Why Are Women’s Nipples So Offensive?

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Why Are Women’s Nipples So Offensive?

There’s a double standard out there folks – it’s time that changed. I’m trying my best to understand why society looks at women’s nipples as offensive. I understand the whole religious morality issue – that I get. Women were taught since early childhood that displaying your breasts openly is offensive, slutty, and down-right against societies mores. This belief system dates back thousands of years. We were taught this set of values… from men.

Women's Nipples

I know that were we taught through history to practice the value systems of the Victorian and Puritans, but they were not saints either. They dealt with their own share of porn, and sexual escapades trust me. I guess what boggles my mind is how men’s nipples and breasts are perfectly acceptable to display openly and yet women’s breasts are not.

It is also acceptable to display women’s breast as long as the nipple area is covered. Now, who the heck implemented these standards? They can display the “under-boob” shot and the over-boob, but God forbid that nipple area shows!

Women's Nipples

We are constantly seeing nip-slips primarily from celebrities whom I believe, do this on purpose. I’m not saying I’m going to run around topless – I want to understand why women have a different set of rules. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that it’s ok for men, and not for women.

I do realize how the fashion runway has displayed women’s breasts for years now, and as long as it’s on the runway – it’s “fine”. Although at times, these events still manage to make the news and/or TMZ coverage.

Women's Nipples

While shopping with my sisters one day, we went to the ladies room and there was a woman there breastfeeding her child. My first thought was that I invaded her personal space but all she was trying to do was breastfeed her baby.

She should be allowed to do that natural act where ever she needs to right? It was then I asked myself this question, why are woman’s nipples so offensive? Lately, breastfeeding in public is all anyone can talk about. I’m glad women are starting to speak up about this and doing what they were designed to do regardless of who is uncomfortable about it or not. 

I realized then, it was the value system ingrained in us all – always cover your breasts, and bare-breasted women are treated as a form of pornography and slutty.

Women's Nipples

I do believe this belief will never change. Yes, we have become a more openly accepting society and do “tolerate” more women displaying their boobs, but at its core, men will always view women who display their breasts as sluts, porn stars, or somehow starving for attention. 

Bottom line, I don’t like it that men have a different set of sexual values and standards than women. Is that a good thing keeping this value system? You tell me. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Women's Nipples

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