Kool8: The Water Bottle for Environmentally and Socially Conscious

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Kool8: The Water Bottle for Environmentally and Socially Conscious

If you drink a lot of bottled water, you’ll want to check out Kool8. Now, we don’t need to worry about all the water bottle plastic waste!

Finally, there’s a water bottle designed for our environment and those of us who are socially conscious.  

Kool8 water bottle

Kool8 – A Very Cool Solution!

I like to think I do my part when it comes to being socially conscious and recycling. There’s no doubt, we used to purchase lots of bottled water. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s horrid for our environment.

I’m thrilled to share Kool8 with you because it’s pretty darn awesome! 

Eventually, it was in my own personal journey toward being a more conscious individual and how my actions impact the world that I discovered Kool8

The Kool8 team has done well by designing a product that is 100% environmentally friendly. 

Kool8 water bottle

The Water of Life

Most of us take for granted things like everyday commodities like electricity, Wi-Fi, and of course, our life source, water. Underdeveloped nations, unfortunately, run into issues of water scarcity, and in some cases, citizens are far from receiving clean, purified water.  

Being the nerd that I am, I thought about this one Star Trek episode. In it, they called human beings  “bags of water”. That statement is so very true. It makes you wonder why we don’t care more about how we drink it. 

Kool8 water bottle

A Socially Conscious Company

I found out that the company allocates 20 percent of their overall profits towards the socially minded and philanthropic goal of providing underprivileged countries with clean and purified water. Properly hydrating people is a very big concern for them.

Let’s face it, we live in a society that uses plastic extensively which is harming the environment.

With an eco-friendly design, the team at Kool8 crafted a water bottle that is not only cool, sleek, and elegant, but that boldly addresses the urgent need to protect the environment. 

Using the best quality industry strength stainless steel, the Kool8 them’s attention to detail is noteworthy. And you can see it in their top tier artisan creation. 

Kool8 water bottle

Kook8 Designs With Care 

Kool8 made sure to build a fully insulated product that features a double vacuum seal. They also designed a water bottle protecting the customer from the average wear and tear or scratches like other bottles.

And it’s awesome it’s available in five different colors, like neon green, or plush red. You can individually customize Kool8 to your own specific needs, too!  

The bottle enables you to store a beverage of choice at a specific temperature for hours throughout the day. 

This amazing product can maintain the coolness of fresh water or a chilled smoothie for up to 24 hours. But the magic does not stop there. The Kool8 water bottle can retain the warmth of teas and coffees for up to 12 hours.

What I particularly love about the Kool8 is the tea infuser that it comes with. What a brilliant idea!

Kool8 Is Versatile! 

Healthy teas are a huge part of my day, and I love using the same bottle for my water and tea beverages. And let’s not forget about the coffee too. I drink plenty of it during the course of my day.

It’s also perfect for other beverages I may want to store in it. It’s such a hands-on asset to own! With all environmental and social concerns kept into consideration, Kool8 miraculously manages to be both hip and up to date. 

I really noticed that throughout the day, I cannot seem to part with the Kool8 bottle. I use it for almost every beverage I drink. 

kool8 details


An Ethical and Eco-Friendly Business

While the environmentally friendly side of the product is a lovely and conscious twist, perhaps the best part about the Kool8 bottle is that it is as great as any other stainless steel water bottle. 

It is not difficult to go to the good side of the story when purchasing a Kool8 bottle. It is high quality and comes in sleek styles, not to mention the environmental cause the company supports extensively.

As these water bottles are constantly sold out, the company is working tirelessly to increase production and make them available over and over again.

This not only illustrates the immense – and quite deserved – popularity of the Kool8 water bottle, but also our responsibility to support such an ethical and eco-friendly business by buying a durable and necessary product.

And now I’m going back to sharing my moments with the Kool8 bottle, be it my first cup of coffee in the morning, a nice walk outside with my dog Ollie, or just a long day while I am working hard to meet my daily goals. 

Kool8 The Water Bottle for Environmentally and Socially Conscious - Sassy Townhouse Living

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