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How To Make The Most Of Your Decor With Posh Lamps

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The power of lamps in decor gets greatly overlooked a lot of the time. Proper illumination is essential for any decor scheme.  If you use lighting properly, you can perk up your interior and exterior space beautifully! 

Living in a townhouse has its benefits and its disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is semi-poor lighting. I had to be creative and really think about my lighting options for every room. Once I made the right choices, wow, what an amazing difference! 


Decorating With Lamps

I used several lighting methods for my home that provide looks ranging from the dramatic to the subtle. 

Recessed fixtures – I really love them because they cast an overall relaxed glow or bright light depending on my need. Having a dimmer switch really makes a huge difference in controlling the type of light I need.

Task lighting is also essential – I use task lighting for areas like my kitchen countertop and the desk in my office. These types of lights include rail or track lighting (which I have in my office) and clip-on light. 

Wall lighting is also a perfect way to make a statement in your home. I love using wall sconces and other fixtures to cast indirect light that pops with style and chic. 

Floor lamps are another way I get the most out of my lighting decor. Torchieres (a tall ornamental flat-topped stand, traditionally used as a stand for a candlestick.) or floor lamps provide an upward glow perfect for extra lighting, reading nooks, and a punch of light for a dark room.

Pendant lights are also perfect for kitchen islands or breakfast room tables. I use them over my kitchen island, and I love the decor element they provide and the calming light they provide. 

Table lamps – I’m completely obsessed with them! Can you have too much of a good thing? Yes, for sure, you can also have 2-3 table lamps in each room if you choose wisely and place them properly. If you want to bring the healing properties of natural light into your home, a led table lamp is the best choice.

Decorative lights – Decor elements like candles and higher-end votives can really brighten up a dull room. Not only do you get the wonderful scents, zen-like atmospheres, and pops of color, but you also get the benefits of the added glow and atmosphere they create. 

Here are some examples of my favorite lamps and lighting elements.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Decor With Posh Lamps - Sassy Townhouse Living

1 – Godinger Lighting by Design Votive Lamp | 2 – Table Lamp with Bowl Shade | 3- Polished Chrome Tall Crossed Etched Crystal Lamp with Etched Crystal  | 4 – Dale Tiffany™ Hummingbird Table Lamp | 5 – Lighting Gladys 24.5-Inch Table Lamp (Set of 2) | 6 – Maxim Metal 1-light Nickel Rondo Wall Sconce  | 7  – Crystorama Sutton Collection 1-light Venetian Bronze Wall Sconce | 8 – McIntosh Scardino 58″ Floor Lamp |  9 – Creative Co-Op Turn of the Century 62.25″ Tripod Floor Lamp | 10 – Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Marcia 1-Light Pendant

Here’s some lighting decor from around my home. I’m always looking for that perfect lamp or sconce. Below, you can see my crystal lamps. I am so glad I made that choice for my living room. 

I chose number 4 on the list above because I have the same Tiffany-style lamp, and it’s one of my favorites.  

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My dining room has a unique chandelier choice. I wanted to step away from a traditional chandelier and go for something bold and beautiful with a pop of color! I’ve already swapped out a few lamps in my dining area. It’s so much fun! 

Here’s one of my favorite floor lamps. The wood is made of an endangered species, so they can’t make them with it anymore. That’s what makes this even more special to me.


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  1. What a fun collection of lights. I love the bold, quirky chandelier you’ve hung in your dining room and the way it reflects back through the mirror. It makes such a bold, lovely statement. And that tripod floor lamp, OMW, I NEEEED one

  2. I love lamps and lighting and I don;t have enough in my home. It is super old so there are not even outlets in any room but I am working on it. This post was great and your lighting choices are above par! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks so much Michelle! I am so in love with lighting. It’s fun to change things up from time to time too but I know how expensive that can be – that’s why I’m always looking for great deals. I love that tripod floor lamp! I’m going to be searching for a great deal on that one too!

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