Face Palm Friday

OK, I know we all have those face palm moments right? Well, I understand why, but I seem to be having more of them each week that passes. What’s a gal to do? So – I started documenting them and thought I would share them with you Read More

Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist Part 9

I’m going to kick this off with one of my favorites. It’s called the Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms. Epic! Yes, we are living in the future folks. This is why I love bringing you all these amazing finds!  Read More

The Artcademy A Premiere Place for Creative Entrepreneurs

I could hardly contain my excitement when offered an opportunity to work with The Artcademy as a blazing creatives design team member! I do consider myself an artist of sorts. I use my creative energies for crafting, home decor, and love creating various ceramic tile projects so I thought this was a perfect fit for the both of us and it has been exactly that! I look forward to continuing my creative relationship with them and their members. Come join me in telling you about The Artcademy and what they have to offer.  Read More

Suddenly Sassy

I’m always searching for ways to use lighting in my home in a creative way. There is something very comforting about soft lights at night in your home. I have no intentions of making it look like Christmas in here, but I do love the gentle glow of twinkling lights.  Read More

Don’t Take This Personally But…

Those resounding words – don’t take this personally. Have you ever had someone say that to you? Well, I have and one time or another and if you ask me, it was one time too many. You know when you hear those words, it’s never going to be a good thing. Whenever someone starts a sentence with them, I take a deep breath because I know I’m in for a long ride of piss me off! Read More

Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist Part 8

Head’s up!!! There are more tech toys and gadgets coming your way! I always get so excited when I see the hottest or latest products come to market! I think innovation is the saving grace of this planet!  I want all of these products on my wishlist! Hope you get to enjoy some of them as well!  Read More

Restoring Your Operating System From A Created Restore Point

We last talked about creating a restore point, and I showed you how to create one in my post called “The Importance of Creating System Restore Points On Your PC“.  Now, we will walk through the steps you will need to take if you ever need to restore your system to a previous state using the available restore points made through the System Restore user interface.  Read More

Sunday Sassy Selections

Got some viral digs to share with you this week. Some funny, other serious, but they all rock! Come relax, kick off your shoes, and let your thoughts and spirit soar through the images, videos, and off the hook content!  Read More