Why The EZVIZ C3X Is The Best Outdoor Security Camera

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If you want to protect your home, you need to see why this EZVIZ C3X is the best outdoor security camera. Meet the world‘s first commercial-grade security camera with a dual-lens setup. Finally, you can have the protection your home needs. And with easy installation and configuration.  

EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera
EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera

The EZVIZ C3X Is The Best Outdoor Security Camera For Your Home’s Protection

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To begin with, we take our home security very seriously, especially during these often scary and challenging times. With the EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera, you can have affordable home protection with easy installation and setup.

More so, it features 1080P Color Night Vision Strobe Light, Siren Weather Proof Two-Way Talk, Free 24-Hour Cloud Storage. It’s The first consumer dual-lens security camera!

Even our DVR cameras don’t provide us with the incredible features and clarity we expect in outdoor security camera systems. Now, when we are not home or turn in for the night, we know our home gets the protection we want!

With the EZVIZ C3X, you easily install an app on your phone, so you can see and control everything instantly. And you can install the app on your entire families phones for them to have access too.

Be sure and watch the detailed video review of the EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera below!

EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera

EZVIZ C3X Camera Features And Specs

Above all, the features and specs of the EZVIZ C3X surpass many of the outdoor security cameras on the market. Below, you find everything the EZVIZ C3X can do for your home’s security.

The C3X features everything we want in home security cameras. Also, it has an advanced and fully featured security system with full HD image quality.

Plus, a customizable alarm system, two-way audio, intelligent AI algorithms, and revolutionary color night vision clarity.

Revolutionary Dual-Lens Color Night Vision – One lens records the ambient brightness, and the other lens captures color information. Then, the two images merge to create an image in unparalleled detail and realistic color.

Intelligent Person and Vehicle Detection – With the built-in AI algorithms, and it doesn’t require an additional subscription. It also allows the C3X to identify human and vehicle activity. This feature ensures alerts are relevant to your home’s security.

Customizable Motion Detection Zones & Notifications – With the EZVIZ C3X, you can draw specific zones within your camera’s field of view. More so, this allows you to detect activity exactly where you want. When you detect movement, you will receive a notification in real-time.

Subscription Free Video Storage – Every EZVIZ WIFI Outdoor Security Camera comes with a MicroSD Card Slot that supports up to 256GB. The SD card installation is easy and provides you with additional back up. Also, you can subscribe to EZVIZ subscription-based cloud storage options. This service is available but not required.

Now, You Can See Crisp, Clear Video Even At Night  

Watching the video at night used to present a challenge because night vision quality looked pixilated and blurry. For example, with the EZVIZ WIFI Outdoor Security Camera, you can see everything crisp and clear!

However, there’s no need for spotlights. With the EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera, the colors appear natural, and the image more evenly-illuminated. Now, you don’t need to install additional lighting to see everything making you feel safer as well.

In our detailed unboxing and review video, you’ll see just how clear video looks at night and even under adverse weather conditions. Moreover, we want the most protection during the nighttime hours when we feel most vulnerable.

EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera

Actively Protects All The Places That Matter

Directly after installation, my C3X began protecting our home. I love all the features, but there are two, in particular, I love the most.

First, the C3X lets you draw particular zones on the EZVIZ App to protect what matters to you the most. You can decide whether you want to keep people, cars, or both out of the zones.

Upon detection of objects of interest, the camera will issue a loud siren and flash the strobe light to drive intruders away. You’ll receive a notification in a split second.

I also appreciate how you can customize your voice alerts. Here, you can record your voice and for customized greeting or deterrence. For example, when visitors park cars in prohibited areas, the camera will play a pre-recorded message and instruct the drivers to park elsewhere.

As you can see in the images below, setup is easy and requires very little installation work. The app features everything you need to connect and set your preferences quickly.

Summing Up The C3X

As stated above, your home’s security always takes top priority. Now, we know our home receives the best protection with the EZVIZ C3X. More so, you don’t need to have superior technical skills to install one today!

You can also check out the EZVIZ website to learn more. I hope you decide to purchase the EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera for your home’s security too. Which features do you like best, and why?

Why This EZVIZ C3X Is The Best Outdoor Security Camera - Sassy Townhouse Living

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