Shopping Haul Ideas: 8 New Products You Need To See

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If you love discovering new things, you will flip out over our shopping haul ideas this month. With things from the kitchen to the garden and all the way to your beauty products, you’ll see why this is one of our favorite hauls this year.

Every month, we love sharing our shopping haul ideas with you so you can discover detailed product reviews and accurate images. This way, you can make an informed decision about what you want.

So, have fun, and I hope you enjoy my shopping haul ideas this month. Don’t forget to make a list for the holidays and special occasions.

Shopping Haul Ideas

How Shopping Haul Ideas Make Online Shopping Easier

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Shopping haul ideas can definitely make online shopping easier for several reasons. First, they inspire by showcasing curated selections of items, sparking ideas for purchases you may not have considered otherwise.

Second, hauls often include detailed product reviews or first impressions, offering valuable insights into the featured items’ quality, fit, and performance. Furthermore, this helps you make more informed decisions and choose products that align with your preferences and needs.

Third, watching or reading about someone else’s haul can introduce you to new brands or products, expanding your shopping horizons. Additionally, haul creators often share styling tips and outfit ideas, helping you envision how to incorporate the purchased items into your wardrobe or daily life.

By highlighting specific items and deals, shopping haul ideas can save you time and money by streamlining the shopping process and enabling you to take advantage of discounts or promotions.

Overall, shopping haul ideas are a helpful resource for online shoppers, enhancing the shopping experience and making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Exciting New Things

1 – Airscape Coffee Canister

I am so excited to have discovered these Airscape coffee canisters. As an avid coffee drinker, keeping my whole beans and ground coffee fresh is everything. That’s why I had to add this to my shopping haul ideas post this month.

Airscape coffee canister is a premium coffee storage solution that keeps your coffee fresh for longer. With its patented airtight technology, this canister removes oxygen from the container, preventing coffee from going stale and losing its flavor.

Moreover, the stainless steel Airscape coffee canister is durable and stylish, making it a great addition to any kitchen decor. The Airscape® Classic Coffee Storage Canister comes in various sizes, making it perfect for home, office, or travel.

The Airscape coffee canister is perfect for coffee enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys storing dry goods like tea, sugar, flour, and spices. It features food-grade stainless steel, which makes it safe for storing food and easy to clean.

Now, you can enjoy all the Get the Airscape coffee canister today and enjoy your coffee as fresh as the day it was roasted. It’s a must-have for any coffee lover looking to elevate their coffee-drinking experience. Plus, they are so decorative on my countertop, and I love the array of colors. So, next time you shop online, don’t forget to check them out. I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

2 – Lakewood Raised Planter

I love to plant, and for those of us who do, you need this Lakewood Raised Planter in your garden or backyard. Furthermore, I just assembled it, and it was pretty easy. Due to the weather and seasonal changes, I didn’t get a chance to fill it up, as I’m about to begin my planting adventures soon. I wanted to show you what it looks like and why every gardener needs one.

This season, update your front porch walkway patio or any other outdoor space with fresh plants in an attractive new raised planter thoughtfully designed by Step2. The Lakewood Raised Planter Box’s authentic wood-look coloring and texture will make it a beautiful vessel for years for plants, flowers, and planter-friendly herbs or vegetables.

Furthermore, this raised planter box design heightens your favorite flowers and greenery, raising them 26 in. off the ground. I adore this eye-catching pop of color that feels right at home in my outdoor space.

Of course, it features three removable planter trays that require less soil than traditional pots and plant care. It’s easy to move around and designed with portability in mind. With it, you can plant flowers, veggies, or anything your heart desires.

I’m so excited to plant tomatoes and other veggies this season. It will make it easy for me to maintain, especially with the little backyard property in my townhouse. Moreover, you can see why I added this Lakewood Raised Planter to my shopping haul ideas list this month. I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

Of course, I will post pics with it fully planted and update this article when I do.

3 – Lenoir Skin – Skincare Shopping Haul Ideas

Taking care of your skin is paramount in maintaining the health and beauty of your face. I recently discovered Lenoir Skin and knew I would add it to my skincare routine after the first application.

At Le’Noir Skincare, they believe that beauty begins with healthy, radiant skin. Their mission is to empower individuals to look and feel their best by providing clean, fragrance-free products that nourish and rejuvenate skin.

Of course, I had to try the Lenoir Hydration Bundle, which features all the essentials my skin needs. Below, you’ll discover why I instantly fell in love with this 3 product bundle and added it to my shopping haul ideas list.

You can also purchase these products individually or together in the Lenoir bundle.


This Facial Cream features a hydrating formulation uniquely curated to quench, nourish, and revitalize dry, thirsty skin. This powerful blend of humectants synergistically plumps, hydrates, and restores while soothing skin and repairing environmental damage.


Awaken dry, lusterless skin cells with our antioxidant-packed rejuvenating serum. This powerful Anti-Aging Serum is specifically formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging and provide a more revitalized, youthful look.


Rose Facial Cleanser contains a combination of complex botanical ingredients for intense and effective oil cleansing, perfect for both dry and sensitive skin types. Replace traditional soap cleansers with this cleansing oil for noticeably silky glowing skin that never dries out or cracks.

