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Pamper Yourself With These Wonderful Health And Beauty Products

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With the onset of social isolation, shopping online is the only way I can really get to experience the joys of my health and beauty products. Now, you can pamper yourself too!

Pamper Yourself With These Wonderful Health And Beauty Products

Sharing The Best Of Everything We Love – Health And Beauty Products

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Let’s face it, we all love discovering new products we love especially health and beauty products that help make our lives and skin better. I always research the products I use thoroughly before I leap in and try them.

More so, we love sharing the best of everything we know and love with you! And that means more than ever during these challenging times.

I adore shopping online, but I do miss popping into my favorite stores too. But, discovering these new health and beauty products helps me to look and feel my best during these challenging times.

With that said, I have 4 new Health and Beauty Products I think you’ll enjoy discovering too!

1 – The Better Skin Co.

Above all, we want our skincare products to follow the guidelines for clean ingredients. It’s important to ensure what we put on our face contain pure and natural products. They use plant-based ingredients, and that’s one reason I love The Better Skin Co.

First, I started with their Better Skin Mirakle Cream. They call it genius in a jar, and I agree! And specifically designed to reduce the visible signs of aging. Also, it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates the skin.

I love it because it soothes my dry skin and feels incredible after applying. It’s also good for the appearance of sunspots (we all hate them!) and helps reduce age and dark spots too!

If your skin needs moisture and you need a great anti-aging cream, you’ll appreciate all the benefits and the prices is great too!

Better Skin Lava Magik: Cleanser Scrub Mask

Next, I tried the Better Skin Lava Magik: Cleanser Scrub Mask. If you love exfoliating your skin, you’ll flip over it. It’s a cleanser, exfoliator, and mask all in one.

Better Skin Lava Magik: Cleanser Scrub Mask

In addition, it works to give your skin radiance and keeps your skin looking fresh and clean too. Ingredients include French Lava wrapped in nourishing calendula, grapeseed, cucumber, and chamomile. This scrub helps your skin look and feel great. You deserve to pamper yourself!

I also fell instantly in love with their Better Skin Gel Kleanse. If you want a gentle gel cleanser that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and clean, you’ll love it too. It’s one of my favorite health and beauty products!

Better Skin Gel Kleanse

More so, this formula provides a gentle and effective enough for all skin types. The charcoal detoxes and French Lava sloughs away grime. It soothes and renews the skin with Aloe and Vitamin C and leaves skin feeling moisturized – not stripped or dry.

And, lastly, I’m loving the Better Skin Epik C Serum: Power Trio Complex. You can truly pamper yourself with this one! This serum features a power trio complex of Vitamin C and two French plant-based actives. They work to keep your skin looking tighter and brighter and pack a triple punch!

2 – Vitabrid C12 Launches Mixable Shampoo Shot Line for Scalp Health – Health and Beauty Products

Let’s face it, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, right? Now, you can power up your favorite shampoo with these two exciting new health and beauty products!

Now, you can pamper yourself with a home scalp treatment. You’ll love how your scalp looks and feels. I tried both shampoo shots and love them both!

First, the Vitabrid C12 Purifying Shampoo Shot features a proprietary blend of Vitabrid CG and charcoal.  This exfoliates and deeply cleanses the scalp while restoring the hair’s natural oils. Its active ingredients soothe irritation and detoxify without stripping the skin’s moisture, promoting a healthy and balanced scalp.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo Shot & Purifying Shampoo Shot

For example, simply add either formula to a shampoo you already own, blend together & lather as up as normal. This combination transforms into an instant scalp treatment.

Next, I tried their Deep Cleansing Shampoo Shot contains Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the scalp while restoring the hair’s natural oils. Its active ingredients soothe irritation and detoxify without stripping the skin’s moisture, promoting a healthy and balanced scalp.

Additionally, you can use these scalp treatments twice a week. Not only does it feel amazing on my scalp but my hair looks healthier too!

