The Impact Custom Pens Can Have on Your Marketing Plan

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Discover why and how you can use custom pens to help you with your marketing plan and other vital business areas. In the corporate world, it’s hard to stand apart. Competition in marketing is fierce. So, of course, you want to be on the cutting edge of your game and keep your skills sharp.

Custom Pens

How Can Custom Pens Help With Business Goals?

Businesses are often preoccupied with the newest and most innovative methods of marketing. However, the only way to succeed in today’s business world, according to many, is through digital marketing and social media. But are thousands of dollars in digital advertising required to attract people’s attention? Old-school techniques have become outdated, or have they?

Never. Conventional techniques of marketing are still effective, particularly when executed effectively. For example, you may still use a bespoke Parker fountain pen, which is an old gimmick. But, even if you believe the pen is extinct, think again. For many individuals, writing is still a daily ritual. In addition, even if they don’t use the pen, a personalized pen still makes a statement about your brand.

Let’s take a look at the full marketing potential of personalized custom pens.

 Custom Pens

Why Are Custom Pens More Powerful Weapon Than the Sword?

Starting with the essentials, we can say that pens are still in use even in our digital world. Even though technology has steadily displaced the humble pen and paper, many individuals want to keep using them. Many individuals prefer writing with a pen rather than typing. Typing proves to be less successful at memorizing than writing on paper. More than a third of individuals use a pen only to chew on it.

Because it doesn’t need electricity, a pen and paper are convenient options. To change a pen, unscrew the old one. To date, many prefer a pen and paper over a smartphone when taking notes in an emergency. Certain manufacturers also offer customized versions of custom pens. However, you can’t replace a custom pen’s accuracy and tactile sense with physical contact.

For example, authentic pens are essential for painters, and there is no alternative to one. As a result, pens have unexpectedly found their way into our daily lives. Moreover, This is where the marketing potential of personalized custom pens makes the most impact. How effective is a custom pen as a promotional tool? It has everything to do with bringing up your company to people’s attention.

The Purpose Of Marketing Is To Sell Your Products And Services

Reminding your customers and potential customers that you exist is the purpose of this strategy. So what’s the use of all that marketing and advertising money? How beneficial is it, regardless of its size?

One of the things that can be both irritating and essential is marketing. Even if we don’t have the data to back it up, we know it’s vital. Businesses can’t live without it, and we know it.

Public relations and marketing are intertwined. The most crucial thing is that it tells prospective clients about your firm. It demonstrates to them that it is accurate. Persuasion is also a part of the equation. People are persuaded to part up their hard-earned cash through advertising. An effective advertising campaign promotes the sale of a company, product, or service. Even without any effort, it can do this.

As the last point, marketing reminds individuals of a company’s existence. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals will ultimately forget about a company. In the absence of marketing materials to serve as a reminder, customers are more inclined to choose someone else when they need a product or service.

Using custom pens, you can discreetly do all of these things. Subtlety may have a significant impact. If prospective clients resist blatant persuasion efforts, subtlety may get over their barriers.

Custom Pens

Custom Pens Are Successful In Every Way

It’s easy to make custom pens. However, they don’t have the same interaction and spread level as digital marketing. At the very least, they will feature the name and emblem of the company. It’s not clear how successful this can be, but it’s worth the time and investment.

As it turns out, custom-made pens are really effective. The fact that they are so straightforward is one of the primary reasons for their success. Everybody can write with a pen. However, a surprising number of people still prefer to write with a pen rather than a computer mouse.

It’s worth noting that around 73% of individuals still carry a pen wherever they go. In other words, they’re not anti-keyboard. Instead, having one indicates that they have one for habit or because they believe it will be handy.

Social media cannot compete with such high rates of use. Pens are a great way to get your message in front of the right people. Compared to other techniques of marketing, their success rate is far higher:

  • More than 83% of clients will likely retain a personalized ballpoint pen they received as a gift
  • If provided,  50% of the population openly accept a free promotional pen  
  • A promotional pen is seen as a valuable item by 50% of people.

However, custom pens don’t have to be as popular as a viral story or meme on social media to be effective. Because we have suitable for them, promotional pens are particularly effective. Moreover, they serve a practical purpose that virtually everyone can identify with at some time or another in their lives.

Refresh Your Marketing Plans With Custom Pens

Fortunately, using custom pens doesn’t need significant alterations. In most marketing strategies, it is possible to apply various marketing techniques. Moreover, it’s a good idea to diversify your plan to stay effective. Otherwise, it’s losing out on a whole slew of prospective customers.

Promotional pens are another option for promoting your business. Each marketing channel needs to target a specific demographic that other channels cannot. Your plan can include as many channels as necessary, so they don’t conflict with each other.

People who aren’t online still use and appreciate custom pens, which is a huge advantage. While some individuals like social media more than others, this is not always the case. Businesses that don’t contact these folks are losing out on many potential customers.

Adding custom pens to your marketing mix usually doesn’t need changes to your current approach. For example, promotional pens work nicely with other printed promotional products, such as business cards. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about your digital strategy and channels.

As long as you stick with custom pens with other fruitful strategies, your marketing approach will stand out from the crowd.

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