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Autumn is just around the corner and it’s now time to get prepping for this wonderful time of year.

Like most folks, I love the Fall and everything that comes with it like, home decor elements, snugly new throw pillows and quilts, warm toasty hot beverages, pumpkins and so much more! Here’s my list of 10 Things I Love To Do To Prepare For The Fall! 

I’m so thrilled to be a part of the “We are Pinnable Celebrating Fall Blog Hop” with a wonderful group of ladies! Everyone loves the Fall regardless of where you are on the map. Let’s celebrate the joys of Fall together! 

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Prepare For The Fall

As soon as mid-August comes around, that’s when I start preparing. Do you love the Fall too? I know you do!

There’s a good reason most of us do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Spring and Summer too, heck, I even love the Winter months but, of all the seasons, the Fall is uniquely special. 

First, I start collecting some new throw pillows for the Fall. Throw pillows are one of the first things I do when prepping for the Fall. They instantly add pops of color to any room and are so comfy and make a stunning decor statement. 

Like this adorable Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice Throw Pillow –  it’s so festive and gets you right in the mood for the Fall! 

Prepare For The Fall

Or this super adorable Fall Breeze & Autumn Leaves – Perfect for any room in your home. I need to get this one for my recliner! 

Prepare For The Fall

Check out one of my favorite Fall Throw Pillows

Next, is decorating my front porch! Nothing says Autumn more to me than making sure my front porch is a warm, friendly, and cozy place to chill. We love spending time there sipping warm beverages, watching the leaves and shrubs morph into majestic thrones for the bird to perch.  

Key decor elements always include:

  1. Lanterns
  2. Candles – I have so many favorite candles but these candles made it to my best-of top 5 list! 
  3. Mums
  4. Bittersweet Vines – I love decorating for the holidays with them too! 
  5. Blankets
  6. Autumn Decorated Wreath
  7. Lighting
  8. Pumpkins
  9. Wheat Stalks – they make perfect decor elements for the Fall
  10. Metal Bucket Planters – I love them for Fall Decor. They are perfect for pumpkins and live plants too!

I love decorating with Wheat Stalks – they make wonderful decor elements for the Fall – you can use them in a vase inside your home or in an arrangement outdoors.

Prepare For The Fall

I just got this beautiful huge lantern and can’t wait to decorate it for the Fall! Should I paint it white? 

Prepare For The Fall

I am so in love with this Fall Wreath called the Marseille Natural Dried Lavender Wreath – Fragrant and Beautiful! 

Prepare For The Fall

This Fall Wreath is gorgeous too! It has beautiful Lavender Flowers that are actually artificial – perfect because it doesn’t shed! 

Prepare For The Fall

And of course, there’s shopping for new fall decor too! I love these Autumn Browns Rattan Cane Battery Powered Led Wooden Ball Fairy Lights! Aren’t they adorable? I will be using them to decorate my porch. I’m also working on a craft project creating some Rattan decor. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

Prepare For The Fall

Of course, there are other things I love to do to prepare for the Fall like:

  • Collect acorns for crafting projects
  • Decorate the interior of my home with Fall decor
  • Decorate the back yard with lights and pumpkins
  • Create Fall Decor Vignettes around my home
  • And of course, make some delicious autumn beverages

I’m super excited as well about this Dough Bowl I just ordered! That will be filled with Fall Decor as well. 

Prepare For The Fall

I’m also in love with this Deep Wooden Dough Bowl with Handles – I think I will have to get this one too!

Prepare For The Fall

If you are decorating for the Fall as well soon it’s time get those plant planters ready and filled with mums and fall plants. They are available in such a wide array of colors! 

Prepare For The Fall

Mums are great for adding that perfect Autumnal look and feel to anything you decorate.

Prepare For The Fall

And of course, there is this tree to look forward to seeing on the grounds where I live.

Prepare For The Fall

If you love learning more about Fall Decor and so much more be sure to follow me on Pinterest. You will find so many inspiring ideas from everything to cooking to crafting to beauty products as well as the best of the best in all things DIY!

Prepare For The Fall
10 Things I Love To Do To Prepare For The Fall - Sassy Townhouse Living

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below. Happy upcoming Fall! If you love the Fall as much as I do, then you are going to love this blog post. 

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