ZETA Personal Cooling System – Big On Cool, Small On Size

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Wouldn’t you love to save money on air conditioner costs and have your own personal cooling system as well? Well, you can, with the ZETA Personal Cooling System by Honeywell, it’s easy and affordable.

In fact, you’ll discover the latest cooling technology allowing you to bring your own personal cooling system with you anywhere in your home. More so, now, you can discover the many reasons why you need one in your home too!

Zeta Personal Cooling System

ZETA Personal Cooling System – Why Every Home Needs One

Every summer, the cost of air conditioning units or central air weighs heavily on our budgets. With that said, finding the perfect personal cooking system is not only about saving money. We want a cooling system with the features and functionality we need and trust.

Specifically, this year, discovering the ZETA Personal Cooling System changed how I cool my home and personal space completely. With the ease of use and portability of the ZETA, I can take my cool with me wherever I go!

All Day Spot Cooling At Your Fingertips

As a matter of fact, since the ZETA fits easily anywhere in your home, you can have all-day spot cooling right where you need it. Besides, it’s portable, lightweight, and easy to move. Plus, with the USB feature, you have plug and play where you need it.

In particular, the honeycomb cooling filter comes with antibacterial treatment. More so than ever before, this feature is essential to protect our homes. And, the ZETA is energy efficient and offers compressor-free natural cooling.

Watch The Unboxing & Demo Video Of The ZETA Below!

PLEASE NOTE CORRECTION: You can use the UBS function in the ZETA as a plug and play feature where you need it but not to charge it.

For instance, with 3 fan speeds and the intuitive sleep mode, I know I’ll have a good night’s sleep with the perfect temperature I need. And you can program the ZETA for energy-saving comfort at night too!

ZETA Design & Dimensions

  • Performance Specifications
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) – 7.9 x 8.7 x 12.2 inches
  • Product weight – 6.6 lbs
  • Coverage area – 64.5* sq. ft.
  • Airflow – 173* CFM
  • Air distance – 9.8* ft.
  • Airspeed – 6.2* m/s
  • Noise level – 47.3* dB
  • Water tank capacity – 0.5 gallons
  • Full tank run time – 10 hours
  • Voltage / frequency – 110V-120V~60Hz
  • Wattage – 50* watts
  • Ampere – 0.7* A
  • USB charging outlet – 5V 2.0* amp

In Closing

More importantly, the ZETA features heat protection and is safe for little fingers. It cools up to 60 square feet so you can move freely around your home. With its heat-protected motor and water pump, safety is never a worry.

Furthermore, I enjoy using my ZETA Personal Cooling System on those dry days when I know my skin needs extra moisture. Plus, it’s great for my skin and my overall health.

In closing, wouldn’t you love a portable cooling system in your home too? Now, you can have one that’s not only affordable but have every feature you need to keep your space cool!

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