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6 Rose Infused Products For A Romantic Valentine’s Day

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Rose infused products are perfect all year long but especially cherished for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Today, we chose to feature six rose infused products because there’s nothing better than the glorious scent of rose to spark romance!

Rose Scented Products Romantic Valentine's Day

Rose Infused Products Are So Good For Your Overall Well-Being

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Even if you don’t like scented products, when it comes to rose scents, they are very mild and delicately pleasant.

More so, even those who suffer from allergies seem to tolerate the pureness of rose infused products.

Aside from the alluring fragrance, the natural oils in the rose oils are very good for your skin.

For example, rose oil features a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants perfect for all types of skin complexions.

And, these oils have properties which help heal over dry skin and perfect as a deep penetrating moisturizer.

Even more, rose oils have anti-inflammatory properties to help treat redness and inflammation.  Additionally, it has antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acne.

You can also choose to make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones as well, but either way, it’s all about giving and receiving love!

With that said, let’s move on to six of our most loved rose infused products for an extra special and romantic Valentine’s Day!

1 – ILLUMINATIONS – Rose Signature Scented Candle

Obviously, we all know lighting candles in our homes guarantees a romantic Valentine’s Day.

And, what better way than to fill your home with the purest rose infused scented product than with this Rose Signature Scented Candle by ILLUMINATIONS.

This candle delicately emits the scent of rose petals throughout your home. The rose works together with notes of jasmine water, apple blossom, amber and subtle hints of musk and clove.

In addition, ILLUMINATIONS Signature Scented Candles feature premium 100% natural coconut and apricot wax blend.

Furthermore, they use highly concentrated fine fragrances and natural oils in their candles as well. And an all-cotton wick to deliver an abundance of scent and a clean burn.

The stunning sleek frosted glass vessel holds 10 ounces of wax. And the approximate burn time is 60-70 hours. And proudly made in the USA!

Personally, I love the way my home smells as this Rose Signature Scented Candle fills the corridors and rooms with a delicate rose fragrance.

I promise you these candles are the chicest and best quality you’ll ever own. Everything about them is luxury, and the burn time is incredible!

Rose Scented Products Romantic Valentine's Day

2 – Organic Rosehip Carrier Oil 

When it comes to skincare, rosehip carrier oil is the best way to treat dry skin.

For example, some benefits include helping skin heal from scars and moisturizing it, fighting inflammation, relieving stress and promoting circulation.

Moreover, Organic Rosehip Oil by Gya Labs gently caresses the skin with a healing touch of nourishment that beautifies for a blemish-free beauty.

More importantly, the rosehip seed oil organic features a cold-pressed process that quickly absorbs into the skin. It leaves the body nourished & never feeling greasy or weighed down.

It’s almost like turning back the hands of time! It helps smooth away wrinkles for a bright beauty that defies signs of aging!

In addition, I also love adding a few drops to my favorite daily moisture too. I look at it as a moisture booster and accelerator.

It’s the perfect addition for my winter skincare routine and my skin feels incredible!

So, make sure you fully moisturize your entire body for a romantic Valentine’s Day this year. We all know dry skin is a turn-off!

3 – Bath & Body Works ROSE Eau de Parfum – Rose Infused Heaven!

Of course, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without the perfect scent to complete your outfit.

Plus, Bath & Body Works has a long-standing reputation for creating some of the best beauty and skincare products on the market.

For example, their Bath & Body Works ROSE Eau de Parfum is simply perfect for the perfect romantic experience.

I adore this scent and always get compliments when I wear it. I also love laying it over the body creams I always get from Bath & Body Works.

Above all, it’s clean, playful, light and features notes of airy rose water blended with jasmine petals & creamy musk. A top favorite in our list of rose infused products!

With a higher concentration of fragrance oils, this perfume gives you a more intense, longer-lasting scent for the ultimate, most luxurious indulgence.

4 – Herbivore – Natural Coco Rose Body Polish | Truly Natural, Clean Beauty

If you never used body polish before, you will thank me! I use them once a week and they make a huge difference in the overall quality of my skin.

This Herbivore – Natural Coco Rose Body Polish is simply the best when it comes to body polishes, and, my favorite rose infused products.

More so, this body polish provides a highly moisturizing and gently exfoliating experience. It has a blend of virgin coconut oil and delicately floral Moroccan rose scent.

And, it leaves your skin soft and hydrated with a light scent of rose petals and coconut. The perfect pair of romantic scents for that perfect romantic Valentine’s Day experience.

Plus, it’s truly all-natural vegan and cruelty-free! 

5 – Rose Multi-Use Oil for Face, Body, and Hair

If you are looking for the best way to bring some romance to your Valentine’s Day, start with a seductive body massage! And, one of my favorites in rose infused body care!

For example, this Rose Multi-Use Oil for Face, Body, and Hair is not only perfect for a pleasurable massage but also great for your face and hair too!

Moreover, it features an Organic Blend of Apricot, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil Moisturizer for Dry Skin, Scalp, and Nails. And of course Rose Petals, and Bergamot Essential Oil too!

Using this helps with the appearance of uneven skin tones, dry and aging skin. And, the long-lasting formula is safe and gentle enough for all skin types.

Additionally, this rose infused oil is a must for your dry cracked hands and feet too! It nourishes them with the power of Vitamin E strengthening your nails and cuticles

The plant-based ingredients are rich in phytonutrients and have an array of health benefits.

Plus, this oil comes from natural, organic and vegan ingredients. Cruelty-Free, Free of parabens, phthalates, alcohol, and other harmful chemicals. And made in the USA!

6 – Positive Essence Rose Linen and Room Spray – Fill Your Room With Rose Infused Goodness!

In closing, this product is the perfect way to wrap up your romantic Valentine’s Day!

Now, you can spray your bed linens with the passionate scent of roses.

Additionally, you can use this Positive Essence Rose Linen and Room Spray to cover up pet odors as well.

Furthermore, bring relaxation into your atmosphere with the delicate scent of rose infused room and linen spray. And each bottle features purest and highest quality essential oils.

Also, it’s perfect for bathrooms, cars, boats, linens, pillows, mattresses, clothing, furniture, offices, yoga mats, and studios!

For example, they use Rosa Multiflora Essential Oil in this all-natural aromatic mist! It’s a wonderful way to freshen up your home or office.

Now, you can relax your mind, body, and spirit with rose infused goodness and bring some romance to your special day!

And this Aromatic Room Spray comes in several other delicious scents too!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed these rose infused products. Using fragrance to heighten our romantic experiences is one of the best ways to bring joy to our special day.

6 Rose Infused Products For A Romantic Valentine's Day - Sassy Townhouse Living

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