After the first use of the Lenoir Hydration Bundle, my skin felt and looked firmer, fully hydrated, and clean. This bundle is a must-have and makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

4 – BellaMano Beauty

If you love polishing your nails, you need to visit BellaMano Beauty. Their assortment of nail polishes features vibrant colors ranging from beautiful mauves to bold yellows.

My nail polish collection needed a good perking up, so I chose three of BellaMano Beauty’s stunning colors for this season. I love mauve neutrals, and these colors caught my eye.

Teddy Bare, Miss Universe, and Chocolate Mousse. The coverage is perfect and the polish glides on with ease. Of course, they are HEMA and cruelty-free. I can’t wait to try their other beautiful colors this summer. They are my go-to company for polishes moving forward.

Chocolate Mousse

Miss Universe

Teddy Bare

5 – Phonelace Miami – Handy Shopping Haul Ideas

If you drop or misplace your phone like I do, you must check out these Phonelace Miami lanyards. They are truly a lifesaver and make keeping your phone near you at all times very handy.

Each phone lanyard is meticulously crafted by hand, using carefully selected materials. Furthermore, the Universal Patch is the standout feature, allowing compatibility with all phone models and your favorite phone case.

Additionally, this allows you to personalize your phone lanyard to match your unique style. You can even choose the patch style and cord color.

I chose the Wrist Strap Lanyard and love it. I use it daily, and now my phone is always near me when needed. It’s so easy to find in my handbag now, too.

The various colors and styles are wonderful, and the prices are very affordable. They make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day or any special occasion. Now, you can see why I had to add them to my shopping haul ideas this month. I love them!

6 – Anua Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Unfortunately, dark spots become more noticeable and frequent as we age. But don’t fret—there’s hope. You can target dull skin and enlarged pores with Anua Dark Spot Correcting Serum (#sponsored). It’s easy to apply and affordable.

Fortunately, it contains 10% Niacinamide, 4% Tranexamic Acid, and 2% Arbutin, a powerful trio of ingredients to help lighten dark spots. At first, apply a small amount to the affected areas and gradually increase the usage period accordingly.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to use it in the morning and at night before applying any oils or moisturizers. Applying sun protection with an SPF 30 or more is always a good idea if you go out during the day.

Of course, I added this to my skincare routine, and I know I’ll see an improvement in my dark spots over time. I’m glad I added this to my shopping haul ideas this month, and you will be too!

7 – Denman Brushes

When it comes to hairbrushes, you want the best for your haircare daily. As a teenager, Denman Brushes were a staple in my beauty routine, and for good reason. Started by an innovator over 80 years ago, the iconic Denman brand remains a leading light in haircare today.  

Of course, I had to reintroduce myself to them again and ordered two I knew I would love. Once you go Denman, you never go back to your old hairbrushes.

First, I got the Denman D38, The Detangling & Styling Paddle. Moreover, this is a 3-in-1 brush with famous D3 pins for wet curl definition, detangling, and fast blow-drying. And it’s perfect for longer length hair.

It allows me to dry my hair rapidly, resulting in a smooth blow-drying experience. In addition, the air-cushioned pad makes it comfortable on the scalp.

Next, I got the D4 Original 9-Row Styler. It’s perfect for wet curl definition. It features 9 rows of pins for tension, power, and volume while blow-drying. And it’s also great for sculpting shape in long hair.

I love the little baby Denman keyring brush they sent me, too. It’s perfect for my handbag. I’m so glad I found Denman Brushes again. I don’t ever want to go without them!

8 – Luk Beautifood

Recently, I discovered Luk Beautifood and knew I had to try several of their products. Their mission statement is to nourish and live every day with products that don’t compromise health and well-being.

First, I got their Lash Nourish Mascara in Black Tea and loved it after my first application. It effortlessly lifts, separates, and defines lashes as it conditions. And it awakens my eyes for a fresh, natural look.

Of course, it features a synthetic-free creamy botanical formula that nourishes, hydrates, and supports natural lash growth. Furthermore, it allows lashes to breathe, nourish, and not dry out.

Additionally, the enriched formula has argan (EFA’s), cucumber seed, and avocado oils (Vitamins B5, B7 & E) and is infused with green tea and coffee tea extracts (antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and caffeine) plus silica-rich bamboo for the healthiest lashes ever.

Plus, it’s easy to apply, resulting in super smooth, well-defined, and fanned lashes. Flexible hourglass spiky rubber brush grabs every single lash. It features a buildable, not-too-wet-or-dry, clump-free formula that lifts and holds lashes for comfortable everyday wear. Lash Nourish Mascara in Black Tea is smudge and flake-resistant yet easy to remove. Kind and gentle for sensitive eyes. Designed to give you the healthy, lush, full lashes you crave!

Lip Nourish by Luk Beautifood

Next, I tried their Lip Nourish products and loved them instantly. They are clean, buildable, nourishing, and delicious, and they display a natural color.

100% natural lipstick with a satin finish hydrates and feeds lips for a natural look and healthy glow: nudes and wearable color with a sheer to medium buildable.

I got Lip Nourish in three shades: Cranberry Citrus, Peach Melon, and Ruby Grapefruit. I adore them all, and they are perfect for summer when you don’t want a heavy lipstick.

Cranberry Citrus

Peach Melon

Ruby Grapefruit

I hope you enjoyed these shopping haul ideas and get a chance to try them, too. I think you’ll love them all as much as I do.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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