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CounterCrop – A Self-Contained Home Growing System

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CounterCrop – A Self-Contained Home Growing System

CounterCrop - A Self-Contained Home Growing System - Sassy Townhouse Living

If you read my blog, you know how much I enjoy sharing the latest technologies and products with you all!  I am so blessed to be living in an age where we have the ability to have our lives dramatically improved by these technologies. This is where CounterCrop comes in. When I first saw this product, I knew I had to help spread the word. This ingenious product brings us an old world concept of growing food ourselves and organically and blends it with the latest in new world technologies.

Firstly, please note this post is NOT sponsored. As with all my other posts about the latest and greatest tech gadgets and inventions, I am moved and motivated to share this awesome invention with you! 

Now let’s get to the good stuff! 

What Is CounterCrop And How Does It Work?

CounterCrop, a self-contained home growing system that makes it simple for people to grow healthy and tasty vegetables right on their kitchen counter, is sparking the “Grow It Yourself” food movement with its newly launched campaign on Kickstarter.

The great news is this project was recently successfully funded!  

CounterCrop - A Self-Contained Home Growing System

Why This Product Is Essential To Us Globally

According to world estimates, we need to double food production in order to keep up with population growth explains co-founder, Charles Gillespie. We can’t do that by clear-cutting more forests, wasting millions of gallons of water, and shipping food halfway around the world.  To create a sustainable food future, we need to bring production closer to home. In this case, we’ve found a way to bring a little right onto your kitchen counter.

The strong momentum and eager demand among healthy, food-conscious consumers underscore the company’s mission to transform the way the world feeds itself, one salad at a time. By backing and pre-ordering the smart, self-contained growing units, future users can utilize CounterCrop’s powerful growing system, which combines patent-pending LED light technology with the latest advances in horticultural science to grow fresh plants and veggies in 50 easy-to-use, dirt-free growing pods. 

In line with our commitment to revolutionizing the way the world gains access to healthy and delicious foods, CounterCrop empowers anyone to grow more abundant vegetables, plants, and herbs in their own homes. Ultimately, it’s the first step to helping people grow food more sustainably green thumb or not, says co-founder, Jack Abbott.

Watching this video will explain it all. The folks at CounterCrop, on a mission to transform the way the world feeds itself…one salad at a time. They state, “As a society, we need to change the way we grow food — to use less energy, water, and land while combatting hunger on a global scale — but it all starts in the home. We fully believe that CounterCrop is a critical first step in transforming the way people feed themselves.” 

Growing System

Below, is another video explaining how CounterCrop works!

Transforming the way the world feeds itself. 

CounterCrop units include everything enthusiasts will need to grow a thriving countertop garden: advanced LED light technology that can mimic the sun’s natural lighting patterns (i.e., night and day, seasonality), an automatic Ebb & Flow watering system that delivers the ideal amount of water and nutrients, 50 dirt-free, growing pods all controlled by a handheld smart wireless remote. Growers simply plant their seeds, add water and liquid plant food, and choose from the stages of plant growth on the remote control. CounterCrop does the rest.

 CounterCrop - A Self-Contained Home Growing System

CounterCrop - A Self-Contained Home Growing System

 See the video below for more details. 

The folks over at CounterCrop need your help! 

They are ready to take CounterCrop to the next level, and they cannot do it without you. Your funds will be used to:

  • Complete the engineering and prototype iterations and place the tooling orders. 
  • Finalize tool build-out and procurement of materials and components. 
  • Perform quality assurance and product validation. 
  • Begin manufacturing for the injection molds and molded parts. 
  • Finalize the assembly, packaging and shipment process. 
  • Bring CounterCrop to you!

If you are interested in becoming a backer, please visit their Kickstarted website HERE.

CounterCrop - A Self-Contained Home Growing System

CounterCrop is run by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, engineers, and horticultural scientists and they are also passionate plant lovers. Their mission is to transform the way we think about our food, how we grow it, and to develop sustainable ways to produce food in the future. They’re blazing a new trail and would like us to join the CounterCulture revolution with them!

