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Smart Glasses – Hands-Free & Wireless Tech You Gotta See!

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I always get so excited when I discover a new and exciting tech product. Last week I was so excited to bring you the smart wallet, and now I’m even more thrilled to show you these smart glasses!

If you get annoyed by wires and earbuds that don’t fit in your ears correctly, then you are going to flip when you see these smart sunglasses and how easily they work and all hands and wire-free! 

Smart Sunglasses

Smart Glasses – Hands-Free & Wireless Tech You Gotta See!

When I first connected my Boneheads from AVIwear to the Bluetooth on my phone, I was completely shocked at how amazing these glasses worked! They are hands-free, no wired or earbuds to get annoyed with and you get surround sound too! 

It was so much fun being able to connect them to my phone and have handsfree conversations! And playing my music has never been easier too. I love being able to take my phone calls and my music with me wherever I go and all without cumbersome wires or earbuds! 

Smart glasses

The future of sunglasses is here with Bluetooth, Bone Conduction Stereo Surround Sound Audio, HD Video, and so much more! Pair it with any smartphone to access music, directions, news, weather, sports, etc. All hands-free, no wires, no earbuds and even with optional prescription lenses so you can wear them all day, every day! 

Boneheads Features 

  • Bluetooth 4.2 BoneConduction
  • HD Open Air Surround Sound and Hear Emergency Vehicles and Conversations
  • UV400 Polarized Safety ANSI Z 87.1 Lenses
  • Comfortable, Rugged, Flexible, Lightweight & Wind-resistant Design 
  • Low -4*/ High Temperature 125* Operations
  • Adjustable Nose Bridge
  • Waterproof IP68
  • 5-6 Hours of Talk-time/Music
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Easy Pairing
  • Easy Clear Precise Communications
  • Voice Activation To “AI”
  • News, Weather & Sports
  • Audio Directions
Smart Sunglasses

AVIwear sells three different types of Boneheads to suit your needs. You can have the Audio, 4K Video, and Photo, the Audio, 1080P Video, and Photo, or the Audio Only, and that’s I’m featuring in this article. 

  • BoneHeads iSmart Glasses (Audio Only) MSRP $149.99
    • Bluetooth 5.0 BoneConduction Stereo Surround 
    • Sound Safety Certified Polarized UV400 Eyewear (Glasses/Sunglasses)
  • BoneHeads IPro 1080 – MSRP $249.99
    • 1080p HD Plus HR Photo Plus Bluetooth 5.0
    • BoneConduction HD Stereo Surround Safety Certified
    • Polarized UV400 Eyewear
  • BoneHeads 4K ProMSRP $349.99
    • 4K@25Frames Per Second/1080p@60 FPS/720p@120fps
    • Hi-Resolution Photos Plus HD Stereo Surround Sound Safety
    • Certified Polarized UV400 Eyewear (Adjustable Hi-Speed and Slow Motion Capabilities)
Smart Sunglasses


Perfect for the tech and adventure lover this holiday, Boneheads smart glasses are AVIwear’s newest creation in the emerging technology marketplace. 

Adventure is one of life’s basic human needs. The endorphins and adrenaline that comes with risk-taking make us feel alive! You can wear these smart sunglasses everywhere to capture and collect life’s best moments – whether it’s a cross-country road trip, snorkeling, extreme sports, jet skiing, or playing golf.

Its multi-use design is perfect for any member of the family! Made and assembled in America, this wireless hands-free gadget is the perfect gift for the holidays!

They come with a beautifully designed case too and an easy to use hook so you can clip them easily wherever you go! 

Smart glasses

I love the shape and style too. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. They look great on anyone too which means my hubby can borrow them and wear them too! 

Smart glasses

They are super easy to charge too and take a charge fast so there’s no waiting around for hours! The red indicator light tells you it’s charging and the blue means it’s done! The nice thing about it is I can use any smartUSB cord I have to charge them so I don’t have to worry about always grabbing the cord that comes with them to charge them. 

Smart glasses

Everything you need is built into these smart glasses and super easy to use. The charging port is right on the side of the arm in an easy to open charging port. 

Smart glasses

The Mic and the surround sound is all built in too and makes listening to music and your phone call pure pleasure! 

Smart glasses

Use your phone, listen to music, & record what you see, all hands-free! What an exciting holiday gift this would make! The kids will love it and so will your better half! 

Be sure to watch the video too! 

I’m so thrilled with these Boneheads by AVIwear they are the best gift I’ve gotten so far this year – cept I think my hubby stole them! What’s a girl to do? That means I have to get another pair oh my! Be sure to get two pairs of these smart glasses for you and your better half so you don’t have to fight over them! 

Smart glasses
Beautiful Fall Wreath
Smart Eyeglasses Hands-Free & Wireless Tech You Gotta See - Sassy Townhouse Living

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