Sunday’s Sassy Selections

Winter will be gone soon. I have to say, I will miss it. I know, some folks will be shaking their heads in disbelief but, the winter is comforting, and I will miss snuggling up with my comfy sweaters, and nestling my feet in my UGGS. Read More

Why I Love My BufPuf Body Sponge

You all know how much I love sharing products that have made a huge impact on my beauty regimen. Well, this product had made that difference for me and not only for my face, but for my entire body. Oh and this is NOT a sponsored post. I just adore them and wanted to share!  Read More

Apple Pear And Apricot Jam Pastries

There is one dessert recipe that never fails at home and that’s anything with apples and pears. I wanted to make something light and airy, yet packed with a fruity punch! Since my hubby doesn’t like overly sweet desserts, I knew I had scored with this dessert!  Read More

Everyone Wants To Be Liked And Accepted – Except for Tim

Come on you people-pleasers – you know who you are! Are you tired of being the “go to” person? Are you always dodging confrontation, conflict or constantly worrying what others might think of you? Are you afraid of the “what if” scenarios you have cast yourself in? Is so, then yeah, this is a common thread that run through the core of folks like us. I think we can all relate to this topic. Well, at least most of us with the exception of Tim. I will get to Tim shortly and why he is the outlier.  Read More