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Affordable Designer Watches And Trends You Need To Know

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If you think watches are out of style, think again. Even in this time of mobile devices replacing our timepieces, statistics show we are still madly in love with our beloved watches.

Choosing affordable designer watches feels like swimming in the depths of the ocean looking for land.

There’s just too many brands and styles to choose from. That’s why delving into the latest watch trends essential when shopping for timepieces we love. 

affordable designer watches

Affordable Designer Watches And Trends

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Shopping for affordable designer watches can be at times confusing. It seems there are too many styles to choose from and, we are always left wondering if we made the right choice.

Usually, when I see a watch I love, I go for it. That’s how I felt when I saw these affordable designer watches from Alfred Sung’s new collection of watches. Not only are they simply stunning but affordable for designer quality and style. 

affordable designer watches

Women’s Latest Designer Watch Trends

1 – The Rose Gold Trend That’s Still Smoking HotRose gold or champagne gold watches are very trendy, and we love them! It’s a trend that’s here to stay and always adds a pop of elegance to any wrist wearing it.

Pair a rose gold watch with your favorite necklace, earrings, and stunning designer ring and you are ready to snap that epic Instagram photo!

2 – Mother of Pearl Faces Classic and Stylish – When you shop for an affordable designer watch this year, you will notice that designers are using Mother of Pearl dials and we are thrilled they are. They are perfect for any occasion and always add a touch of flair and panache to any watch.

 3 – The Boyfriend Watch – You’ve heard of boyfriend jeans, hoodies, and shirts and, I’m sure you are asking, what in the world is a boyfriend watch, right?

Well, turns out they are a mix of feminine and masculine design elements that are big, bold, and yes chunky! Watches with big and bold dials are hotter than ever.

They are perfect the daily or casual wear outfits we love wearing. They also make your outfit look funky and stylish and are the perfect statement piece in your wardrobe. 

4 – Watches That Double up As Jewelry – Yes, we want our watches to be functional and tell us the time, but we also want them to make a statement as a fashionable piece of jewelry too.

There’s no need to wear several bangle bracelets when your watch can do double-duty. Watches with diamonds or crystals are the perfect way to accomplish this and they are a trend that’s never going anywhere! We all need our statement pieces and a watch with flare is not only eye-catching but a great investment too.

 5 – The Art of Minimalism Is Everywhere – This trend is everywhere – it’s in our home furnishing and it’s hit our wardrobes too. Always Spartan, clean, and sleek, minimalism has taken over our watch designs too.

They are designed with minimal bling but still packing a punch in style and yes flare. It’s the perfect addition to your watch collection and great for those days when you want to be noticed but whispering, hey, I’ve arrived.

affordable designer watches

I love wearing two watches together. It really makes a beautiful and fashionable statement!  It’s a Yin Yang fashion statement! My two favorite Alfred Sung watches paired together are much fun to wear and go with any outfit I decide to wear as well. 

These two Radiance Ladies Analog Watches are simply stunning – the Radiance white banded Rose Tone watch is a glamorous timepiece and, is the epitome of grace and style. It features stylish straps, Swarovski crystals embedded in the bezels and dials. Priced at $270.00 it’s not only affordable but features every design element of high-end designer watches. 

The Radiance black strap watch affordably priced at $245.00, is designed the same way with its stunning 56 Swarovski crystals, genuine black leather strap and Grey Mother of Pearl Dial – I’ve never been so thrilled with affordable designer watches before and they will be a staple part of my fashion wardrobe for years to come. 

affordable designer watches
affordable designer watches

Alfred Sung is a designer name I’ve known and trusted for years. I’ve always loved Alfred Sung’s perfume collection and still use Forever by Alfred Sung and Alfred Sung Shi Eau De Parfum Spray for Women intermittently. Not only are they affordable, but the scents are unforgettably elegant. 

Alfred Sung is one of Canada’s foremost fashion and fragrance designers. He is definitely among the front ranks in the world-class style makers. Alfred Sung is widely admired for his unique ability to place sophistication, simplicity and fine sensitivity in near-perfect balance.

His new collection of modern classic wrist-watches for men and women, clearly reflect his inimitable talents. Each is crafted with a watch maker’s concern for on-the-dot accuracy and precision. Each displays the designer’s clear vision of and a keen appreciation for, an elegant uncomplicated style.

affordable designer watches

I love the grey Mother of Pearl dial of the black strap watch. It’s perfect for those nights when you are out on the town featuring your favorite little black dress

affordable designer watches
affordable designer watches

I hope we never forget the beauty and elegance of wearing watches. I’m thrilled I discovered Alfred Sung’s watch collection and can’t wait to get my hubby this Velox Gent’s Analog Wrist Watch for the holidays. I know he is going to love it too!

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Affordable Designer Watches And Trends You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. How fun! I love watches too and have a bunch of them – as I would buy an inexpensive watch to go with a particular outfit, like one might buy a bracelet. One fatal flaw – replacing the batteries. I still prefer the smaller more dainty styles rather than the large face types that are so popular today. I do have a rose gold, with a larger face, that was given to me as a gift that I do wear occasionally. So nice to see what others love. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Have you looked at watches on Poshmark or Tradesey? If not, you should! You can get lots of designer things on these two sites at great discounts as they are pre-owned. And as far as batteries goes I buy a big card full of watch batteries in different sizes on eBay for less than $5 and you can also get an inexpensive watch repair kit which is great for removing the backs or links in a bracelet watch. Also inexpensive, under $20 if I recall. Then you can watch youtube videos on how to change batteries. It’s not hard in most watches. I’m all about the discounts!

  3. Hi Susan, Oh yes, I’ve used Poshmark before but not Tradesey. You can find some good stuff for sure on there. I love getting new watches. These Alfred Sung watches are some of the prettiest I’ve found in a while. I had a beautiful Michelle Watch too. There’s a local jeweler who replaces batteries for me at a great price. It’s close and totally worth it. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

  4. Hi Naomie! I love rose gold. It’s one of my favs for sure. Yes, it’s so much fun having a lot of watches and matching them with outfits. Yes, replacing the batteries can be a pain but luckily, we have a local jeweler who replaces them at a good price. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend! Always a pleasure hearing from you!

  5. You must be reading my mind because I’ve been thinking lately how much I miss wearing a watch. Looking at my phone is sometimes so inconvenient. I like the rose gold champaign watches and will think of these for Christmas.

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