Beautiful Kitchen Island Bench Ideas And Why You Need One

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Are you thinking about adding a beautiful kitchen island bench to your home? There are plenty of reasons to add one and transform your space. But, your kitchen’s design significantly impacts your home’s overall outlook. So, if you don’t have a kitchen island bench, you might want to reconsider adding one.

Kitchen Island Bench

How Adding A Kitchen Island Bench Will Transform Your Space

A common feature of makeover reality TV shows, island benches are gaining popularity among homeowners. After all, they’re sleek and stylish. But, more importantly, they add functionality to your kitchen. Specifically, they add value to your home and provide you with a functional kitchen.

If you ever thought about adding one, reviewing some reasons you might consider is a good idea. Adding more functional real estate to your kitchen is always a good idea, especially if you love to cook and entertain.

But does adding a Kitchen Island Bench fit the needs of every kitchen? Below are reasons to get an island bench for your kitchen.

 Kitchen Island Bench

Extra Working Space For Cooking And Entertaining

A kitchen island bench’s most significant advantage is providing extra working space for preparing and staging meals. Working on an island bench affords you more room than working on a standard countertop. Moreover, it allows you to connect with others as you prep meals. Typically, this isn’t possible with standard wall-facing countertops.

Besides prepping meals, you can also use the island bench as a tabletop. For example, you can place chairs around the bench for casual dinners. I use mine for almost everything I do in my kitchen. And when company arrives, it’s the perfect place for them to sit and relax while I prepare the meal.

Extra Storage Space

Sometimes, you might need to add storage to declutter your kitchen. For example, consider adding an island bench if your existing cabinetry doesn’t have enough room to store kitchen necessities. The extra space works great for storing cleaning products, pots, pans, or anything you need to stow away.

Add drawers and shelves beneath your island bench like standard kitchen worktops. Even better, these benches can accommodate more cabinets because they have four sides. You can use the extra storage space to keep dishes and glassware so your kitchen looks organized.

Organizing Kitchen Appliances

Modern kitchens have several appliances besides the traditional cooker and microwave. You’ll find mixers, food processors, juice extractors, blenders, espresso machines, percolators, etc. It isn’t easy to accommodate these appliances on a standard countertop.

However, an island bench makes it easy to store appliances, whether you stow them underneath or place them on the tabletop. To make work easier, don’t forget to include a few sockets on the bench. You don’t want electrical cords running over bench tops, which increases the risk of electrocution.

Visual Appeal

A well-designed island bench is your kitchen’s focal point – it’s the first thing everybody sees when they enter your kitchen. You can settle for a style that matches the rest of your kitchen to showcase uniformity. If you want a dramatic effect, pick a contrasting design.

Increased Home Value

Homeowners remodel properties for two reasons. First, renovations improve the quality of amenities, making life more comfortable. Secondly, it increases the property’s value, especially if you conform to the latest trends.

Adding an island bench to your kitchen makes your home more appealing to prospective buyers. They envisage its beauty and functional benefits, making it more likely to match your asking price.

Is a Kitchen Island Bench For Your Home?

If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, you might consider adding an island bench. This addition has many advantages, such as increased functionality, visual appeal, and resale value. However, its construction is expensive and time-consuming. What’s more, it doesn’t work for every kitchen.

Ensure you consult an interior design expert before constructing an island bench. Sometimes, it might work. For example, it may be better to use a peninsula bench for some kitchen designs.

Kitchen Island

When you visit people’s homes and wander into their kitchens, the first thing you might notice is whether they have a kitchen island or not. Kitchen islands are not an absolute necessity but can have many advantages in owning one. Here are both some advantages and some disadvantages to having a kitchen island.

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