Why We Prefer Gummy Vitamins To Help Supplement Our Diets

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Many of us ask if gummy vitamins are as safe and effective as tablets or capsules. When choosing the right supplements, we want to make sure they meet safety guidelines. For so many of us, swallowing vitamins present problems, and chewable are much more manageable. But are gummies as effective and a good choice to supplement your diet?

Gummy Vitamins

Why We Prefer Gummy Vitamins Over Traditional

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During these challenging times, it makes sense to boost your immune system and overall health with vitamins. For many, swallowing large vitamins presents concerns and often impossible for some to do. Ideally, gummy vitamins make it easy to ingest, and they taste just like gummy candy, which doesn’t hurt.

For the past few years, gummy vitamins’ popularity grew, yet many ask if they are as effective as traditional vitamins. Plus, the concerns over the amount of sugar in them as well. Many vitamin companies removed the sugars entirely or have minimal amounts.

With so many gummy vitamins on the market, it’s often tricky to know who to trust. In contrast, we tried many brands such as Nature Made, Vitafusion, Nordic Naturals, and Gummies Garden vitamins one of our favorite brands. And since gummies remain extremely popular in the USA, it made sense to add them to our diets.

According to a marketing survey, gummy vitamins account for 1 billion US Dollars. And this indicates a 25% increase in their sales since 2015. Plus, many don’t know it’s harder to make a good gummy vitamin than making a traditional vitamin. Of course, you never want to supplement your diet exclusively by taking any vitamins.

The Myth About The Ineffectiveness Of Gummy Vitamins

Often, people think gummy vitamins aren’t as effective as traditional vitamins, but that doesn’t ring true. Also, people believe that the ingredients are unhealthy due to food coloring, citric acid, and glucose.

However,  Dr. Li, a medicine professor, also chief of Clinical Nutrition at California University, clarifies that all vitamin supplements undergo chemical processing. Therefore, the same concerns you have regarding gummy vitamin applies to all its counterparts including pills and tablets.

More so, Dr. Li continues to point out that we could find the same concerns with other forms of vitamins as well. Another reason folks shy away from gummies is concerns over the amount of sugars. In comparison, a packet of sugar contains about 4 grams of sugar. Gummy vitamins contain about 3 grams and at the same time provide essential vitamins our bodies need.

We typically look at our sugar intake as a whole. That’s one reason we choose gummies as well. Overall, the amount of sugars didn’t concern us. According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, less than ten percent of your daily calories each day come from added sugars.

Moreover, always read the labels as ingredients and sugar levels vary. Of course, you can find some gummies with far more than 3 grams of sugar. When choosing, it’s best to go with 3 grams or less in sugars. It also depends on your physical activity throughout the day. If you are on your feet the entire day, a little more sugar in your gummy vitamins won’t hurt.

Always Be Mindful Of The Amount You Consume

As gummy vitamins are compliant, easy to take, and generally liked by all, there is a strong possibility of an overdose. Since vitamins help overcome deficiencies, you should continually carefully monitor your intake. If you don’t experience any vitamin deficiencies, you probably don’t need to take them.

Vitamin deficiencies occur when there is inadequate nutrition in your diet. Plus, it’s a good idea to take them your requirement for vitamins suddenly increases, such as during pregnancy. Taking more calories than required doesn’t always ensure that you have had all the necessary nutrients, especially if you are a junk or fast food lover.

Even in old age, people need vitamin supplements as their body doesn’t produce or absorb the necessary vitamins from food alone. Even young children who are active need added nutrients and vitamins in the form of supplements.

These cases might find potential value in taking gummy vitamins regularly. However, beware of an overdose, especially in children. Children are susceptible and prone to fall short in this area. An overdose can cause severe harm or even fatal. Therefore, you need to be wary of the quantity that you take.

Gummy Vitamins

Vegetarians And Gummies

If you practice vegetarianism, you’ll always want to pay close attention to the gummies you consume. At the same time, some feature vegan-friendly ingredients other don’t. More so, some ingredients come from both animals and plants.

Always make sure the brand you choose has plant-based raw materials. And this holds for gelatin, which is a chief ingredient in gummies. Plus,  you can use gelatin substitutes like agar-agar, which comes from seaweed and has a jelly-like consistency.

Why We Enjoy Gummy Vitamins

Since transitioning over to gummies, we tend to take them daily, whereas before, we skipped. Also, since we don’t worry about swallowing them, we don’t fear choking on them. Now, we make sure to take our vitamins every day, which makes us feel good about supplementing our diet.

Below, you’ll find a list of gummies we take daily.

We hope you could glean helpful information about gummy vitamins and why they make an excellent choice to supplement your diet. In a nutshell, gummy vitamins comply with the FDA’s safety procedures and considered a dietary supplement.

Moreover, they also undergo the same manufacturing and labeling requirements. FDA inspects dietary supplements and takes appropriate action if they aren’t in compliance with the regulations. For safety concerns, consider buying from popular brands to get quality products.

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