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My Favorite Christmas Presents This Year You Have To See!

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I always enjoy sharing the best of everything I discover when it comes to new products and had to share my favorite Christmas presents with you too! It’s so much fun discovering new products, especially around the holidays. I hope you get some awesome ideas for you and your loved ones to enjoy all year long. 

Christmas Presents

1. Ollie – Our Rescued Poodle

Even though Ollie came to my home a little before the holidays, my rescued poodle (Oliver/Ollie for short) is by far the best present I could have ever received. When our beloved pug Neo passed away a few years ago, I never thought I could ever find another dog that would immediately become a part of our family again. Ollie is roughly two years and still very much a playful pooch! 

My heart was broken for years after Neo passed, and it seemed all the magical forces in the universe came together and brought me, Ollie. I’ll share his backstory with you in another post coming soon. 

Christmas Presents

He will be getting his first “poodle” haircut soon even though he is poodle perfect the way he is! I can’t wait to see what he will look like. We love him so much, and I know he is so very grateful and happy to be a part of our home. 

Christmas Presents

2 – California Design Den Sheets 4 Piece Set! 

We have a huge king size mattress and it’s always a chore finding the perfect set of sheets that not only fit perfectly but meet all my other criteria for finding the perfect set of sheets.

I’m going to give you lots of info on them because I know you are going to love them as much as I do! I’ve got two more sets queued up and ready to go! You can visit their beautiful website for more information about these outstanding sheets and bedding. 

I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am with these California Design Den Sheets from Amazon. And, they are only $47.99 for King, $38.99 for Twin, $46.49 for Queen, so be sure to check out the pricing for the size you need.  You just can’t beat the price and the level of quality! The pillowcases are such a dream to sleep on – they are so soft and fit perfectly on my king-sized pillows! 

They are truly perfect in every way! If I might seem like I’m obsessing over them, you are right! Firstly, they fit my huge mattress perfectly ( I also have a thick mattress pad). The material is the perfect thickness too.

I’ve always struggled with sheets that were too thin and after a few times washing them, they seemed to almost fall apart – not with these sheets! 

 Christmas Presents

They are available in a huge assortment of colors and patterns too! I love their holiday prints too which are perfect for all winter long. The image to the right is called Mod Lodge Multi and to the left, Snowflake.

Christmas Presents

Oh my gosh, how I love these prints. They have 21 prints and colors to choose from! 

Christmas Presents

The thread count is 400 and they are 100% pure cotton sheets too! These sheets are the only sheets I’ll ever need or use. They wash up beautifully and come out of the dryer with hardly any wrinkles too.

I got them in the color “Blush”. They made me so happy this holiday season and was one of the best Christmas presents I got! Head on over to Amazon and get a pair for yourself. I promise you, you will love them too! 

Christmas Presents

3 – Dell XPS 8930 Desktop Computer

Wow and wow! My hubby bought me a new desktop computer, and I am so thrilled with it! I’m still having fun setting things up, and I’m so impressed with the speed and performance of it. I have a Dell XPS Laptop too that I got last year and since I was so impressed with it, I went ahead and got the desktop version too! The ways it’s sold on Amazon are $949.00 although, by the time I got done adding and tweaking, I paid over twice that! 

You can tweak out the components and get exactly what you want or you can purchase it as-is for less money – either way. I love it and am super thrilled with it.

I highly recommend it and I know I’m going to get many good years of use to come. And of course, you can purchase it on Amazon for less money so be sure to check it out. You just can’t beat Amazon’s pricing! 

Christmas Presents

4 – CleverMade 30L SnapBasket LUXE – Reusable Collapsible Durable Grocery Shopping Bag – Heavy Duty Large Structured Tote

I love shopping, don’t you? And when I go shopping, I always take a tote bag with me. I love how it features an elastic band so you can collapse it and stow it away easily. It’s featured in three different colors and patterns too. It folds down flat to less than 1.5″ and stores neatly with the built-in WrapStrap. The stability feet on the underside of the product and the sturdy board on the bottom of the SnapBasket LUXE help prevent tipping.

It can carry up to 30 lbs. of your belongings. Use it at the grocery store, at the beach, at yoga, at a picnic, or just about any other way imaginable. This everyday tote gets used constantly, and I’m so glad to add this to my Christmas presents list!

Christmas Presents

This tote goes everywhere with me and it’s perfect for groceries too! The straps are so well made, and I know it’s going to last for years and years. It’s made of durable strong canvas material, and the vegan leather handles are perfect for our friends and family who are vegans too! 

Christmas Presents

I also love how deep this CleverMade Tote bag is. The CleverMade SnapBasket LUXE also has a zippered pouch that can quickly store your valuables! The flop-free structured design means no more spilled groceries, and the checkers at your local grocery store are going to be asking you where you purchased it! It’s no wonder this tote made it to my favorite Christmas presents list! 

Christmas Presents

5. Functional Remedies Hemp Oil Tincture 250MG

I’ve itched for quite some time now to try Hemp Oil and finally got a bottle from Functional Remedies. It’s full-spectrum hemp oil and got some great reviews.  They use the whole hemp plant to infuse MCT oil for maximum absorption into the body.

It’s also great for promoting an immediate sense of body and mind balance. This hemp oil can be taken orally or added to a beverage.  It’s also available in various strengths too. 

There are so many reasons folks are using hemp oil these days. I suffer from chronic back pain, and I just had to give this a try! I’ll keep you posted with the results as I just started taking it. 

Christmas Presents

6. myCharge HubMax Portable Charger

I rely very heavily on portable chargers for all of my devices. They are ideal for providing additional extra charges and extending the life of your cell phone, tablet, and other devices. And this HubMax is the perfect solution for all of your portable charging needs. This is another one of my favorite Christmas presents this year too! 

Now, you can ditch the charging cables when charging your devices with this HubMax portable charger.  It features a built-in Apple iPhone Lightning Cable and Micro-USB Cables and a foldable wall plug for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and a USB-A port is available for external connections as well.

Christmas Presents

I love how portable it is and how easy it is to throw in my handbag or my car. The newly redesigned, available at Amazon, myCharge HubPlus 6700mAh portable charger is the quintessential powerbank. With an integrated Apple® Lightning™ cable and an integrated micro-USB cable and the newly added USB port, staying charged on the go has never been easier.

Carrying cables is a thing of the past, not only are the cable’s built-in for effortless charging but wall prongs are built-in for effortless recharging. Boasting a 30% reduction in size, the HubPlus is more compact and portable than ever before.

 Christmas Presents

If you have an iPhone you can also enjoy their myFlipShade too! The myFlipShade is an iPhone screen shield, privacy protector, and stand all-in-one. The shade reduces the sun’s glare on your iPhone, making the myFlipShade ideal for use in the sunshine, to increase the visibility of your iPhone screen.

Not only does the myFlipShade work as a screen shield, but it also works as a privacy screen and is ideal for crowded spaces such as public transport. Turn the accessory into a vertical or horizontal phone stand by folding it flat and adjusting for use. You can also see it on their website too!  

Christmas Presents

That’s most of the wonderful Christmas presents I was blessed to receive this year. I hope you got some great ideas to treat yourself too! Let me know if you have any questions about any of them in the comments below. 

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My Favorite Christmas Presents This Year You Have To See! - Sassy Townhouse Living

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