Mixing Interior Design Styles – What You Need To Know First

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Have you ever thought about mixing interior design styles in your home? More so, sticking to a specific rigid decor style can look boring and feels uninspiring. Maybe it’s time for a change and if so, we have some great advice to help inspire you!

Mixing Interior Design Styles

Why Mixing Interior Design Styles Might Be Right For You

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As it seems, decorators choose eclectic elements to create new and unique home decor styles. Doing so gives a home a look of its own and unifies personalities with home decor.

Personally, my decorating style always consisted of mixing decor elements even though I lean towards traditional decor pieces. I love the look and feel of eclectic pieces in my home. Globally, they create a very warm and cozy vibe and allows my personality to shine through.

Today, we will discuss some excellent tips to help you determine if mixing interior design styles is right for you. It seems this trend gains popularity and featured in many home decor books and magazines as well.

When it comes to design and interior decor, your house is your canvas. If its design and features are restrictive, you may not have as much design freedom. Read this article to know what to look for in new homes.

In this article, you’ll find creative tips on how to mix furniture styles and other design elements. From the Victorian era or Modern Era, when mixing interior design styles, you can have it all. With these tips, you can create a uniquely breathtaking design to call your own!

1 – Choose A Constant Color Palette

Different styles of decorating come with varying color recommendations. Some are better off with bold and shouting colors, whereas some need subtle colors.

Above all, the first step of using a mixed styles approach to mixing interior design styles is selecting a base color palette. This palette will act as a guide for the whole design.

If you use too many colors, each design will stand out on its own and make the design look random and distorted. A neutral base color palette ensures that the different designs you incorporate will blend seamlessly.  

Mixing Interior Design Styles

2 – Mixing Interior Design Styles Means Choose a Pattern

Typically, when mixing interior design styles, no more than three design styles per room works well together. Doing so will avoid pattern clashing and add depth to the room as well.

Additionally, you can use textures as a way to bring your design elements into a room cohesively too. Be sure to remember to stick to your color palette as well. You can start by adding a textured patterned area rug to your decor.

Mixing Interior Design Styles

3 – Let The Unique Pieces Stand Out

If you plan on purchasing a unique piece of furniture for your room, let it shine! This is a main concept when mixing interior design styles. You want that piece to sit as the focal point in your room’s decor. All the other pieces in your room are there to complement this one unique piece of furniture or accessory.

For example, rather than hide it, make it clear for all to see and use it as the focal point of your design. Building your design around it will add a touch of elegance and charm to your interior decor.

4 – Match The Moods & Ambience

The goal of mixing interior design styles is to add comfort and, more importantly, personality to your home. As such, the design should create a specific ambiance and inspire a certain mood in people.

Ask yourself, do I want the room to be formal, relaxed, or lively? Whichever tone you wish to set, ensure that all the different styles you incorporate set a matching mood.

Mixing Interior Design Styles

5 – Use Matching Shapes When Mixing Interior Design Styles

Using different furniture is a key element of mix design. However, even as you incorporate varying types of furniture, it’s essential that they do not boldly appear to be individual pieces.

Moreover, the best way to avoid this is to select furniture with matching shapes and lines. If you’re using boxy floral chairs or sofas, stick to them and avoid other types.


6 – The Use Of Repetition In Design

Randomness can feel like risk-taking when it comes to implementing mixed styles design. And rightfully so! It’s important to understand rhythm and repetition when it comes to decor elements.

More so, to achieve repetition, you don’t need to repeat color as well. You should incorporate a balance of similar and yet different elements. This is to ensure you keep your space interesting and still maintain balance and cohesion.

However, by repeating certain patterns or themes incorporated in each style, the design will look more deliberate and polished.

Mixing Interior Design Styles

7 – Feature Similar Items Together

Are there any items that are not exactly the same but fall into one category? This could be items such as cups, vases, or hats. Even if they do not match, find a way to display them either on a shelf or even on a dresser.

Therefore, such items can group by color, texture, and size. Plus, these carefully placed decor elements can add a bit of charm to a room. When grouping things, it’s best to go with smaller items.

Also, using decorative vases and grouping them in sets of three always create a unified decorative look especially paired with a large mirror.

8 – Begin With The Furniture You Already Own

As we know, almost every interior decor design, furniture plays a prominent role. As such, to avoid any distortions and randomness, it’s best to begin your decor with furniture and work your way out.

First, start positioning the largest pieces first and move on to the smaller ones. Always make sure to be conscious of scale and visual weight. Try and create a visual balance when positioning your pieces. Donate or sell any large furniture you truly don’t need as well.

For instance, when redecorating, if you are using two different types of sofas on opposite sides, they should be of similar size and shape. Use layering to mix your pieces and remember to use at least two traditional furnishings to keep the look grounded.

9 – Make Sure Wood Types Are Similar And Blend Well

We all love furniture with rich wood tones in our homes. Since wood tones vary, it’s a good rule of thumb to try and keep similar tones consistent.

Wood tones add depth and dimension to our interior design style. However, to do so successfully, try to keep wood tones in the same family. Plus, when wood tones remain consistent, adding furniture from different periods will be easy.

In my home, I do have some rooms with varying wood tones, but the pieces stand alone and meant intentionally stand out for attention. It really depends on the look you want and how to feature the pieces.

10 – Mixing Interior Design Styles From Different Eras

For myself, I absolutely adore blending decor from different eras. I think pieces from different eras adds your own personality to every room in your home. If you are fortunate enough to have some pieces handed down from your family, make the best use possible of them.

Almost every room in my home has at least one unique piece from a different era. If you don’t like the way a piece looks, you can always bring it back to life by restoring it.

You can try adding a traditional piece of furniture like an Antoinette Classic French Accent Chair to the living room as well. A piece like this can really bring out your entire living room and create a cozy warm look for everyone to enjoy.

Mixing Interior Design Styles
Antoinette Classic French Accent Chair

Remember, if you feel you can’t pull this look off by yourself, you can always hire an interior decorator to help you with your transformation.

Mixing Interior Design Styles - What You Need To Know First - Sassy Townhouse Living

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