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10 Amazing Shoe Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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Let’s face it. We’ve all had issues with our shoes at some point. These hacks are a game changer! Here are some great shoe hacks I discovered that work great to resolve shoe pain or discomfort.

These shoe hacks work great when it comes to dealing with shoes that hurt, don’t fit properly, or are just plain uncomfortable. Save yourself some pain and make sure you check these out! 

Shoe Hacks

Why You Need These Shoe Hacks In Your Life

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Typically, we all own shoes that either hurt our feet because they don’t fit properly. Don’t throw those shoes out or give them away, rather these shoe hacks can and do make a difference. After you discover them, you’ll wish you knew them sooner.

Also, don’t forget to share these shoe hacks with your friends and family too. You know they will appreciate them too!

1 – Tape Your 3rd and 4th Toes Together

Whenever I have to wear heels and my toes feel crunched, I take some medical tape and simply tape them together. To resolve the crush, tape your 3rd and 4th toes together before wearing pointed or closed-toe shoes.

More so, doing this alter your balance a little and take the pressure off the balls of your feet. It also gives me some extra toe room especially when I wear shoes with pointed tips. When it comes to my favorite shoe hacks, this surely is one of them!

I wear pointed shoes all the time and love the style but don’t love the pain! Taping my 3rd and 4th toes together always works and relieves the pain and pressure too. You can also try this with any pair of shoes that crunches your toes and not just pointed shoes.

My favorite adhesive tape to use is NexCore Absolute Waterproof Tape, but you can use any medical tape. It doesn’t hurt applying or removing and I hardly know it’s there. Try it! I know you’ll always keep that adhesive tape in your shoe closet.

shoe hacks

2 – Use Panty Liners To Absorb Sweat

Yes, that’s right! You can use panty liners to absorb sweat in any pair of shoes. As you know, panty liners work great in absorbing sweat. Plus, you can change them as often as you like. Pantyliners stick to the souls of the shoe perfectly, and you can remove them in a snap too.

Plus, you can shape them to fit any shoe. Fold the liners in half or use them expanded. Either way, they work great, especially in the hot summer months. They also work great in colder weather, too, and help keep your feet warm and toasty!

shoe hacks

3 – Use Sand Paper On The Soles Of Slippery Shoes

Did you ever buy a pair of shoes that were so slippery you either took a good flop or almost did? Well, I can safely say it’s happened to us all. Don’t fret. There’s a solution that works like a charm!

For example, one way to solve this problem is to scuff the soles with a Fine/Medium Grit sandpaper block gently. You don’t need a super course block but just enough to tame that slippery surface. It works like a charm!

All you do is pass the sandpaper over the soles a few times to remove the slippery surface. Make sure you sandpaper the part of the sole that comes in contact with the ground, and you are good to go!

4 – Finally, You Can Loosen Your Tight Shoes

If your shoes are too tight, you know the pain they can cause. Well, you can quickly remedy this with some water and some help from your freezer. You’ll see how well this works once you try it.

All you do is fill up two small Freezer Ziplock Bags with water and place them inside your shoes. As soon as the water freezes, the ice will begin to slowly expand the bags to push the walls of your shoes out gently.

Additionally, make sure you leave your shoes in the freezer for a few days to ensure proper expansion. Also, you can place a plastic bag over your shoes to protect your freezer from the germs on your shoes.

5 – Insert Some Wool Fabric Into Your Shoes

If there’s one thing I find uncomfortable, it’s cold feet, especially when I have to wear dress shoes in the winter. I quickly solve this by adding some wool fabric into my shoes or boots, and wow, what a difference! Plus, the wool keeps the cushions of my feet protected and comfortable.

You can use any wool fabric you have handy. Personally, I prefer using LAMBS WOOL PREMIER. This wool flattens out nicely once you walk on it and feels so comfortable and warm. You can also wear the wool in your sneakers too for added support and comfort.

6 – Apply deodorant To Your Heels And Sides Of Feet To Prevent Blisters

Similarly, this hack ranks in my top five favorite shoe hacks. All you do is apply some of your favorite deodorant around the areas where you blister most.

Additionally, if you don’t want to use deodorant, you can purchase a blister block instead. I find both work equally as well.

Typically, since most of us already have deodorant on hand, you can, of course, try that first. I also find it also prevents my feet from sweating too! It’s a win-win!

shoe hacks

7 – Use Instant Heel Tip Replacement Caps

Recently, I discovered a product called GoGoHeel QUICK TIPS to replace old or damaged heel tips. Using them saved me so much money and allowed me to keep my shoes looking new!

I think these GoGoHeel QUICK TIPS are the best invention for shoes ever! They are long-lasting instant heel caps for damaged or worn-out heel tips. The cap covers the exposed metal nail and stops the clicking sound and prevents skidding too!

They are made of heavy-duty rubber for the lasting repair and lock onto your heel with a self-fusing wrap for an extra secure fit. Plus, these Quick Tips work great every time! This is one of these easy shoe hacks you’ll love!

Shoe Hacks
Image: Amazon GoGoHeel QUICK TIPS

8 – Make Life Better For Both Your Toes And Your Nose With Unused Tea Bags – Easy Shoe Hacks

Now, you can remove nasty odors easily from any pair of shoes in your closet. All you need, some unused tea bags! I particularly love this idea as one of my favorite shoe hacks because it’s all-natural.

Generally, I let the unused tea bags sit overnight inside any pair of smelly shoes, and like magic, the odor disappears!

9 – Combine Wooly Socks And A Blowdryer For Painless Breaking In

I adored my Betsy Johnson flats, and this shoe hack worked great when they were brand new. As you know, sometimes, it’s a good idea to “break your shoes in” before you first wear them. Well, this hack worked great!

Directions For Breaking In Your Shoes

  1. Turn the dryer on “high” heat setting and heat the inner toe and heel areas of your first shoe.
  2. Put heated shoe on foot over your sock. (Keep in mind that this is not an entirely comfortable process, assuming the shoe felt too tight, to begin with, *before* adding a thick sock. There will likely be some shoving involved.)
  3. Heat outer toe and heel of the shoe for 20-30 seconds, bending foot as much as possible inside the shoe.
  4. Repeat the entire process with the other shoe.
  5. Still wearing the socks, walk around in the shoes until the leather cools completely (about five minutes or so).
  6. Remove socks and test for size. You can probably repeat the sock/heat routine if necessary to stretch the shoes even further.

With a little patience, you can break your shoes comfortably. When it comes to shoe hacks that work, this one does!

10 – Only Try On Shoes In The Afternoon Or Evening – Shoe Hacks That Work!

You must have noticed your feet tend to swell during certain times of the day. With that, our feet tend to expand later on in the day as well. Since our feet tend to swell during the afternoon and evenings, it makes perfect sense to purchase shoes at these times.

After all, why try on shoes when our feet are not swollen and then end up causing us much pain and discomfort? Typically, wait until after 4 pm to shoe shop. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief if you do!

10 Amazing Shoe Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Shoe Hacks We Love!

So get to it and start practicing this awesome shoe hacks today. Please share them with your friends and family too! 

10 Amazing Shoe Hacks That Will Change Your Life-Sassy Townhouse Living

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