10 Modern Closet Designs that You Need to Follow

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10 Modern Closet Designs that You Need to Follow

Modern closet designs are always sought after especially by those renovating their homes. A closet is so much more than just where you store your clothes. A good closet design can streamline your morning and help you look your best every day. By trying one these ten closet ideas,  you can modernize your closet and make the most out of your closet space.

Modern Closet Designs

1. Design your closet around shelves and cubicles

Your closet is more than just a line of racks and hangers. The best closets out there have a variety of storage methods for all of your different items of clothing. Vertical shelves can be an effective way to store your shoes and other accessories. The inclusion of cubicles gives you a way to easily display and beach bags, purses, and hats. When it comes to modern closet designs, vertical shelves is very much in vogue. 

Modern Closet Designs

2. Drawers are much more useful than you think

A walk-in closet is a perfect reason to finally get rid of that dresser, taking up so much space.  If you’re looking to modernize your closet storage, Jamie Walker from 180 Closet Design recommends incorporating drawers, shelves, cubicles, and two-tiered clothing racks. By incorporating drawers into your closet design, you not only save space, but you also make it much more convenient to get ready. If you’re having trouble effectively incorporating drawers into your closet, you can use drawer dividers. Drawer dividers can help you organize smaller or thinner drawers.

Modern Closet Designs

3. Adding a few mirrors

It’s an obnoxious experience to try on an outfit and need to walk out and around to look at yourself in the mirror. So if you like to try one many different outfits before finally considering yourself ready, add a mirror. By including mirrors, you can make your closet so much more efficient.

Modern Closet Designs

4. His and Hers sides

Not only is it really convenient to have your closet, split effectively for you and your partner. It also adds an undeniable bit of charm to your closet. His and her sides give a wonderful aesthetic view as well.

Modern Closet Designs

5. Multiple tiers of clothing racks

Clothing racks often take on more space than they really need. Depending on the size of your closet, you can easily add in double tiered clothing racks. These go beyond adding convenience and really make the display of your clothing a treat. Using multiple tiers of racks is the perfect way to organize children’s clothing. You can really fit a lot when using them. 

Modern Closet Designs

6. Glass doors are a great touch

Glass doors are a classy way to store your most important dresses and suits. It’s a much better solution than cramming them in the back of the closet. We have glass doors one of our closets and I have to say, it’s so useful and looks so elegant too. We simply installed it ourselves and it was easy to do and is the perfect way to create modern closet designs! You can also use a decorative window film for adding that extra touch of decorative elements to your doors too. Check out how I added decorative window film in my home! 

Modern Closet Designs

7. Add natural light and decorative touches

A walk-in closet is more than just the utility provides you. You should do your best to add decorative touches. Natural light is one of the best ways to introduce a great aesthetic to your modern closet designs. A rug is also a great addition.

Modern Closet Designs

8. Spice up your reach in

Walk-in closets aren’t the only option. If you have reach-in closets, you can add a high-quality rod to replace the rack that is already installed, or use new drawers and shelves to add the same organizational boost.

Modern Closet Designs

9. Add in hooks and displays for your jewelry and accessories

Every good outfit needs the right accessory. So effectively use the space in your closet to display and store them. Also, decorative closet hooks are a great way to add that decorative element we were talking about earlier. These decorative hooks are very similar to what I used when we build our walk-in closet. They are perfect for hanging everything from scarfs, coats, sweaters, and so much more! You can choose from so many styles geared towards modern closet designs. 

Modern Closet Designs

10. Hire a design service

If you really want to step up your closet, you can hire a design service to really improve it. You may think you know what you want from your closet, but it never hurts to get a professional’s opinion.

 Modern Closet Designs
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

The Closet Mind

Your closet is like a home for your clothes, and it should be treated that way. Don’t fall into the mindset of it being just another storage unit for your things. It should be a refreshing addition to your room that makes you want to dress up and take on the world. Make it a part of who you are when you have plans for your next modern closet designs. 

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10 Modern Closet Designs that You Need to Follow - Sassy Townhouse Living

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