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How To Finally Kill Weeds On Your Brick Patio For Good

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Let’s face it. We all want to kill weeds once and for all on our brick patio. Luckily, there’s an easier and more permanent way to get rid of them. Using chemical weed killers never works, especially in the long run. And it’s important to avoid using harmful chemicals as well.

Finally, I discovered a solution to kill weeds on our brick patio for good. It’s easy to do, and after weeks, there’s no sign of any weeds! In the image below, you can see how our patio looked before we finally found the perfect solution!

 Kill Weeds Brick Patio

Now, You Can Finally Kill Weeds For Good

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Ever since we bought our townhome, killing the weeds in our backyard brick patio always presented a challenge. Every year, we tried natural solutions to kill weeds and keep them from growing back. Unfortunately, they were only temporary fixes and always grew back.

First, we tried packing sand, and that only lasted a few weeks. Yes, it slowed the weed growth but didn’t stop entirely. Then, we tried using Ploymetric Sand and spend hours brushing it in between the grooves of our brick patio. Again, while this treatment lasted somewhat longer, the weeds grew back.

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Determined, we knew there had to be a permanent solution to kill weeds, and luckily, we found one! Even if this solution lasts the entire summer, it’s a win-win!

Next summer, I will update you all on how the solution worked. Based on reports from my neighbor, who used the very same fix, said they didn’t come back after two years!

While you’ll read many ways to kill weeds on the internet, none of the healthier solutions prevented them from growing back. We knew there had to be a way to kill weeds on our brick patio and keep them away as long as possible.

What We Used To Kill Weeds On Our Brick Patio

If you want to kill weeds on your brick patio, first, it’s a good idea to pack the cracks in between the pavers with sand. You want to use Polymeric Sand, which in itself prevents weeds from growing.

Home Depot: Paver Set Polymeric Sand

Next, after you pack the sand, let it rest for a few days. Then hose down your brick patio with a good water wash. You’ll want to start with clean pavers.

Then, you’ll need Drylok Latex Clear Natural Look Sealer. Our patio measures 23 feet long and about 12 feet wide, and we purchased 3 gallons, which is more than enough. All you do is get a good paintbrush or paint roller and use the Drylok in between the pavers.

More importantly, doing so will seal them and prevent weeds from growing. There’s no need to paint the entire brick paver as you’ll want the focus on where the weeds grow.

Below, you’ll find the steps to kill weeds on your brick patio:

  1. Remove all weeds in between pavers
  2. Pack in between the pavers using Polymeric Sand
  3. Make sure you give your patio a good clean wash to remove all signs of the sand.
  4. Use either paintbrush or paint roller to apply the Drylok Latex Clear Natural Look Sealer.
  5. Wait at least two days before applying the Drylok Sealer
  6. Try to saturate the crack between the pavers. If necessary, you can always apply a second coat of Drylock Sealer.
  7. Let the sealer dry for at least 24 hours before walking on it.

Why Drylok Latex Clear Natural Look Sealer?

Using Drylok Latex Clear Natural Look Sealer helps penetrate, seal, and protect masonry. Drylok VOC compliant, water-based formula, seals against dusting and retards splaying ( surface cracking and pockmarking), and weathering.

More so, it provides a protective coating for masonry surfaces, prevents moisture damage, and stops excessive dusting. It also kills weeds and prevents their growth as well. You can use it on brick, terrazzo, slate, concrete, and other masonry surfaces.

Plus, clean up is easy, and your tools clean up with soap & water. We preferred using a paintbrush, but by all means, you can use a roller to apply it as well.

We Ran A Test To See If Drylock Worked To Kill Weeds On Our Brick Patio

As you can see below, we left a small section of our brick patio without using the sealer as a test. In a few short days, weeds started growing back. That’s how we know using the Drylok Latex Clear Natural Look Sealer works!

Of course, we painted that section now and we know this sealer works to kill weeds and will continue to do so during the summer. We hope next summer it continues to work and if not, we will simply add another layer of Drylok.

This one area on our patio grew the most weeds and now, it’s weed free! honestly, it’s a true pleasure not to have any more weeds walking up the patio steps.

As you can see from the pictures below, the Drylok Latex Clear Natural Look Sealer killed weeds and prevents them from growing back.

More so, it’s about a month now since we painted the sealer on our brick patio, and there’s not one sign of a weed!

 Kill Weeds Brick Patio

Above all, if you want to kill weeds and keep them gone, try giving this method a chance. For us, it worked out great, and several weeks later, there’s no sign of weeds.

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