Sunday’s Sassy Selections

I’m always on the hunt searching for the best sites of the week, and I’ve found some awesome ones to share with you once again! With Christmas around the corner, we are all busy trying to tidy up loose ends and make sure we are totally ready for this holiday season, but take some time, kick back, and enjoy some eye candy and interesting articles. Read More

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies With Cream Filling Recipe

There is nothing more yummy than our Pumpkin Whoopie Pies With Cream Filling Recipe! We love them this time of year. Aside from being delicious they are perfectly festive for the holidays! I always like to tweak the original recipe a tad and make it my own. Come check out how fab they are and a step-by-step tutorial with lots of images! Read More

Wednesday’s Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist – Part 4

I’m so excited to share another exciting Wednesday’s Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist with you! It’s an endless search for the never-ending quest for new and fun gadgets! I have some “Oh wow I want one!” to share with you so be sure to check them out! 

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Understanding The Luck Factor

Did you ever ask yourself, what does it mean to be lucky? Do you look at yourself as a lucky or unlucky person? Why does it seem that some people take short-cuts and are generally lazy or unmotivated and have “all the luck” while others who are hard-working do-gooders are very unlucky?? Does having luck mean finding the perfect partner, or achieving life-long goals and ambitions? Yikes! All these questions! Well, you are not alone in the asking. At some point, many of us have asked ourselves these questions. I’ve always been enthralled with the topic of luck ever since I can remember, and I wanted to understand the dynamic of the luck factor mystery that quite often seemed elusive.  Read More

Sunday’s Sassy Selections

And yet another edition of Sunday’s Sassy Selections! Last week I wasn’t able to post one because of my VPS Hosting disaster! If you didn’t read about that one yet you can do so by clicking HERE. It was a rough week, but my host resolved it quickly and professionally! Technology always has its share of hiccups that’s for sure! Now, let’s get to the fun stuff! Read More

The Perfect Facial Moisturizer Combination For Dry Winter Skin

If you suffer from dry winter skin on your face and neck, then you are exactly where you need to be – reading this post! My face always gets hit the hardest during the harsh winter months leaving my skin feeling lackluster and devoid of moisture. I have tried an endless amount of moisturizing products to no avail until I found two drugstore products that in combination finally worked! I have spent a small fortune on expensive facial moisturizing products, and they were good, I’m not saying they weren’t, but they did give me the moisture I desperately needed all day long. In combination, these two products give me the staying power I need! 

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Wednesday’s Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist – Part 3

Now that my VPS service is up and running again perfectly (if you didn’t get a chance to read that post – My Host Disaster Lessons to be Learned – be sure you do there are lots to learn about the importance of backing up stuff) , I am excited to show you my latest obsessions with Gadgets and Tech Toys. Be sure to check out my last two posts, Wednesday’s Gadgets and Tech Toys Wish List and Wednesday’s Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist – Part 2! This weeks list is sure to bring a huge, ” I want one!” to your wishlist!

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My Host Disaster Lessons To Be Learned

I wanted to share this story with you because I know there are lessons to be learned from mistakes whether they are from a calamity of event or not asking the right questions. Since many of my readers are bloggers, I thought this a very important lesson for us who spend a good portion of their day blogging. You think you ask all the right questions. You prepare a list, and take every “known” precaution and yet still unforeseen events can blow right up in your face…or blog!  Read More

Wednesday’s Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist – Part 2

Well, I found another round of amazing tech toys folks! I just had to share them with you. Let’s grind our gears and get right to it! I know I’ve added a few of these products to my wishlist for Christmas! These tech toys are not just for the holidays. I keep a running wishlist for all year long! I hope you get some good ideas for you, as well as your loved ones!

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Chicken Cutlets with Mushroom and Onion Cream Sauce Recipe

Chicken, we all love it. We can turn chicken into a magical meal that’s quick and easy! There is one dish I make at least twice a month – Chicken Cutlets with Mushroom and Onion Cream Sauce. My hubby starts the meal off with the usual ranking. “From 1 to 10, it’s a 10″, he says. I always ask him to rank meals when I cook. Silly, I know, but it keeps me on my toes. I always like knowing how a meal ranked this way I can gauge what I did differently. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this recipe. I know we do! It’s off the hook amazing!  Read More