I hope you enjoyed learning about this innovative and world-changing technology. 

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. The breadth of your interests astonishes me. Love from an original Black Thumb that wishes she could grow stuff. I am the hit man of green stuff.

  2. Carolann this looks fantastic, love the whole concept. I saw something similar of interest last year and I can’t recall the challenge to it but this looks rather simple. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Carolann, this is great to know about. I like the easy access idea of growing food on my counter.

  4. Carolann, I absolutely LOVE this. I’m afraid of it….but I love it! I am not a pro at growing green things but I do love to eat them. This is such a great idea (especially for controlling people, like me). Thanks for sharing. Awesome!

  5. That is pretty awesome. I got my daughter’s boyfriend an herb growing kit for Christmas (he loves to cook using fresh herbs), but this is 25 steps better! Maybe next time. Thanks!!

  6. Wow, this is fascinating on so many levels. I seem to kill all plants so I am sharing this with my husband, who is the gardener in the family!

  7. What a cool thing! My kids and I love growing new things in the garden. Counter Crop would be perfect for winter. I’m really going to look into this. Very well researched and informative piece, Carolann.

  8. Hey Angela! Yes, it way cool for sure. I hoping they go into production soon as I would love to buy one myself. What do you usually grow? I love tomatoes and fresh herbs! Imagine having them right on your counter top?!
    Awesome for sure. Thanks much for your kind comment <3 Always love hearing from you! Have a great weekend GF!

  9. Hi Lois! I hope they go into production soon as I would love to buy one! Fresh herbs right in the kitchen! (I know you don’t cook right?) but your hubby would probably love this for sure! Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Tammy, I love this too. I think based on the videos it looks pretty easy to maintain. I would love to own one someday. I’m sure coming out of the gate it will expensive though. Maybe down the road for sure. Have a great weekend and thanks much for stopping by!

  11. LOL Carol, thanks so much for always boosting my ego and saying the nicest of things to me :) I would love to own one of them myself but I’m sure they will be expensive on first run production. Maybe down the road it will get less expensive. How nice to have fresh herbs, lettuce, tomatoes all on your kitchen counter top! Have a great weekend xo

  12. Looks great but sure you could do the same on a window sill with enough light, then you save even more energy. Think I’ll try it.

  13. What a neat device! I love gardening outside and am fortunate to have the space, but I like the idea of keeping more growing during the dark winter months! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your blog is useful:D My wife love growing new things indoors. It looks great. In the future people will use more LED technology in the cultivation of food. It’s cheaper, high – performance, environment – friendly. Lawrence.

  15. I am a gardener and I enjoyed your article. This is a good idea for my garden. I am a gardener in the family and I am using LEDs to grow my garden. What do you think about the efficiency of LEDs?

  16. Hi Kain, Glad to hear you enjoyed the post! I think the high-efficiency LEDs are great. I use them at home, but not sure how plants would respond to them. I think CournterCrop is awesome, and I hope they come to market soon I’d love to buy one! Thanks much for stopping by and hope to see you again! Have a great weekend.

  17. very nice and important information.its very useful tips for home growing system.

  18. very nice and important information.its very useful tips for home growing system.thanx for this useful information sharing.

  19. Hi Jyoti! Thank you for your lovely comment. I love growing when I can. Life just gets the best of us and we always don’t have the time. I can’t wait until this product comes to market. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon! Have a great weekend.

  20. Love the concept but have a question. If this is completely soilless, do they use organic fertilizer or is it chemicals.? I grow a bit of food on my deck and it is organic.

  21. Hi Ruth, I think it’s all organic. At the time I did the post, it wasn’t ready for the marketplace but I think it is now. I really love the idea of it and always wanted to get one. You are right for sure, it should be organic. Thanks so much for stopping by and, I hope to see you again soon.

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