of course, until I realized just how gross and disgusting a habit that was to do, I continued doing it.

However, many of us don’t realize just how gross it is and continue doing it. Are you one of those people? If so, with this skin care tip, you’ll discover there’s an easier and hygienic way for you to apply moisturizer and serums.

It’s important to learn how to create a simple skin care routine you’ll actually follow as well. In order to keep your skin looking and feeling great, your skin care routine should evolve as you age.

We Live In Challenging Times Where Sanitizing Means Everything!

For example, dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD stated, “Generally speaking, traditional jars are the least sanitary of all the different types of skin-care products. As you open the top and dip in your fingers, you are exposing the products to microorganisms, which increases the risk for contamination.”

During these challenging times, we all want to ensure good health and hygiene habits. And not sticking your hands in jars and touching our faces counts as one of them! Plus, realistically speaking, it’s not good for our skin especially if you suffer from acne.

Therefore, you’ll want to discover a way to apply moisturizer without the risk of germs and bacteria from forming in your skincare products. Below, you’ll find several options when you apply moisturizer you can do instead.

Skin Care Tip Apply Moisturizer

Be sure and watch the video below too!

Several Applicator Options To Apply Moisturizer

To begin, we will discuss a few applicator options you have when you apply moisturizer to your face. First, and my personal favorite, called the Eye Cream Massager Spoon Facial Massager Wand, has multiple uses. You can use one end to spoon out the product and the other end to gently massage the cream into your skin.

Moreover, you’ll discover the wand massages the eye area and promotes blood circulation around eye areas. It also relieves fatigue of eyes and help reduce eye skin problems like dark eye circle and eye bags. It’s a skin care tip you don’t want to miss!

Additionally, another good and less expensive option called Eye Cream Metal Applicator features a few tools along with it. I do use the massaging end quite frequently and it’s really great for under-eye puffiness.

Less Expensive Applicators Work Good Too!

Another awesome applicator called a Metal Makeup Spatula, is a great way to mix and applying lotion, cream, moisturizers, facial masks, or other skincare products. And these spatulas have better durability than a plastic spatula. Plus, you can reuse them after cleaning.

You can also buy these plastic spatulas in bulk as well at very affordable prices. Plus, they come in an array of colors too. For someone who loves pops of color everywhere, you’ll find them too cute to resist. There’s also a two-pack Eye Face Roller & Massager for massaging creams and serums into your skin for total absorption and effectiveness. Either one you choose, you’ll find they are the best way to apply moisturizer.

If all else fails, you can also grab a Q-Tip and apply your creams with them too. While they do work, you’ll find using them beats using your fingers.

Keep Your Creams And Serums Free From Nasty Critters

Above all, when you apply moisturizer, keeping it clean and free of germs and bacteria leads to beautiful and glowing skin. I have a few tools I use daily, and I know my skin looks and feels great. Plus, I can rest assured my creams and serums remain free of those nasty critters too.

I have one more way tool to show you I adore! And it’s one of my go-to applicators as well. They call it the Skin Tool from CIREM Skincare. Cool to the touch, this unique facial massage tool supports lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.

Its ergonomic shape specifically designed to glide effortlessly along all contours of the face. It improves circulation and vitality throughout the complexion. For best results, use immediately after applying Cirem’s cream, serum, or oil.

Skin Tool from CIREM Skincare

Pro Skin Care Tip: Always clean your applicator tools with soapy water or alcohol after every use. You can also stow the metal applicator in the fridge to further help reduce dark circles and under-eye puffiness as well.

Here are all the links to the applicators so you can easily decide which one is best for you to use.

  1. PANA Cosmetic Make Up Disposable Plastic Applicators
  2. 4 Pack Metal Makeup Spatula, Mini Spoon, Beauty Scoop
  3. 2PCS Premium Guasha Message Tool, Eye Cream Metal Applicator
  4. Eye Cream Massager Spoon Facial Massager Wand
  5. BEAUTISCOOP Crisp White/Green Single Dual-Scoop Beauty Tool
  6. Skin Tool from CIREM Skincare

I hope that you get to change the way you apply moisturize by using these applicators. I Know you’ll find your skin will look and feel better for it!

This Skin Care Tip Will Change The Way You Apply Moisturizer - Sassy Townhouse Living

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