All you do – mix an appropriate amount (1/3 of shampoo amount) with your shampoo, massage into wet scalp and hair, working downward all the way through to the ends, and rinse thoroughly. Shampoo once more if necessary.

My scalp feels amazing because it removes dead skin cells, brightens skin, improves elasticity, skin regeneration effect, helps to improve your skin condition too! Pamper yourself and your scalp too!

3 – Whispr.Co – Hemp-Infused Health And Beauty Products

If you haven’t discovered the many benefits of hemp or CBD-infused products, you don’t want to miss out. They have far-reaching benefits and I find terrific results using them as well. If you don’t know about them, be sure and read more about what they are and can offer you.

Whispr Hemp-Infused Hand Sanitizer

Whispr Hemp-Infused Hand Sanitizer

I decided to try three of their products. The first, Whispr Hemp-Infused Hand Sanitizer has me so excited. As you know, finding a hand sanitizer is no easy task due to the pandemic. I jumped on this chance to own one of the best hemp-infused sanitizers. Of course, they have them in stock too!

More so, this hemp-infused hand sanitizer is designed to cleanse and protect with a 1-to-1 ratio of CBD and CBG. It also includes Vitamin E and moisturizers in three cannabinoid concentrations. This formula meets the FDA healthcare personnel handwash criteria and is effective at eliminating many common germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds.

“Alcohol is effective at killing different types of microbes, including both viruses and bacteria, because it unfolds and inactivates their proteins. This process, which is called denaturation, will cripple and often kill the microbe because its proteins will unfold and stick together.” – Biologist Jeffrey Gardner

Full-Spectrum Hemp Roll-On For Sore Muscles

Next up, I love their Full-Spectrum Hemp Roll-On. This roll-on elixir features a blend of essential oils and active botanicals. I use it for sore, tight, muscles and a perk which is healthy, glowing skin.

Moreover, this therapeutic blend of essential oils and active botanicals helps my sore muscles like nothing before. Almost instantly, my sore muscles find relief and the scent is calming and not overpowering.

It features life-giving peppermint, orange peel, lemon, clove bud, avocado, and rosemary oil. Now, you can pamper yourself in all of nature’s goodness!

Above all, rich in nourishing fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals to help reduce pain from sore muscles or tightness. The earthy-mint notes leave your skin healthy, glowing, and smelling gorgeous.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, 250mg

Additionally, I love their Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, 250mg. It’s one of my favorite health and beauty products to date!

The full-spectrum CBD & essential oil blends are honest and natural, made with top-quality, therapeutic ingredients. It features natural ingredients like MCT Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, CBD Hemp Oil, Citrus Tangerina Peel Oil, and Mentha Arvensis Oil.

I adore all three products and highly recommend them. If you really want to pamper yourself, this is how! Be sure to check out their official website for more information.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

4 – Root’d Multivitamins For Him & Her

Now, more than ever before, it’s essential we get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Many folks out there can’t get to the gym to work out and aren’t eating the way they should.

When I saw these easy to take Women’s Multivitamin in Natural Açai Flavor from Rootd.com, I knew I had to try them. With these super greens inspired multivitamin formulated with probiotics and electrolytes, you won’t miss out. Plus, a scientific balance of the 25 essential vitamins and minerals women need every day.

In addition, these vegetarian-friendly, made with a scientific balance of the 25 essential vitamins + minerals a woman’s body needs every day. Plus, they have organic super greens, electrolytes, probiotics, and enzymes to help keep you fortified for whatever life throws at you!

Rootd Powder Multivitamin Natural Pomegranate For Men

Of course, I got my husband the Rootd Powder Multivitamin Natural Pomegranate For Men too! He loves the fact all he has to do is mix a packet in some bottled water. It’s easy and he doesn’t need to swallow large pills either!

I rely on taking them every day especially now when we must boost our immune systems more so than ever before! Above all, these multivitamins are Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Caffeine Free, Soy Free, and Allergen Free too!

As always, I hope you get to enjoy and learn about these new health and beauty products. I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Pamper Yourself With These Wonderful Health And Beauty Products - Sassy Townhouse Living

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